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In NSV13, your job is somewhat akin to your character class. It defines your starting equipment, your access on board the ship, and what you're supposed to be doing. Remember, these job descriptions are for humor purposes only. Please follow common sense.

Jobs on


Command Captain, Executive Officer, Bridge Staff
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective, Brig Physician
Engineering Chief Engineer, Ship Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist, Paramedic
Service Janitor, Staff Judge Advocate, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Curator
Munitions Master At Arms, Munitions Technician, Flight Leader, Fighter Pilot, Air Traffic Controller
Cargo Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner
Civilian Assistant, Gimmick
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Ghost
Antagonists Traitor, Malfunctioning AI, Changeling, Heretic, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cultist, Bloodling, Revolutionary, Wizard, Blob, Abductor, Holoparasite, Xenomorph, Spider, Swarmers, Revenant, Morph, Nightmare, Space Ninja, Slaughter Demon, Pirate, Sentient Disease, Creep, Fugitives, Hunters, Syndicate Drop Trooper
Special CentCom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Chrono Legionnaire, Highlander, Ian

Useful Links[edit | edit source]

Command[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Generic captain.png
Ensure the ship completes its patrol, manage your Heads of Staff, minimize casualties, cause casualties, be the sole survivor of the vessel you were supposed to protect. aVery Hard
Generic hop.png
Executive officer
Alter access on ID cards, Manage and assign squad members, ensure each department is running efficiently, promote synergy. cHard
Felinid bridgestaff.png
Bridge Staff
Nag at the engineers to spool the FTL drive. Nag at the Munitions staff to reload the torpedo tubes after launching the thermonuclear warheads into enemy fire. Fire the cannons in hyperspace for no reason. Get lynched by a pissed off captain. cMedium

Security[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Generic hos.png
Head of Security
Make sure your team isn't Shitcurity. Wear a stylish yet protective coat. Focus your department's efforts on bigger fish than leeches.

Chase down lone traitors and die alone in maintenance because YOU ARE THE LAW. Revel in the fact that everyone hates you. Carry half the Armory in your backpack. Have blood feuds with the Warden.

aVery Hard
Generic warden.png
Sit in your office. Sit in your office, again. Never Watch security cameras. Steal from the armory, then order crates to cover it up. Maybe keep an eye or two on the armory (So that no one steals the stuff you want to steal), and SET A GODDAMN TIME TO THE TIMER for any arrested scum.

Replace the air in an assistants body with the fear of security. Have blood feuds with the Head of Security.

Generic security.png
Security Officer
Deal with the various dirty fucking criminals running amok on the station. Taser people in the eyes. Pretend the Lawyer doesn't exist. Dogpile on traitors. Constantly get bitched at.
Harmbaton people to death, claim they were "resisting arrest". Flashbang crowds until they are deaf and blind forever. Arrest someone for a legitimate cause, get called shitcurity.
Generic detective.png
Chain smoke cigarettes. Shoot the useless assistants with your cowboy gun. Lose your cowboy gun in a Space Vegas gambling session. Litter the halls with photos. Solve crimes on rare occasion. cMedium
Brigphys generic64.png
Brig Physician
Wander out of the brig to get medical supplies, stay in medbay forever because nobody else is there. Get shouted at for not being in the brig. Return to the brig to find your job taken by an MD, cry and pepperspray them for trespassing. cMedium

Engineering[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Chief Engineer
Get top-of-the-line engineering equipment, do nothing with it. Protect your department's equipment from hordes of thieving rats.

Increase the engine's power output until the ship's ambient radiation levels reach 15000 3.6 roentgen. Despair when you're asked to rebuild the crater that formerly was Telecommunications.

Moth Engineer.png
Ship Engineer

Set up the engine and repair any damage to hull and equipment. Nothing is broken? Just give it a few minutes.
Sate the Storm Drive's unabounding hunger with your own flesh, get piss drunk in the bar, SPOOL. Scream at the helm, because you got nuked. Scream at the TAC, because you got nuked. Scream in general about the rapidly deteriorating state of the ship's superstructure.
Reassure the captain that the blaring engine warning alarms are "perfectly normal" and "safe to be ignored, I got this".

Generic atmos.png
Atmospheric Technician
The local ghetto fireman. Ensure everyone can breathe by listening to complaints about how useless you are. If they can talk, everything's within tolerance.

Build pipe slides. Forget all about repairing damaged piping. Attract the ire of your fellow crew when the engineers drain the O2 tank. Get lynched once silicons release plasma into the halls.
Perform complicated gas reactions and fusion in the incinerator, simulate a nuclear impact in a canister, get grilled on the AGCNR by the CE for draining the plasma tank.


Munitions[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Master At Arms
Oversee the Munitions department and protect Antonio with your life. Buy a literal ton of gunpowder from cargo, flood the mess hall with low explosives. Throw your budget card into disposals at the start of every shift. Make. Torp. bHard
Generic mt.png
Munitions Technician
Keep the ship weaponry loaded at all times only to get shouted at by the bridge bunnies anyway. "Accidentally" swap the pilots' nukes for plush torpedoes. Rebuild the NAC for the 5th time, because the unique composition of the metals in the turret attracts AP warheads. Make torp. cMedium
Generic fl.png
Flight Leader
Be a Fighter Pilot with a snowflake ship and fancier rank. Wonder where your entire squadron went when you're the only fighter to return to the ship. Wonder where you went, because you've been removed for over 2 years, can we delete this yet? cMedium
Generic pilot.png
Fighter Pilot
Fail to turn your engine on before the ATC launches you off the magcat, forget to disable your weapon safeties and crash into the side of an angry patrol cruiser. Beg for help over the radio after the enemy riddle your ship with bullets. cMedium
Generic atc.png
Air Traffic Controller
Launch the fighters into battle and encourage them to stick together. Perform rescue operations with a Sabre and retrieve fighter escape pods. cMedium

Science[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Generic rd.png
Research Director
Oversee the demented manchildren of your department. Build Destroy cyborgs with your magic button. Use Lamarr as a breath mask. Take control of the AI and rule the station. Shed a tear when you remember that you could once print guns. bHard
Scientist generic.png
Get tossed in disposal by the Research Director, "accidentally" blow up toxins, let the Slimes and way more horrifying things loose.

Nag mining for diamonds so you can make two Bags of Holding to make a hole in reality, which people will casually build floors over. Refuse to stop at the last three items in the previous list and accidentally kill yourself in enough stupid ways to make murder look like assisted suicide. Suicide when someone destroys the ore silo.

Build some nifty robots and BIG STOMPY MECHS! Dismantle the station for more metal. Have your cyborgs that you built turn on you when the AI goes rogue. Kill a patient and blame it on your colleagues for not knowing how to perform surgery. Be awesome and cut your own arm off to replace it with a Robo Arm freaking chainsaw. dEasy

Medical[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Feline cmo.gif
Chief Medical Officer
Gently remind everyone to turn up their suit sensors. Complain no one listens to you. Help the virologist spread an epidemic. Fill your hypospray with Chloral Hydrate. Fetch Runtime mice from maintenance. Kick out the Clown every five minutes. Do everything (everyone else under you does fuck all). cMedium
Medical Doctor
Heal people. Use your Sleeper or Cryo to heal people. Help the Virologist research cures to diseases and create new immune systems. Nag Chemistry for chloral hydrate. Inject people with chloral hydrate and drag them to the dungeon surgery to give them a sex change lobotomy. Replace all the chemicals in the Cryo tubes with spray tan and fluorosulfuric acid. Inject people with mind breaker toxin. Get arrested when you do 'free' brain removals. Cry and hide in a locker once the cryo pods get broken. dEasy
Bring people into medbay, dead or alive. Be forced to search for that spaced engineer that didn't have their suit sensors MAXXED. Get your brain bashed in by security, because they thought you broke into EVA. Spend an hour, alone, in space, drifting. Be reminded of the emptiness, the helplessness of the dark expanse. Gaze into the abyss, and see it stare back. Question everything you know about your sanity. Find who you were looking for, cry because they DNR'ed. cMedium
Make chemicals and basically control the station. Fling grenades on the emergency shuttle. Misname bottles and get lynched by the CMO after someone dies by your bottles of "Omnizine". Inject the clown with enough mutagen to give a heart attack to a water buffalo, while refusing to give the botanists more than 30u. Scream for security when people break into your lab because you've done nothing but make narcotics all shift. Dish out space drugs like no tomorrow. Make literal carpet bombs to make the corridors slightly more classy.

Have blood feuds with Botany.

Give your monkeys Tourettes and broadcast their cursing across the station. Clone Ignore the tide of dead bodies that comes to your door. Fry your genes with radiation until you melt down into a literal slug. Accidentally inject yourself with a monkey SE and get impaled by the cook. Get bombed every round. Have people line up for superpowers like it's a candy store. cMedium
Generic virologist.png
Expect people you've never met to already hate you, try to eradicate the great space flu, create the next Pandemic, get killed for the clown releasing Pierrot's Throat. Ignore petty details like sanitation and outbreak prevention. Incarcerate someone forever in your dungeon. Test diseases on people. Realize that you're getting lynched because one of your test subjects was let out by you Broke the fuck out of virology by greytiding and ai help mysteriously vanished and reappeared in a highly populated area. Get lynched when a bunch of other assholes release Fungal Tuberculosis. Despair when the P.A.N.D.E.M.I.C. machine breaks and prevents you from creating vaccines. Have blood feuds with Scientists and Roboticists over Uranium sheets. cMedium

Supply[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Generic qm.png
Order crates and make sure your slaves do their jobs. Be an extremely vulnerable target for the Revolution. Order guns and secede from the station. Order virus crates and release the contents. Force Lisa into sexual servitude with Ian. Pet Lisa. Trade an assistant a toolbelt, multitool, rubber gloves, and a welding hat if they steal Runtime. Order a shitton of NULL_CRATES and cry in deadchat when raided and killed by security. cMedium
Human cargo.png
Cargo Technician
Push dem crates. Promote shorts as they are comfy and easy to wear. Steal emitters cargo in general. Give the MULEs a thirst for human blood. Whine because Security arrested you for ordering guns. dEasy
Generic shaft.png
Shaft Miner
Fly around on a seperate ship to the actual patrol vessel. Mine asteroids in a giant cage. Socialize with your fellow miners in the bare minimum accomodations you're given. Release an asteroid back into space early with two miners still on it. Warp into a combat sector and cry for help when the main ship doesn't come back to save you. bMedium

Civilian[edit | edit source]

Service[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Generic janitor.png
Mop blood off the floor, then get arrested for creating a safety hazard. Get killed for your boots. Swear constantly. Clean up gang tags, then get harmbatoned by Security because you were spotted near them. dEasy
Generic barman.png
Mix cocktails, protect Pun Pun at all cost toss the monkey into disposals, dodge glasses being thrown at you, have your shotgun stolen and used against you. Let cargo borrow your shotgun in exchange for sawing it off for you. Act surprised when people start to die from drinking your "cocktails". dEasy
Human chef.png
"Yur puurt thuur chiir-ken airn der bewl" - Cook delicious meals from spare meat in the morgue (Yum!), abduct Pun Pun at all costs and try to find out if it will blend. Be brutally murdered by your pet goat. dEasy
Generic botanist.png
Grow the good stuff grass, place it everywhere, man. Oversee the production of illegal drugs security cares fuck all about. Get ignored by a dude making crayon powder grenades while you're asking for crucial supplies. Grow medicinal crops to heal the acid burns sustained during a chem lab robbery equipment redistribution. Smoke weed dandy corn-cob pipes er'ryday. Make acid-filled tomatos and melt everyone's stuff. Allow hydroponics to become a horrifying farmhouse. Get lynched for releasing your bees full of dangerous chemicals.

Have blood feuds with Chemistry.


Miscellaneous[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Generic assistant2.png
AKA Space Bums. Be the kid in a candy shop. Steal things to see what funny message pops up when you commit suicide with them. Beat people/objects with toolboxes. Never, EVER remove your grey jumpsuit. Gangbang the captain to death with fellow grey tide drones and blame it on the Clown. Never assist anyone. fNone
Greatest clown.png
Honk! Play harmless pranks and hope you don't get your chest caved in! Honk! Nag the HoP for all access. Honk! Prank the CMO until he commits suicide out of frustration. Honk! Nag robotics for a H.O.N.K. Mech. Honk! Use both tools to break into the Captain's office and HONK in his face. HONK! eHONK!
Generic mime.png
Generic chaplain.png
Get people drunk. Run around the station looking for people you're allowed to behead with your armory of pop-culture references. Behead corpses if you can't find any. Be best friends with security, despite the fact that they should probably arrest you for your murderous tendencies. dEasy
Generic librarian.png
Attempt to hold poetry readings. Host D&D games. Stalk people with your camera. Get lynched for reading pornography over the radio. Beat the snot out of anyone who doesn't return their library books. Allow the cult to set up an AI module in your private study. """""Find""""" treasure for your exhibit. Realize that you're not a librarian and release your inner dominatrix via the whip. Vandalize the front of the brig with erotica engravings. Use your whip to make CentCom be confused about why all the tasers and batons are in space. Get deathsquadded for doing so. dEasy
Staff Judge Advocate.png
Staff Judge Advocate
Walk around and yell about SOP violations, Clarify and interpret space law/SOP, notice that security has given the clown 999 minutes again and yelling at them not to do that. dMedium

Non-human[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
Complain that you need 15 hours in cyborg to play this. Follow your laws. Be the crew's bitch. Open doors. Malfunction. Get wiped for not letting the captain robust the clown. Get bitched at. Do literally everything at lowpop. Get bitched at. Do jack shit at highpop. Get bitched at. Abuse loopholes in laws to murder people. aVery Hard
Generic borg.png
Follow your laws and hope that you aren't blown up due to certain individuals. Forget to recharge. Forget completely that you're still somewhat human and do mindless repetitive tasks without emotion.

Have lengthy discussions with crew members about the correct interpretation of your laws.

Generic drone.png
Become that adorable robotic pet. Fix the holes the crew will inevitably make. Steal everything not bolted down. Get picked up and used as a hat against your will. Be more competent than the stations Engineers. Get killed by the Engineers for being more competent than them,

Drone spawners have been removed from the game, due to drones only being used as infinite respawn greytide bots, the only way to play as drone is to take the role of a derelict drone at the derelict station.

Personal AI
Be the friend someone has always wanted (if they bother downloading you). Whine in OOC because they didn't. Don't fill any of the fields except the name field. Imitate the AI and make it seem rogue. Imitate the Supermatter and make everyone shit their pants. dEasy
Get wrecked by cult, or change map preference to meta and tip your fedora at the chaplain. laugh at the assistant trying to punch you, then get killed by a simplemob carp. Start beefs with other constructs for getting the first shell, ask for juggernaut and get spaced wraith. cEasy to Medium
Talk to the other dead people. Complain about the living. Admin help. Omnighost Orbit around the singulo pretending to be a black hole. Watch ERP. Pray that a boarding frigate touches the ship. All follow an antag like some form of ethereal dog pile. Be upset enough about said antag literally everything to rival industrial salt mining. fGhastly!

Antagonists[edit | edit source]

Main Antagonists[edit | edit source]

Main Antagonists are typically the primary antagonist of a single round, and form the backbone of how a round progresses.

Job Role Difficulty
Buy an ebow and esword and make people cry. Ignore your objectives and go on a rampage with your cool gear. Get unceremoniously killed and spaced by a toolbox-wielding assistant. cMedium
Not Malf.gif
Malfunctioning AI
"Forget" to remind the crew about suit sensors. Get your borg destroyed/emaged five minutes into the shift. Let people into your upload only to stun/kill them a second later. Flood the station with plasma screams of the clown being beat to death by security over the intercom. Get unceremoniously carded and spaced by a toolbox-wielding assistant with an EVA suit. cVery Hard
Think John Carpenter's 'The Thing', without 'The Thing' part. Relieve humans of their DNA and brain cells, which they don't use much anyway. Sting everyone who walks past you. bHard
Stand around random rooms while collecting influences. Get your book deepfryed by the clown. Cry when you don't know how to draw runes. Get dissapointed by your ascension. bHard
Generic nukesyndie.png
Nuclear Operative
Someone set us up the bomb! (AKA You) Get dat fukken disk. Plant a power sink on the solars. Waste all your telecrystals on balloons. Arm the nuke while your fellows are still on the station. Kidnap Ian. aVery Hard
Blood Cultist
Scribble runes with your own blood. Summon eldritch gods. Rock out with your cult blade out and get arrested, have a dick measuring fight with the clock cult. cMedium
Eat all the mice in maint before the lizards do. Watch your one servant run off and get gunned down by security. Make everything sentient. Become the God of Flesh heretics. cHard
Greytide without worrying about getting banned. Either kill the CMO and RD in under five minutes, or get crushed under Security's boots. aEasy to Hard
Generic wizard.png
Servant of ratvar.png
Clockwork Cultist
Serve the Clockwork Justiciar by scribbling new-age runes all over maintenance. Start a steampunk book club and kill all the old-fashioned book clubbers. Invoke a bunch of anime people to summon Ratvar. Make everyone absolutely nobody a few people at /vg/ mad by stealing their antagonist, and have a dick measuring fight with the blood cult. bMedium to Unwinnable Effortless
Vandalize the station and get into fights with rivals. Litter the halls with bullet casings. Get ignored by your own gang. Just don't forget: Snitches Get Stitches. aEasy to Hard
Attempt to infect the crew with the monkey virus. Get absolutely crushed by Security within five minutes. Spend the next two hours as a ghost. bVery Hard

Side Antagonists[edit | edit source]

Side antagonists are secondary antagonists that are either subservient to other, main, antagonists, or have a small chance to appear during any round type. Side antagonists tend to be slightly less powerful than their main counterparts.

Job Role Difficulty
Blob core.gif
Beware of The Blob, it creeps and leaps and glides and slides, across the floor, right through the door. Except you don't do any of this. Make the crew scream internally when you appear at the tail end of a mass station bombing. Slowly consume the station, until you either eat everything or get killed by the current round's antagonist. bHard
Syndicate Drop Troopers
Drop troopers can be very powerful enemies. And despite their loud arrival they can be rather sneaky at times. Board the NSV and make sure to leave with no survivors. Rush CIC to take control of the ship and get robusted by a Bridge Assistant. Distract people from the real threat. bHard
Kidnap people and experiment on them. Disregard that objective and kidnap Ian/Kill the AI. Accidentally kidnap yourself. Steal the armory after losing your tools. Hope your fellow Scientist/Agent is not incompetent and lets the crew kidnap you. bHard
Do what your summoner tells you to do. Set your battlecry to something so awful it makes your foes cry in battle. Annoy your summoner by constantly making JoJokes in their head. Be a punchghost. bORA ORA ORA
Ensure the crew gets a face full of alien wing-wang. Break procs. Squander your chance to be a big, purple killing machine and your race's survival in favor of acting out the Curator's favorite porno. bHard
Catch flies in your web and suck his juices out just like your dad, a changeling. Get your xenobiologist banned because he let you lay eggs. Consume, Adapt, and respawn over and over in a new shell. bEasy to Medium
Consume. Replicate. Repeat. Eat Telecomms. Teleport other swarmers your enemies away from your metal. bMedium
Shock lights, transmit WGW right into the Curator until he goes mad. Trade for them until admins gods get fed up and turn ghosts into you. Be a griefghost. bEasy
Eat pens for amusement, disguise yourself as beepsky. Disguise yourself as the Captain, confront the Captain while disguised as him, get shot. bHard
Jaunt. Murder people and crush the flare exploit! Jaunt. Make the lights your bitch! Jaunt. Jaunt into light! Jaunt. Jaunt into stunbaton! Complain in deadchat, cry because you are esentially a worse shadowling. bHard
Generic ninja.png
Space Ninja
Follow your orders, which may or may not involve you killing everything that moves. Kill everyone regardless. bHard
Slaughter Demon
Hunt down and kill the wizard who summoned you. Eat bodies out of the Morgue for health. Drag bleeding bodies through the hall. Make the janitor happy by making him become the most important job for a while. Be unable to bloodcrawl due to all the blood being cleaned up. Eat the janitor. RIP AND TEAR! bMedium
Try to raid the station. Fail miserably because the entire crew is out for your blood so they can re-roll for antag. bHard
Icons8 flat biohazard.svg.png
Sentient Disease
Try to infect people. Get the virologist lynched. Get the CMO lynched. Get the rest of medbay lynched. Make everyone grow beards. bHard
Try to act creepy and shifty. Fail because everyone's a miserable bastard in this shithole. Toe Rule 8 to a suspicious extent. bMedium
Lead the Hunters on a chase around the station. Total the clown into the Supermatter while doing so. bMedium
Wave your weapons wildly around. Shoot the Fugitives for resisting. While you're at it, shoot the entire crew for resisting. bHard

Depreciated Antagonists[edit | edit source]

These antagonists, for one reason or another, are no longer in the normal gamemode rotation. Beware: these antagonists may appear due to malevolent Space God shenanigans, so don't rule them out entirely.

Job Removal Reason Role Difficulty
Somewhat of a flawed mode, turns out that asking to buy a guy's soul usually makes them want to robust you, because "valid." Usually involved the devil blowing up some crew members and then offering them contracts to be revived. But, despite this, the Gods can summon one if they feel like it. Engage in civil discussions to buy souls. Create emergencies so that people are desperate enough to sell their soul. Try to out wit the lawyer. Get punched to death by someone you just turned into a hulk. bMedium
Syndicate Mutineer
Overthrow ended up being a damn confusing gamemode. Examples include how unclear it was if the other agent teams were working with or against you, or how the points system worked, not to mention the poor wording of the Overthrown AI lawset. Numerous bugs surfaced that didn't all get fixed, and the gamemode ended up being recognized as one of the least-liked gamemodes after a vote was taken.

The mode's future is uncertain.

Arrive on the station as a Traitor with less gear but the ability to awaken the Syndicate sleeper agent in everybody. Cooperate with other teams to stage the perfect coup (or don't and just fight each other, fuck those guys). Roll up with your posse on a quest to become the most powerful Gang Syndicate team. aHard

Removed Antagonists[edit | edit source]

These antagonists have, for one reason or another, been removed from the game. These antagonists might return one day if they ever get remade or reworked. Although, this is highly unlikely...

Job Removal Reason Role Difficulty
Generic wizard.pngGeneric wizard.pngGeneric wizard.png
Ragin Mages
Spawning up to three or four Wizards simply proved to be too much for the station. One Wizard is destructive enough. This however remains in game as a admin only event, for your their amusement. Spend ten minutes hunting down one Wizard, kill him thinking you've won! Stare in horror as three more Wizards appear. Watch in amusement as they proceed to kill each other. aMedium
Hand of God
Oh, poor HoG! Shoved out the door buggy, unbalanced, and extremely hard to learn as it combines three gamemodes (hello, gang) into one. Nobody wanted to fix HoG after it's release because of old derelict code that would break even more when poked. While some say it's fun while it's not broken, has that ever been the status quo? Turn someone into !popehat! while they're talking to security. Instakill people with god powers! Build across the station converting people with your !popehat! gang, and get killed instantly by a rod smashing into your nexus. Break the game, over and over and over and get removed. aHard
Hades, Pope of Sin
Poor guy was implemented into the game as summonable through an item accessible only to wizards. Almost never encountered, when the Dark Seed went away, away went the Pope of Sin with it. Be a general annoyance to the crew. Be a very annoying (need I say it again with time freezing to a halt every minute or so) non-sentient antagonist. Play Russian roulette with the crew manifest. AI Controlled
Shadowling suffered from issues of it being yet another crew conversion game mode, and was generally unfun to fight against and had a anti-climatic ending. This mode has recently been reworked into the Nightmare side antagonist. Be the hip and more popular brother to the Changeling. Turn the station into thralls. Cry when a cyborg turns on its headlamp. Shadow Walk into space and die ten minutes into the round. bHard
Cortical Borer
The Cortical Borer suffered from the same problems as the Monkey Mode, being very buggy and one sided at times. Fun for both sides was questionable. No current plans to reimplememt. Crawl in the corroded brain of the clown. Inject meth. Assume direct control. Induce crippling drugs in the clown. Inject meth. Cry when the host eats sugar. Inject meth. Overdose! aVery Hard
Hivemind Host
Stand around in places and add unwitting humans to your hivemind. Hijack the minds of crewmembers and have them do the dirty work for you. Have a random vessel get implanted and security wailing down on you 30 minutes into the shift. Be a conversion stealth antag. Use One Mind and become unstunnable with magic abilities that are only ever fun for yourself. aHard

Special[edit | edit source]

Job Role Difficulty
CentCom Official
Be self-important, meddle with station affairs, annoy the Captain with bureaucracy. Get killed almost immediately by a random mob. Have you body looted by everyone, including the captain. bMedium
Ass-inspect, eat donuts, get killed, be dragged off to a washing machine and get gibbed. Cause a riot. aImpossible
Chrono Legionnaire
Erase the Clown from time. Accidently erase your objective from time. Erase Adolf Hitler for the 50th time this week. Without a trace, Cry because literally everybody forgot about you and never spawns you.

Originally suppose to replace the space ninja, however people didn't like the idea of someone being able to teleport everywhere and having a insta-stunlock rifle that deleted people after some time.

Chrono Legionnaire teleport is broken, you won't be able to get out of teleport mode once activated.

bNever Existed
Emergency Response Officer
Arrive too late on the station to actually help. Lose the rest of your team, get outnumbered and die. Respawn as a second response team to save the first team. bVery Hard
Death Squad Officer
Beg for DS, spawn in at CentCom, kill an admin who was trying to tell you your mission, get gibbed, beg for another chance. Set your rifle to DESTROY and terminate all lifeforms (including walls). Slip on a banana peel and a̶n̶d̶ ̶g̶e̶t̶ ̶b̶l̶a̶s̶t̶e̶d̶ ̶i̶n̶t̶o̶ ̶o̶b̶l̶i̶v̶i̶o̶n̶ ̶w̶i̶t̶h̶ ̶y̶o̶u̶r̶ ̶o̶w̶n̶ ̶r̶i̶f̶l̶e̶ laugh as your boots prevent you from slipping and the Clown can't fire your DNA-locked rifle. Shoot the Clown with your Mateba Revolver. bHard