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9 April 2021

 m   07:33  Guide to xenobiology diffhist -1,216 Bobbanz talk contribs →‎Crossbreeding Chart: Updated Crossbreeding Chart
     07:32  User:Bobbanz/Sandbox‎‎ 6 changes history 0 [Bobbanz‎ (6×)]
07:32 (cur | prev) -51,311 Bobbanz talk contribs Blanked the page Tag: Blanking
04:34 (cur | prev) +53 Bobbanz talk contribs Added GIF
04:24 (cur | prev) +22,870 Bobbanz talk contribs
04:02 (cur | prev) -1,085 Bobbanz talk contribs
03:12 (cur | prev) -23,054 Bobbanz talk contribs
03:03 (cur | prev) +52,527 Bobbanz talk contribs
     04:33  (Upload log) [Bobbanz‎ (2×)]
04:33 Bobbanz talk contribs uploaded File:Transformative.gif
04:32 Bobbanz talk contribs uploaded File:Crystalline.gif
 m   04:22  Guide to food and drinks‎‎ 2 changes history +171 [Bobbanz‎ (2×)]
04:22 (cur | prev) +43 Bobbanz talk contribs →‎Drinks
04:19 (cur | prev) +128 Bobbanz talk contribs →‎Mixed Drinks: The bee's hitting hard, Working on updating the drinks

8 April 2021

     08:18  Discord Rules‎‎ 3 changes history +930 [Bokkiewokkie‎ (3×)]
08:18 (cur | prev) +55 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs Funny color
07:51 (cur | prev) +29 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs protected page padlock
07:45 (cur | prev) +846 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs Actually puts the rules here, also removes discord role section because the only real "pingable" role we have is community manager.
     07:50 Protection log Bokkiewokkie talk contribs protected Discord Rules [Edit=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) ‎(Rules pages are important to keep protected. This page should probably have Steward level protection, but I can't add that.)
 m   07:27  What is SS13 diffhist +431 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs BYOND Logo, revision notice, and NSV specific roundend info.
     07:02  (Deletion log) [Bokkiewokkie‎ (12×)]
07:02 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page File:Universal suppressor.png(Duplicated file)
07:01 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page File:Singularity gen.png(Duplicated file)
07:00 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page File:Pirate ship areas.png(File not in use)
06:59 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page File:Singulo 1.gif(Duplicated file)
06:57 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page File:VVPpRhK.png(File not in use)
06:55 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page File:FFDEAD 5x5px.png(File not in use)
06:55 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page File:DC143C 5x5px.png(File not in use)
06:54 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page File:Autoimplanter.jpg(Duplicated file)
06:53 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page File:4169E1 5x5px.png(File not in use)
06:53 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page File:00BFFF 5x5px.png(File not in use)
06:52 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page Mining Station(NSV has no mining station, but a mining ship. Creating seperate pages for these ship maps is probably better)
06:50 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs deleted page Lavaland(NSV doesn't use lavaland)
 m   07:02  Syndicate Items diffhist -9 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs Suppressor image
 m   06:59  Standard Operating Procedure diffhist -3 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs singulo gif change
N    06:53  MediaWiki:Filedelete-reason-dropdown diffhist +83 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs Adds: "File not in use" as a reason
 m   06:34  Ship Engineer diffhist +189 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs revision label

6 April 2021

 m   04:20  Admin Conduct diffhist +79 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs Deletion notice
     04:12 Upload log Bokkiewokkie talk contribs uploaded File:BYOND Logo.png
 m   04:09  User:Florb diffhist +22 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs spelling fix and removes mention of station

5 April 2021

 m   11:55  User:Florb‎‎ 2 changes history -4,260 [Florb‎ (2×)]
11:55 (cur | prev) +157 Florb talk contribs →‎Power Sources: added captions to the engine pictures
11:44 (cur | prev) -4,417 Florb talk contribs added TEG Engine, Removed ALL of the power queue stuff since it doesn't apply as it's dependant on distance, added said fact in smes section