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14 August 2020

N     17:29  Sop diffhist +42 Francinum talk contribs Redirected page to Standard Operating Procedure Tag: New redirect
N     11:03  Engineering Hangar diffhist +1,224 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs adds page
      07:16  (Upload log) [Bokkiewokkie‎ (3×)]
07:16 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs uploaded File:HHEngineerHangar.png(Hammerhead Engie Hangar)
06:24 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs uploaded File:HHNaniteLab.png(Hammerhead nanite lab)
06:20 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs uploaded File:HHBrigPhysOffice.png(Hammerhead brig physician's office)
N     06:55  Brig Physician's Office diffhist +1,381 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs Adds the page
 m    06:30  Nanite Lab diffhist +336 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs added some content to the page and changed the picture to hammerhead

13 August 2020

 m    06:29  Guide to the Stormdrive Engine diffhist +4 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs changes things back because I was wrong

12 August 2020

      12:43  Jobs diffhist -87 Cenrus talk contribs →‎Munitions: removes dt, misc improvements

11 August 2020

 m    04:12  Guide to the Stormdrive Engine diffhist +5 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs changes the fuel ratio section to say that the stormdrive needs at least 1/3 fuel to run without side-effects

10 August 2020

 m    12:36  NSV13:Copyrights diffhist -6 Francinum talk contribs Changed redirect target from TGStation13:Privacy policy to NSV13:Privacy policy Tag: Redirect target changed
      06:38  Nanite Lab‎‎ 3 changes history +213 [Lifeisgood1‎ (3×)]
06:38 (cur | prev) +46 Lifeisgood1 talk contribs added a tab for current page.
06:26 (cur | prev) +1 Lifeisgood1 talk contribs
06:18 (cur | prev) +166 Lifeisgood1 talk contribs Added a link to "guide to nanites" pages, also removed unnecessary links.
 m    05:17  Vending machines diffhist +780 Bobbanz talk contribs Updated what some of the vending machines now contain.
N     05:09  User:Bobbanz/Sandbox diffhist +12,008 Bobbanz talk contribs Created page with "{{Needs revision |reason = Vendor contents have been changing very rapidly and editors haven't been able to keep up. Consider them to be mostly outdated. }} Vending machines..."
      03:14 User creation log User account Bobbanz talk contribs was created ‎

9 August 2020

 m    14:28  Template:Navbox-Locations-meta diffhist +13 Bokkiewokkie talk contribs changes colors
N     14:16  NSV13:Example Location diffhist +706 Francinum talk contribs Created page with "{{Location |headerbgcolor=black |headerfontcolor=white |imagebgcolor=grey |name=Example Area |department=Example Area |exits=Space Station 13, [[Abandoned Satellite]..."
 m    14:15  Template:Meta-Sidebar-Location‎‎ 2 changes history +27 [Francinum‎ (2×)]
14:15 (cur | prev) +13 Francinum talk contribs
14:13 (cur | prev) +14 Francinum talk contribs Float left. Fucking template conflicts.
N     11:45  Nanite Lab diffhist +572 Lifeisgood1 talk contribs Created Nanite programming

8 August 2020

N     17:39  User talk:Maintenance script diffhist 0 Francinum talk contribs Created blank page
 m    17:39  File:FoS Combat2.png diffhist +205 Francinum talk contribs
      14:43  Main Page‎‎ 2 changes history +4 [Francinum‎ (2×)]
14:43 (cur | prev) 0 Francinum talk contribs
14:43 (cur | prev) +4 Francinum talk contribs Changes the central image out for one from the Prizefight Event
      14:40  (Move log) [Francinum‎ (2×)]
14:40 Francinum talk contribs moved page File:FoS Combat.png to File:FoS Combat2.png
06:23 Francinum talk contribs moved page File:Pluoxium.png to File:Pluoxium Canister.png(Consistency with other canisters. Redirect left in place for existing articles.)
      14:40  (Upload log) [Francinum‎ (2×)]
14:40 Francinum talk contribs uploaded a new version of File:FoS Combat.png
14:38 Francinum talk contribs uploaded File:FoS Combat.png
      06:26 Protection log Francinum talk contribs protected User:Maintenance script [Edit=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) [Move=Allow only administrators] (indefinite) ‎
N     06:25  User:Maintenance script diffhist +334 Francinum talk contribs Created page with "This user is utilized by NSV13 System Operators to perform at-scale maintenance tasks on the database. If you believe any action undertaken by this user has been done in error..."
 m    05:42  Template:Meta-Sidebar-Location diffhist +7 Francinum talk contribs
 m    05:41  Template:Meta-Sidebar-Location/sandbox diffhist +20 Francinum talk contribs
      00:49  Guide to the Stormdrive Engine‎‎ 2 changes history -197 [Ansome‎ (2×)]
00:49 (cur | prev) -178 Ansome talk contribs Updated again to Karmic standard.
00:48 (cur | prev) -19 Ansome talk contribs Reworked the Stormdrive page again. Now up to Karmic(TM) standards.