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Generic janitor.png
Bob Cleansky points at the wet floor sign
AccessJanitor's Closet, Maintenance
Additional AccessN/A
SupervisorsExecutive Officer
RankCivilian (CIV)
DutiesClean up trash and blood. Replace broken lights. Slip people over. USE THE WET FLOOR SIGNS!
GuidesNo external guides

Your job is to mop up blood, oil, dust and vomit, replace broken or missing light bulbs and tubes, and pick up litter. It's more fun than it sounds!

Bare minimum requirements: Replace broken lights. If you are going to wet floors, use wet floor signs.

Stellar Patrol, it's not a job, it's an adventure![edit | edit source]

You have the most important time consuming, under appreciated and eventually pointless job on the ship. You keep small areas from looking shitty while the areas you've already cleaned are covered with blood and litter again. You'll clean floors, toss out junk, replace broken lights and overall, keep the ship resembling a workplace and not an anarchist playground!

Equipment[edit | edit source]

Much of this equipment is acquired from your JaniDrobe vendor in your Custodial Closet.
Jshoe.png Galoshes that prevent you from slipping on wet floors and items such as bananas and the clown's PDA, but do nothing on space lubed floors
Cleaner.png A spray bottle of space cleaner that will sadly run out quickly and need to be replenished by chemistry
Grenade.png Three space cleaner foam grenades
Bucket.png A bucket for filling your janitorial cart
Mop.png A mop for mopping floors
Wetfloorsign.png Some wet floor signs
Signmaker.gifA holographic sign projector
JaniBioSuit.png A haz-mat suit. Its hood will prevent facehuggers from raping you. Both pieces of it, when used with internals, will stop you catching contact and airborne viruses.JaniBioSuitHood.png
WaterTank.png A water tank to fill your janitorial cart from using your bucket
LightBox.png Two boxes of light bulbs to refill your light replacer or give to assistants so they can help replace lights
Lightreplacer0.png A light replacer used to remove broken light tubes from light fixtures and replace them with new ones with one click. Use in hand while standing under a fixture with broken light to automatically replace it.
TrashBag.png A trash bag. Equippable in your belt slot, or the exosuit slot of bio-suits BioSuit.png. Use it on tiny or small items to pick them up. Use on a disposal bin to empty.
MousetrapBox.png A box of mousetraps to kill mice that never leave maintenance without assistanceMousetrap.png
Bear trap.png Two bear traps for trapping Space Bears or your colleagues
Paint violet.png Some paint remover for cleaning up graffiti and floor stains
Janitorial Cart.png A janitorial cart which holds a mop bucket, four signs, mop, spray bottle, trash bag and light replacer
Janibelt.png A janibelt, a belt that can hold many of your standard issue items. You can put this into your backpack if you prefer to use the trash bag as your belt item.
Janicart.png The janicart, a PIMPIN' RIDE. The key spawns nearby. Drag yourself onto the cart to ride, then insert key into it to be able to start moving. You can remove the key by alt-clicking the janicart. To unbuckle from the vehicle, click the janicart or press B "resist".
Most important, you have your purple soft cap to signify your duty to the ship who to lynch when the Clown is wetting floors.

Wet Floor Signs[edit | edit source]

Drop warning signs where you mop. People get pissed when you don't. You don't have enough to cover every area you clean and between lag and every player running everywhere they're usually not spotted until people are already on their backs, but they can't blame you for doing what you can!

Shaking up those you slipped maintains favour with the crew. Do this by clicking on them with an empty hand while on help intent Intent Help.png. Smugly pointing at one of your signs incurs their ire.

Also, if people are chasing you, throw a bucket of water behind you, or where they will run into it, as they likely want to steal from you (your shoes are valuable). Or fill your spray bottle with a little water to quickly take down huge amounts of people.

People assume if someone slips, it was your doing. This may not be true. Often it was the chemist with space lube, or a clown with a bucket of water. It's possible to differentiate between slipping on a wet floor and slipping on a lubed floor.

Make sure the detective has cleared a scene before you clean up an area of some blood. Follow people dragging bodies to the medical bay; they leave long trails of blood which means more work for you.

People are going to accidentally charge your cart halfway down the hallway. Kind people will get on the other side of it and push it back to you. There's no avoiding this, apart from not using the cart and relying on the space cleaner Cleaner.png, or using the mop with buckets of water held on your person. This would require you to carry signs too.

A janitor cyborg is usually a more efficient janitor than you. It can clean floors by just moving onto them. But so can you once you get your floor buffer upgrade.

Cleaning Without Being Lynched[edit | edit source]

Your janitorial cart can hold up to 100 units of liquid. This does not need to be straight water. If you're able to get Chemistry to give you 50 units of ammonia, you can mix it with 50 units of water. Congratulations! You just created 100 units of Space Cleaner. Mopping the floor with Space Cleaner does not leave it slippery. People might still assume that if you're mopping without the signs that you're creating a safety hazard, so make sure to correct them BEFORE they choke you to death.

The bars of soap are a great cleaning implement on the ship. They don't leave slippery puddles behind, and they're good for getting those hard-to-reach places (like that vomit under the surgery table) that cleaning grenades can't. Your bar of Nanotrasen brand soap is limited to 300 uses.

Remember that your bottle of Space Cleaner Cleaner.png can clean tiles instantly as well. If you aim far enough from your position, you can clean up to five tiles in a single spray. Useful to quickly clean up your evidence.

By right-clicking on the spray bottle, you can tip the contents out of it.

You can clean bloody people by spraying them with your Space Cleaner Cleaner.png.

Spray people with space cleaner if they are covered in blood around their head and chest (but not if they have bloody gloves). This usually makes people happy, as security officers won't hound them as much. Sometimes the ship needs a hero though, all you need to do is mop the right floor, or spray water at the right time to stop the worst fiend humanity has ever known.

Advanced Sanitation Gear[edit | edit source]

Once science has researched Advanced Sanitation Technology, you will be able to print a few advanced sanitation items from the service techfab.

  • Floor buffer.png Floor buffer upgrade can be attached to your janicart Janicart.png(the drivable one), to instantly clean floor tiles you drive over. Just click your janicart while holding the floor buffer in hand.
  • Adv mop.png Advanced Mop works like your ordinary mop, but it's faster, stronger and generates its own water.
  • Bluespace trashbag.png Trashbag of Holding can hold a huge amount of tiny and small items. A quality of life improvement.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Your PDA has a Custodial Locator. Use this to locate your janitorial cart Janitorial Cart.png or mop Mop.png. This can also help you find your Custodial Closet, since that's where those items spawn.
  • Your ID has access to the settings of cleanbots Cleanbot.gif. Click a cleanbot with your ID to unlock it. You can then click the robot to alter its settings and turn it on or off.
  • Instead of refilling the Light Replacer Lightreplacer0.png with light tubes/bulbs, you can refill it with glass sheets Glass.png.
  • Lost your galoshes? Need more default Cleaner Grenades or buckets? Cargo can order a Janitorial Cart and Galoshes Crate and a Janitorial Supply crate, if you ask nicely.
  • Clicking a spray bottle while it's in your hand actually changes the pressure knob to use less of the content when sprayed. (Alternates between 2 and 5)
    • Right-Clicking on a spray bottle gives you the option to empty it.
  • Learn how to mix space cleaner. This will make refilling your space cleaner bottle easier for when the chemist can't be bothered.
  • Chemistry can make drying agent. If splashed on your galoshes Jshoe.png with harm intent Intent Harm.png, they will be transformed into purple absorbent galoshes, which still prevents you from slipping while also drying floor tiles you walk on.
  • Xenobiology can create speed potions. Use these on your galoshes Jshoe.png and/or janicart Janicart.png to make them faster.

Tips for Traitoring[edit | edit source]

  • A backpack full of mousetraps is by far one of the most annoying things to deal with when Security is searching you.
  • Cleaner Grenades can potentially stop an entire party of pursuers by slipping them, or forcing them to stop. Your galoshes make you immune to slipping on foam, water or soap yourself.
  • Emagging a light replacer will make the replaced light explode when turned on. This, when used with care, can help you set up deadly traps when someone presses the light switch.

Conspicuously Clean Floors[edit | edit source]

As a traitor you're going to have a hard time Fun time. Although you are capable of cleaning up your evidence and prints, you have little access to the ship. The best you can do is throw water in front of your target so he falls, drag him into the nearest maintenance tunnel, and beat him dead with your mop a fire extinguisher. Be practical.

Your garbage bag is handy for hiding objects in, as it's rarely checked during a search.

A bear trap can slow someone until someone else is kind enough to remove it from their leg. You don't need a low light area to hide it, you can place it under an object with a large sprite such as a backpack or pizza box, or you can just leave it uncovered and wait for the inevitable runner to zoom into it without time to notice it and stop.

Your light replacer can also be used to set deadly traps. Emagging your light replacer will make all lights you replace be rigged with plasma, causing them to explode when they are turned on. Be cautious though, replacing an active with an emagged-light replacer will instantly cause the light bulb to explode! Turn off the light first!

Your galoshes and spray bottle/mop can be used with water to create visible slippery tiles that cause reasonably long stuns on those who run across them, without slipping you. You can also use your galoshes and your cleaner grenades (which you can order more of through cargo) to create a large area that cannot be crossed by anyone but hulks, traitors with noslips, and you. Anyone caught on the foam area will not be able to move until it disperses without slipping. You can cross the foam and walk into someone to slip them, provided you're moving them onto a foam tile. The foam will stun them long enough to handcuff them, choke them, beat them and cause more knockdowns, or remove their headset.

Your galoshes are no-slips with a small slowdown and it's suspicious of you not to be wearing them. Beg the Hop for chem access ("for more space cleaner") or break in and fill stuff with lube. Your backpack water tank and spray-bottle can be filled with pepper-spray at the arrivals checkpoint. Just look at those TC savings!

You can often ask the Head of Personnel for more access to clean. This may get you into the department your target works in. You can sometimes dodge a search by claiming you're just there to clean.

You have maintenance as a janitor, despite the fact you're probably not going to clean there. Most positions don't have maintenance. Use this to your advantage. You also have an escape chute in your custodial closet (your disposal), and a back door that leads into maintenance.

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