Flight Leader

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Flight Leader
Generic fl.png
"This is Gold Leader, we're starting for the target shaft now!"
AccessHangar Bay, Flight Deck
Additional AccessMaintenance
SupervisorsMaster At Arms
RankSergeant (SGT)
DutiesTry to create some semblance of organization in your squadron. Curl up in a ball and cry in your ship as your fighters shoot at one another on accident or ram directly into you.
GuidesGuide to Fighters; Guide to enemy types

You are the Flight Leader, the top dog, the space ace, and likely the only one who actually knows how to fly a fighter. Do your best to keep the flight team together, but if push comes to shove, you may be the ship's only hope.

Bare minimum requirements: Keep your squadron alive, communicate with the MAA and Bridge about the status of your fighters, nag munitions about giving you torpedoes, just be another Fighter Pilot

Being the Flight Lead[edit | edit source]

As the Flight leader, you answer directly to the Master at Arms and the Bridge, with all of the strange delinquent fighter pilots being your responsibility. Your job, aside from being another fighter pilot and attacking enemy ships, is to teach newer pilots the ropes, coordinate with munitions to get more torpedoes for your fighters, let the Bridge know either through the MAA who can use command radio or through your flight control radio the status of fighters leaving or returning to the ship, and kicking out fighter pilots who are a danger to themselves and others from the force.

Your fighter[edit | edit source]

Your only joy in life reward for signing up as an FL is the special coloured fighter roundstart. It comes equipped with upgraded components, making it more durable and able to store more fuel. The engine is also more efficient, allowing you to fly faster then the other light fighters. Other than this the fighter is just like any other, and can be upgraded and re-armed as if it were a regular light fighter.

Demoting pilots[edit | edit source]

There will come a time when either one of roundstart pilots or one of the weirdos that the XO reassigned to pilot/made a fighter pilot squad member will act up. In this case, it's up to you to gauge if it's time to demote them to prevent any potential harm to your assigned vessel's patrol. If a stern talking to will not prevent them from hijacking fighter tugs, tugs that are not their own, firing on their fellow squadron members, or acting otherwise irrationally, it is time to demote them. Contact Security and explain the situation so they can assist you in escorting the pilot in question to the XO line for demotion. In the event that this individual is particularly dangerous, out of line, or you deem is intentionally sabotaging the round, Ahelp immediately.

Doubleagent.gif The Red Baron[edit | edit source]

Being a traitor Flight Leader is a piece of cake in the right hands. In an easy scenario, your target is another fighter pilot. Through sabotage, you can severely cripple your target's ship and prevent them from being revived by tampering with the cloning machine. Alternatively, you can simply gun them down yourselves, but be prepared to explain it if there are other fighters or someone in the bridge sees. By emagging your fighter after activating maintenance mode (prefered) or simply breaking in and using the MAA's console (assuming they don't immediately fix it), you can disable weapon safeties and fire at the ship once in space but before fully exiting the overmap. Use this to your advantage if you feel it's time to go guns blazing at the window of your target's apartment, blow a hole to the AI, or get that "die a glorious death" objective. The choice is yours.

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