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This page is just for looking at what all the wiki maintainers are working on right now and what's being worked on in the future! It's mostly here for us to keep track of what everyone is doing, but if you've found this page by chance feel free to look around and see what keeps us busy here at Wiki HQ!

Wiki Maintainers

Who's working on the wiki? These people are!

Bokkiewokkie (talk) -Wiki Technical Overseer

Bobbanz ((talk)) -Wiki Staff

Cenrus ((talk)) -Wiki Contributor
Corsaka (talk) -Wiki Contributor
Grabowski ((talk)) -Wiki Contributor

Active Tasks

A list of what the wiki maintainers are supposed to be doing right now.

Bokkiewokkie (talk)
-Locations project

Grabowski ((talk))

Bobbanz (talk)
-General wiki maintenance/moderation

Volunteer Contributor tasks

The wiki team's little darlings. Volunteers to edit or rework pages. Take additions with a grain of salt and look over them later, intended to reduce workload.

[Your name here!]

Inactive tasks

Things that need doing, but aren't being done right now or by anyone in specific.

  • Adding Wanted pages that we actually want.
  • Updating job pages for NSV and general updatedness. (important: Engineering jobs)
  • Updating code/map contribution guides in general.
  • Changing Chain of Command pages to match NSV.
  • Updating the pirate section of the Guide to enemy types.
  • Updating the Maps page, also make the difference between the old and new Galactica clear.
  • Starmap page (link to NSV website?) (Still mostly an idea.)
  • Probably other things that aren't listed here.

Explanation of Issues
Out of Date: This page is out of date and needs to be updated.
Unknown: This page has not been looked over and is potentially either up to date, entirely out of date or possibly entirely irrelevant to the NSV13 Codebase.
Missing Info: This page is missing information that's detailed in the Comment of the Entry.
Addition: This page needs to be made and have stuff added to it.

Entry Name Issue Comment
Wanted pages Addition We need to have these pages made with information associated to them added into them.
Guide to plumbing Unknown The page is possibly out of date, as I'm not someone who frequently mess around with chemistry plumbing, it's possible that the page contains information that is no longer up to date.
Images showing station rooms Out of Date As it’s no doubt known, NSV takes place on a ship, most of the images we use on pages we haven’t created ourselves show rooms taken from stations, these images need to be changed to showing the same room but on a ship, I’d suggest getting screenshots of the rooms on the Aetherwhisp as a replacement since that ship has most, if not all, of the rooms
Headmin Rulings Out of Date Likely something we don't need to worry about as it is something the Admins of the Discord Server will have to deal with, I'll poke Bokkie or grab a voluntold to update that page eventually.
Guide to chemistry Out of Date The Hydrocarbons is no longer a thing in the codebase, as such any mentions needs to be removed.
Guide to chemistry Out of Date Serotrotium is not listed on the Chemistry Page

Finished tasks

Pages that are mostly finished at the time of the last edit of this page and probably only need to be reworked when a new feature is added. (last edit: 2nd of November 2021)

-Standard Operating Procedure
-Contribution pages reference NSV now
-Stormdrive page
-Most of Guide to Research and Development
-Guide to the Nuclear Reactor
-Fighter pilot page.
-XO, Bridge Staff, Geneticist and Captain pages
-Mining page
-Updated job page headers
-Updated Galactic Conquest page

Entry Name Issue Comment
Computers Out of Date This page contains icons that are mostly out of date, I've replaced certain ones on it, however there are still some that are not just out of date, but ancient, upload the new icon as a GIF and send me (Bobbanz) a ping in the Wikibus channel on the Discord if you find a duplicate of the image.
Replacement of Circuit boards N/A While it’s not something that’s particularly an issue, it could be a good exercise for any volunteers.
The Machines page has circuit boards that are all the same icon, it would be nice if those icons are changed to the correct ones that show up in-game I’ve uploaded the icons and also attached a description of what they’re called in the code on my sandbox Circuit Icons
Guide to plumbing Out of Date the images of the machines are out of date
Chemical Heater Missing Info This Entry is missing the circuit board in its construction
Shaft Miner Out of Date This page is entirely out of date as of #1760
Currently the page needs to be restructured and re-written to explain the basics of asteroid mining, alongside explaining the various buttons that exist only on the Mining Sabre Interface.
Guide to chemistry Out of Date This page will probably end up being out of date when the Beebase gets merged.
Guide to xenobiology Out of Date From what glances I’ve thrown over the xenobiology code and from what changelog screenshots have been sent to me, this page will be out of date the second the Beebase gets merged
Guide to food Out of Date Will no doubt probably end up being out of date the second the Bee Merge hits
Guide to Munitions Missing Info This page is missing information about the Hybrid Railgun found on some vessels.
Infections Out of Date This page is extremely out of date, the symptom table is still showing stuff from before the first Beebase and codewise, it's a mess.
Snake Missing Info Needs to have information and additional info added to it.