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This page is just for looking at what all the wiki maintainers are working on right now and what's being worked on in the future! It's mostly here for us to keep track of what everyone is doing, but if you've found this page by chance feel free to look around and see what keeps us busy here at Wiki HQ!

Wiki Maintainers

Who's working on the wiki? These people are!

𝓕𝓻π“ͺ𝓷𝓬𝓲𝓷𝓾𝓢 (talk) -Wiki Technical Overseer

Bokkiewokkie (talk) -Wiki Staff

Ansome (talk) -Wiki Maintainer
Bobbanz ((talk)) -Wiki Maintainer
Cenrus ((talk)) -Wiki Maintainer
Corsaka (talk) -Wiki Maintainer
Grabowski ((talk)) -Wiki Maintainer

Active Tasks

A list of what the wiki maintainers are supposed to be doing right now.

Bokkiewokkie (talk)
-General wiki maintenance/moderation
-Locations project

Grabowski ((talk))

Bobbanz (talk)

Volunteer Contributor tasks

The wiki team's little darlings. Volunteers to edit or rework pages. Take additions with a grain of salt and look over them later, intended to reduce workload.

[Your name here!]

Inactive tasks

Things that need doing, but aren't being done right now or by anyone in specific.
New Page containing information about what needs to be done: To-Do List

  • Adding Wanted pages that we actually want.
  • Updating job pages for NSV and general updatedness. (important: Engineering jobs)
  • Updating code/map contribution guides in general.
  • Changing Chain of Command pages to match NSV.
  • Updating the pirate section of the Guide to enemy types.
  • Updating the Maps page, also make the difference between the old and new Galactica clear.
  • Starmap page (link to NSV website?) (Still mostly an idea.)
  • Probably other things that aren't listed here.

Finished tasks

Pages that are mostly finished at the time of the last edit of this page and probably only need to be reworked when a new feature is added. (last edit: 2nd of November 2021)

-Standard Operating Procedure
-Contribution pages reference NSV now
-Stormdrive page
-Most of Guide to Research and Development
-Guide to the Nuclear Reactor
-Fighter pilot page.
-XO, Bridge Staff, Geneticist and Captain pages
-Mining page
-Updated job page headers
-Updated Galactic Conquest page