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Lusty Xenomorph Maid polishes the Captain's Antique Laser
Additional AccessAny unwelded vent, or door you can melt down or pry open.
SupervisorsThe Queen
RankMissing (???)
DutiesChoose "drone" if you are the first larva. Capture or kill everyone on sight.
GuidesThis is the guide

What is a Xenomorph?[edit | edit source]

Aliens, also known as Xenomorphs to differentiate them from the general term, are extraterrestrial lifeforms that use other living beings as a host during their life cycle. With black carapaces and wicked sharp claws, powerful night vision and the ability to see people through walls, xenomorphs are extremely dangerous. They are intelligent and capable of speaking to one another via a hivemind channel with :a. In comparison to Earth species, xenomorphs are closest to parasitic wasps that live in colonies with queens and require another lifeform to gestate inside.

Xenomorph Lifecycle[edit | edit source]

Xenomorphs start life as an egg laid by a queen. This egg takes five minutes to develop, at which point it will automatically hatch. Xenomorphs are all female, but still reproduce asexually. Queens can lay eggs, but these eggs cannot develop into adults on their own. In order to get the other half of their genetic code they implant embryos within other life forms and use their DNA. From the egg, the next stage will emerge, called a facehugger.

The facehugger is not a true xenomorph, instead it carries half of its mother's genetic code (all dominant genes) and is used to more or less mate with other living creatures, usually humans. The facehuggers can be placed onto the face of a human or if called will jump on their own. All pets except Ian are too small to support an embryo and so they cannot be implanted. The facehugger will leave the embryo inside the stomach of a host, and then fall off and die.

Inside the host, the embryo copies part of its DNA, then begins growing. Eventually it will become too large to live inside its host any longer and burst out of their body, killing them. The larval stage of the xenomorph is aptly named "chestburster."

The larval xenomorph is weak and must be allowed to grow before it can fight. It must uses its abilities to hide from anything that could do it harm. Growing up takes approximately seven and a half minutes, but this can be accelerated when in the presence of alien resin. The chestburster can then shed its skin and become an adult, either a drone, hunter, or sentinel.

The xenomorphs who become drones must store up 500 plasma, at which point they can evolve into queens and start laying eggs on their own.

In addition, there is also the Alien Empress; a huge xenomorph spawned for the sake of shenanigans by admins. It is unknown whether this will be implemented as another evolution stage in the future.

Types of Xeno[edit | edit source]

Facehugger[edit | edit source]

You are already dead.

The only type of alien not controlled by a player, it is a parasitic cycle in xenomorph production with the appearance of two human hands held together and attached to a spiny, powerful tail. It has a proboscis it uses to implant embryos and provide oxygen while strangling a victim. The finger-like appendages are used to attach itself firmly to a host body when they are in a single tile proximity. Once implantation is complete, the facehugger falls off and dies. Very few items are capable of resisting a Facehuggers attack, typically only top-tier military, riot or viral equipment will stop it, otherwise most masks or helmets be easily torn off. Like all of the xenomorph species, not much is understood about its growth, motivations, or senses, but it is known that a facehugger can tell the difference between a living humanoid and a non-living humanoid such as corpses or cyborgs and that they are suicidally focused on reproduction. Xenomorphs often use crowds of facehuggers to take down large prey or grouped or well-defended humans.

Larva[edit | edit source]

See? What did I tell you?

Also known as chestbursters because of their method of exodus from the host body, larval xenomorphs are the third known stage in reproduction for the species. While developing in the body, xenomorph embryos attach to blood vessels to absorb nutrients and complete their unstable genetic structure using the host's DNA. This always results in a functioning offspring. As the creature emerges from its host, it tends to burst from the chest, which is highly lethal, instantly killing the host; however, the larva can be removed via Surgery before it emerges. The form is small compared to the adult, and it is limbless and serpentine. They have a strong instinct to hide after hatching. If left alone, xenomorph larva will undergo an unknown transformation process to adulthood. It is believed at this stage that the xenomorph is at its most vulnerable due to its small size and apparent lack of many senses, though this should not be misunderstood -- a larva can still be deadly. Its powerful thrashing and sharp teeth got it out of a human sternum, after all.

Hunter/Drone/Sentinel[edit | edit source]

Now everyone is dead.Now everyone is dead.Now everyone is dead. You should normally choose "drone" if you are the first larva, since that's how you become the queen.
These three forms are usually the last in any given xenomorph's life cycle. There are many variants of the adult xenomorph, but the Hunter is the most commonly seen on ships for obvious reasons. The Hunter sports a phallic-shaped skull with hidden, mostly useless eyes protected by a one-way transparent dome. The Drone has a broad skull, no dorsal-tubes, and a lanky physique. The Sentinel is a hulking beast with sacs of acid under its head and a shit-ton of muscle. All three have a host of esoteric senses, most prominently a theorized echolocation (explaining their near-constant hissing) and electroreception, though their primary sense appears to be smell. The scent of pheromones is experimentally shown to be the primary communication device of xenomorphs, most effectively transmitted by the ropey purple weeds the adults spread around the ship. It is unknown where this tissue comes from, as xenomorphs refuse to make it in captivity. The primary byproduct of this weed is the strange substance plasma and as such most corporations are extremely interested in the connection between the xenomorphs and that chemical for production reasons. Like the facehugger, the xenomorph's blood is highly acidic, and there are rumors that it is capable of eating even through space ship hulls, though it must be said that this is only a rumor.

The adult xenomorph is a living weapon, with an exoskeleton thick enough to absorb or redirect most trauma and temperature extremes, scythe-like claws, and a multi-tiered jaw system capable of projecting an acidic compound presumingly from their stomachs. Xenomorphs at this stage show semi-sapience and problem-solving abilities, and are capable of using pack-oriented tactics, creative stealth, and psychological manipulation. It is reported that xenomorphs may be able to communicate in a basic way with sentient species, but there is little evidence to lend credence to such an absurd notion.

Praetorian[edit | edit source]

The Praetorian is the next step of evolution for Drones. These xenomorphs are known to be substantially larger than the other castes, and are thought to be bodyguards for the Queen.

Queen[edit | edit source]

Nuke the ship out of orbit. It's the only way to be sure.

When the Praetorian has aged enough it will eventually evolve into a Queen Xenomorph. They are the only xenomorphs capable of laying the eggs that hatch facehuggers. While much larger and tougher than other adult xenomorphs, they are quite a bit slower. Even accounting for the size difference, a xenomorph queen can take drastically more punishment. A queen is most likely found where there are high levels of plasma, surrounded by hunters and swarms of freshly hatched facehuggers. They are significantly more intelligent and highly protective of their offspring. While slow, they have quite a few weapons at their disposal, a larger, thicker crest to protect their brain casing, and higher internal stores of plasma which they can utilize for the shaping of resin, the laying of eggs, and destructive survival defenses. Like all xenomorphs, there is little information about them.

How to Play[edit | edit source]


A lot of people like aliens, either playing as, fighting against, or being stroked by them. Fortunately for those of us who do, random alien events and/or answered prayers tend to happen very frequently. Unfortunately, however, it seems a lot of people have no fucking clue what they're doing when they spawn as one. This is a guide describing some basics and tips about playing as a xeno so you're not stuck in ooc going "how does I play alium?"

This guide is fairly comprehensive and long. There is no tl;dr for this shit, so tough it out, soldier.

Prologue[edit | edit source]

Aliens arrive on the ship in one of three ways.

The first way is for the random event where CentCom broadcasts that an Unidentified Lifesign has been detected aboard the ship. This means that in a very few random places around the ship, larvas have been spawned. They can pop up almost anywhere, even right next to you (if this happens then GG for aliens, they lost the element of surprise). The alert won't be called out for almost ten minutes, plenty of time for a queen to appear and a nest to take hold.

The second way is for admins to spawn them. This can either be as a forced random event that is exactly like the CentCom alert, OR they could just hide some facehuggers and/or eggs somewhere on the ship while they cackle evilly to themselves waiting for some poor unsuspecting assistant to get a very slimy face full of alien wing wang.

The third way is for mining to discover a facehugger on lavaland and transport it to the ship, usually to xenobiology, for """study."""

"Shit, my face has been raped by xenos." If you've been infected, there will usually be telltale signs. You'll feel sick. Your throat will be sore. You'll cough a lot. These symptoms mean you are forming a babby. Luckily, medbay is capable of surgically removing alien embryos. Making a backup in genetics then cloning you once you burst (or after your infected body is burned) also works, provided you can get the geneticists to stop dicking around for thirty seconds.

Phase One[edit | edit source]

Oh shit I'm a larva what do I do?

  • You've just spawnedAliensnake1.pngand are weak as shit.
  • You have all sorts of useful powers at the top left of your screen, and will get more when you evolve into an adult.
  • As a larva you can barely attack (it does pathetic damage, but accelerates your evolution progress with every bite) and your main powers are to hide under objects and crawl through vents by alt+clicking them.
  • Use :a to communicate with any other aliens over hivemind chat.
  • If there's anyone around when you burst, you may be fucked. Turn on Yakety Sax and run for your life. Finding a vent is your best, and probably only chance of survival.
  • If you're not in a good spot, find the nearest vent and for the love of god crawl through it.
  • A good spot is anywhere where you A) are not likely to be found and B) have an easy-access vent. If it's dark, that's even better, since someone who comes inside may not see you unless they get close.
  • Crawling through vents takes time both to enter and to get around the ship. If you are being chased, get some distance before trying to enter or you may be killed before you ventcrawl away!
  • If for any reason your hiding place is found out, don't be afraid to crawl through dem vents and find a new place.
  • If you're stuck in a room with no vents, and doors you can't open, turn "hide" on in the alien tab and (yeah) hide under the table. Hopefully nobody knows you're there.
  • Once you're in your spot, sit and wait to evolve.
  • If a xeno hive already exists somewhere, make your way there as you grow twice as fast on resin floors.

Somewhat useful thing

As you develop (after bursting, of course) you will change colour. freshly hatched larva look like Aliensnake2.png, evolving larva look like Aliensnake1.png and ready to evolve larva look like Aliensnake3.png.

Phase Two[edit | edit source]

Fuck yes, I'm a xeno, time to go kill some motherfuckers.

  • STOP RIGHT THERE, CRIMINAL SCUM, don't run off to kill people just yet. Or ever.
  • As a general rule, don't go into the hallways when you are the first xenos starting out. The most stupid thing you can do is run out slashing everything you see at this point. Going into the halls later on when you have more sisters should still be done by your own discretion and the discretion of your fellow xenos.

There are currently 5 classes past larva stage: Hunters, Sentinels, Drones, the Praetorian and the Queen. Drones are the only aliens that can evolve into a Queen by themselves. Hunters hunt, Sentinels guard, Drones build a nest, and Praetorians guard the Queen and act as the successor. All classes can eat people and digest them, and regenerate health and plasma by standing on resin floors.

Hunters: Tunnel Snakes rule.

  • So you chose to be a HunterAlien.png. You are the warrior of the group. You are stealthy, fast, and vicious. You are not tasked with killing everyone you see, though. You are mostly a courier, pulling freshly-tackled humans to the hive and let the facehuggers make babies.
  • Although you are fast as fuck compared to your xeno sisters, you have low plasma storage. You also regenerate plasma very slowly. Use your powers wisely.
  • Your exclusive power is Pouncing. You can click the "pounce" button to travel up to seven tiles (literally throwing yourself) and knocking down whoever you come in contact with. If you hit a wall, you'll be stunned for a while. Beware of humans holding shields! These will knock you down like you struck a wall, which can easily punish you with a laser barrage in your stunned state.
  • You can devour people, storing them in your stomach, by grabbing them with an aggressive grab and clicking yourself. You can then drop them by using the regurgitate button. This is useful for delivery of unconscious people, but no one ever uses it. Make sure to completely strip someone before even considering eating them, nothing is more shameful than a reverse-chestburst.
  • As a Hunter, you are not just tasked with stealing humans away and taking him to the nest, but also with spreading resin floors. Since you are the fastest, you can reach various areas quicker than the others. You can set up a small home with the limited plasma you have that others can flock to and make into a full-blown nest, or at the very least serve as a safe space to heal up at far away from the hive.
  • You can also pose a great threat to machines and cyborgs with your quick slashes. However, you should always attempt to attack a cyborg while in a group to maximize your chances. You are a "hunter" after all, and the only thing more dangerous than a hunter is a group of hunters.

Sentinels: The Guard of the Hive

  • A Sentinel Aliensentinel.png is a warrior, but not meant to stray far from the Hive. You are tasked with defending the hive, the Drones, the Queen, if you have one, and the eggs. If a human stumbles upon your home sweet home, you must make sure they don't harm anything.
  • You come, in your arsenal of alien powers, with Invisibility, Neurotoxic Spit and Corrosive Acid.
  • Neurotoxic Spit is a projectile that stuns a human temporarily, causing toxic damage and knocking them to the ground. Basically a long range tackle, this actually does a fair amount of damage to them, so don't overdo it. To use this, click on the Neurotoxic Spit button to activate it; you can then click anywhere to spit in that direction. To turn it off, simply click the button again.
  • Invisibility is free, and makes you transparent; you can toggle it with its action button. You'll still be visible on ship tiles, but alien resin, having your same color, hide you almost completely. Attacking and using abilities won't disrupt your stealth.
  • Corrosive Acid eats through basically anything, including doors, APC's, and items. If you don't want to crawl through a vent to get somewhere, want to open up a door for other aliens to drag humans into, destroy a dangerous weapon, or make an opening for a Queen to get through, this is the power to do it. You cannot corrode humans, monkeys, or any creature with acid. Really, though, you should never want to do something that damaging to a possible host.
  • You must make sure the Drones don't get hurt while they plant layers and layers of resin, set up shop, and keep things running. You are the protector of the hive, not a Hunter with spit and acid. Don't hunt humans down unless you have no hunters or an overabundance of sentinels.

Drones: Plant Weeds Erryday

  • You are a DroneAliendrone.png, a worker. You are tasked with spreading a fuckton of resin until you eventually can become a big, fat Queen. You are far from any bit of a fighter. As such, never go out alone into uncharted areas that may be dangerous without a Sentinel or Hunter willing to help.
  • You, like the Sentinels, also have corrosive acid, but no neurotoxic spit. You can evolve into a at will Praetorian once you reach 500 Plasma if there isn't another living royal (praetorian or queen). Your main power and focus is to shape resin. Lots, and lots of resin.
  • Resin walls are tough mounds of purple slime, shaped into a protective wall. Resin membrane is the xeno's functional equivalent of a window, although it prevents lasers from passing through it. Both kinds can be destroyed by attacking them, although they are pretty resistant. They are mostly used to make mazes where the crew is forced into melee, or are tricked into wasting laser shots on a membrane thinking it will behave like a normal window. Another functionally important resin structure you can build is the nest, it's a mound of slimy substance that can entrap your victims until they bursts and acts like a cuffbuckle shitcurity combo. Just drag the infected over it and buckle them in. Be sure to support hunters and sentinels by building a nest when you see them dragging a human.
  • You, if not your own candidate for Queenhood, maintain the hive, making walls of slime and resin. You're faster than the Queen but slower than the hunter.
  • You are also a sub-par defensive line for the Queen (although still able to absolutely wreck a poor assistant's day). If the Sentinels aren't defending the Queen, and she is being attacked, you should attempt to defend her, but not at the cost of your life. If she does die, you and/or your fellow Drones should determine the next Queen in line and continue the cycle.

Praetorians: Royal Blood

  • You are a Praetorian, the last step in evolution before the alien queen. Drones may only evolve into a Praetorian if there are no other royals present. Queens can promote a Praetorian, if one does not exist.
  • Praetorians have a similar set of skills to alien queens, minus the egg laying: Neurotoxic Spit, Tail Sweep, Corrosive Acid, Shaping Resin. Praetorians cannot ventcrawl, but are also immune to stuns and very hard to kill.
  • Like the queen, you are immune to syringes, hulks, mechs, space wind, and are very durable, though not as durable as her.
  • You also gain tail whip, and are slightly faster than your queen, so it is safe to use this ability on the offensive which is actually fucking terrifying to behold.
  • If the queen should die, you are next in line as successor, you must evolve as soon as you are able so the egg supply can resume!

Phase Three[edit | edit source]

I'm a queen, but how is babby formed?

  • Let's get this out of the way, first: You can caress anyone with your scythe-like arm by clicking on them with an empty hand, with the Help intent active, while they're next to you. This is no help to you or anyone else. Moving on.
  • You're a queenQueennew.png. Awesome. You get some nifty bonuses and defects compared to regular aliens. Let's go over them.
  • Cons: You are slow. And by that I mean fucking slow. Snail's pace. You also can't vent crawl. You basically have zero mobility compared to everything else in the game. You also stand out. You basically suck balls.
  • Pros: You can lay eggsEgg.png, you build plasma four times faster than regular aliens (20 units per tick as opposed to the normal 5), and are insanely durable (400 HP). You are immune to mech punches, hulk punches and space wind punches. Also some people will think you're sexy. You basically kick ass.
  • Your first task is to lay eggs. You start with 250 plasma even though you needed 500 to evolve, and you'll build more very quickly.
  • If at any point in time you have plasma built up and don't know what to do with it, lay another egg. Laying more eggs means more facehuggers and are your best weapon against unprotected humans.
  • You can open any door that isn't ID locked, but locked and/or bolted doors require that you spit corrosive acid on them. Corrosive acid is your all-access pass to the ship. If you're stuck for any reason, or want to get in somewhere (example, rooms with monkeys or plasma tanks), use dat acid. It takes a while to eat through doors usually, so spit early and lay eggs while you wait.
  • You're extremely vulnerable to swarms of shitty assistants trying to weld you open a new asshole, so take care to keep them at an arm's length with copious amounts of facehuggers and your tail whip ability.
  • Remember, darkness is your friend. Smash dem lights. Smash any cameras, while you're at it.
  • If you for any reason need to defend yourself, neurotoxic spit is extremely effective at stopping someone in their tracks. Crewmembers expect you to be harmless with your slow movespeed, punish them with your ranged stun!
  • When you incapacitate someone for any reason (probably by stunning them with spit), stroll on over and strip off all their possessions (keep tackling them while you do this to keep them down). Start with dangerous things like radios, weapons, air tanks, and backpacks. ALWAYS take off the radio first. If they call in your position and you don't have enough facehuggers, you are fuuuuuucked.
  • Drag anyone you incapacitate back towards the heart of your hive. Make sure that when they never get back up thanks to your hordes of facehuggers. The alien wing wang is your best and final weapon. Once they're impregnated, feel free to drag them to some dark corner and caress them until they explode into a new alien baby.
  • Remember what I said earlier about monkeys? Monkeys and the humans they've probably been turned into are viable facehugger targets, and are a fantastic way to rapidly expand the size of your brood without needing to hunt down those pesky toolbox-wielding humans. From a meta standpoint, they also let more players into the game without killing anyone, so it gets more ghosts back to playing, which is always good. Same goes for braindead people. Virology is a great place to do this at!
  • Once you've amassed an army of facehuggers, and hopefully ambushed a couple unsuspecting crew who were unfortunate enough to stumble on your nest, you should communicate closely with the other aliens and prepare to start really branching out across the ship. You've already started this, probably, especially since the other alien players are probably being more aggressive than you.
  • Your life is invaluable, should you die, the alien hivemind will collapse and all xenomorphs will go into a debilitating collective depression; rendering them extremely vulnerable for several minutes and unable to gain a new queen until the effect has passed!
  • For 500 plasma you can promote any alien drone, sentinel or hunter to a Praetorian. Pick someone who has shown their competence and is willing to stay by your side!

General Advice[edit | edit source]

  • You do not need air to breathe as a xenomorph! Feel free to walk around the outside of the ship and make a good safe area to plant weeds and store plasma on (i.e., the solars, or toxins test area if no one is bombing or has bombed it). You can also smash down windows and grilles for an easy entry or exit point. If you get spaced you're usually out of luck, though!
  • You can open any door that is not bolted by simply clicking it; it'll take a while to force it open if it's still powered, though. For a more permanent solution, corrode the door with acid.
  • You can corrode with acid even walls and floors, as long as they're not reinforced. This means you can get into basically anywhere.
  • Welded vents can be torn back open from the outside, but not while you're ventcrawling. Break them back open to give yourself an entry and escape point!
  • Disarming is a guaranteed stun that can keep anyone down as much as you need, though it will only disarm if they have something in their active hand. Just don't stop until you get to a nest.
  • The atmospherics vent leads to a safe 3x3 room with a single canister inside it. Go here if you really have nowhere else to go, as it's 99% safe. Only bombs can get you there and even the AI can't see that room.
  • Virology is a marvelous base to build a nest in, as it is heavily fortified and isolated, and more difficult and bottlenecked for the crew to get in than you. It also comes with five monkeys for you to infect right away!
  • Smash all of the lights you find! You can see perfectly in the dark. Humans, without flashlights, are completely blind. Break all those lights and humans will become afraid of entering the dark areas, with good reason. This goes double for a queen, since the queen can't really fight worth anything and relies on the facehuggers and other xenos to protect her. Note that weed nodes produce a bit of light, so don't spread them out.
  • Smashing cameras can hide you from the eyes of an AI, but take care NOT to smash APCs at first as that will set off a power alarm.
  • You cannot facehug the dead but a dead guy will chestburst if he was infected while alive, although larvae grow faster in alive people. It is important to weigh the micromanaging aspect of keeping someone knock down but alive for faster larva bursting, versus killing them to remove all chance of them pulling a bomb out of their ass in the middle of your nest because you weren't paying attention to them.
  • You regenerate health and plasma by staying on weeds. If you're in danger, spawn a weed to heal up. Note that your plasma regeneration is halved while injured.
  • Drones, Praetorians, and Queens can create alien nests made out of resin. You can use these to buckle victims (drag and drop) to keep them immobile. They can get free on their own but it will take them two minutes, enough time to attach a facehugger to their face. Just be sure to periodically knock them down again while in their nests so they don't get up and cause trouble so near all your larvas!
  • Take out APCs and other machinery only once your numbers have grown enough to assault the ship at large. The mass power failures will easily reveal what areas you've overrun, but will also provide protection in the darkness and prevent the crew from producing the tools they need.

Common Mistakes as an Alien Queen:

  • Not putting down eggs ALWAYS! If you have free time, you should be planting weeds, making nests, and planting eggs.
  • Not throwing facehuggers. If your target doesn't have a RIG suit helmet on, you can throw a facehugger and instantly get them facehugged at a distance!
  • Not going to an isolated area. Picking somewhere with access to space is a good idea. Being in an area where you have no way out into space is a bad idea. Virology, the turbine, and some large rooms in maintenance make for good nests.
  • Spacing yourself. If you find you are a retard/lagged a lot and spaced yourself, you can use neurotoxic spit or throw a facehugger to send yourself back in the direction of the ship. If all else fails, you should eventually loop back to the ship, or hit a space ruin that you can send yourself back with.
  • Attempting to fight the ship all by yourself. Don't try to be a hero, you are slow and vulnerable to swarming. Try to stick to the relative safety of space.
  • Not disarming cyborgs/other hostiles. If you disarm a cyborg or a person, you'll stun them for a good amount of time. You can easily take a cyborg 1 on 1 this way.
  • NOT USING YOUR TAIL WHIP ABILITY. It is even more powerful than facehuggers, being literally implemented as a "get the fuck OFF OF ME" button to shake off the half-dozen assistants assaulting you with toolboxes. It has a 15 second cooldown, but doesn't cost any plasma!

How to Defeat[edit | edit source]


Oh shit it told us to weld the vents what now?!

  • Calm the fuck down. Are you a human being or a groxian hyper-coward? The latter is the proper response.
  • Have you welded the vents yet? Weld the vents. Have we mentioned you should weld the vents? Weld the FUCKING vents.
  • Wear protective helmets unless you want to die horribly.
  • Make sure a hive is never set up. Use flamethrowers, energy guns, and plasma fires to destroy facehuggers and alien weeds so that an infestation never finds a foothold. Note: THROWING THINGS AT FACEHUGGERS JUST MAKES THEM ANGRY.
  • Help your friends for fun and profit! If someone is impregnated, they have little chance of survival. Immediate surgical intervention to remove the larva is the only way to save the victims life. Alternatively having the victim get a back up clone ready will allow them to survive the ordeal. Killing someone who is implanted will not stop the larva from hatching, and ejecting the body from the ship will only delay the larva's return to the ship, blowing up or incinerating the body is the only other alternative to killing the larva before it hatches.
  • Amy Lessen, stop that! Certain crew members may seek to make peaceful contact with the aliens, or may actively seek to become infected. Take precautions to ensure the crew know the dangers of consorting with the xeno menace.

But we're all hopelessly stupid and incompetent. The aliens are everywhere! What now?

  • Shoot everything that isn't person shaped.
  • Shoot everything that's person shaped but helping the xenomorphs.
  • Keep a transparent barrier between you and the xenos at all times. Use lasers and other devices to keep them at bay. Remember that their spit is acidic and paralytic! They will use it to ruin you.
  • Stick together!
  • If you see a larva, kill it immediately.
  • Seriously consider calling the shuttle.

Taking the Offensive

  • If you see someone be facehugged immediately move up to the victim and remove the facehugger from their face. This will usually save them from being implanted, just move away from the now detached facehugger.
  • Xeno's are vulnerable to burn type weapons, this means Lasers, Welders and Flamethrowers can prove very useful. A Xeno on fire or in a very hot room will die quickly.
  • Wear bloody protective head equipment so that you don't get facehugged, RIG Helmets, Bio Helmets and Flipped down Welding Masks all work.
  • Attack from space! Xenos have shit mobility in space, and can barely even shoot you there. Use a Jetpack if you can, being able to fly around out of range will make you invulnerable, and if you do get hit by nurotoxin you will just float around a bit before out of reach.
  • USE morphine, at small doses. Being able to run around at sanic speeds while wearing a bulky Sec RIG will help keep you out of the Aliens reach. If the Virologist is able to research the Stimulant symptom ask him to infect you with it.

Everyone is dead but me! What do?

  • If you have weapons, use all of them. Even if you don't think something is there, shoot the empty hall anyway! Hunters can turn invisible! They're behind you right now I guarantee it!
  • If the shuttle is here, get on it, weld the doors shut, make sure nothing is in there with you, and hide as best you can. Central Command has a plan for this sort of thing. They'll save you and your little cat too.
  • If you are eaten alive by xenos THIS IS A GOOD THING. Take out your oxygen bottle or any other weapon in your hand, and TRY MOVE AROUND LIKE A FURIOUS BABY WITH FAMILICIDE IN MIND. You'll slam the thing you're holding into the alien's stomach lining, and if you do it enough you'll EXPLODE out of the aliens chest cavity like some kind of reverse-larvae. CAN YOU TAKE WHAT YOU DEAL OUT, XENOS?!
  • If the shuttle isn't coming, write a book of warning and contempt and throw yourself into space. If you're too much of a coward to do it the glorious way, bash yourself unconscious and wait to be eaten.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Xenos can grab and throw Cyborgs. They can even throw dead cyborgs into doors to open them.
  • Aliens can get fat. This slows them down like every other crew member.
  • Alien queen projectiles are some OP thing which can’t get blocked by biosuits.
  • Guide to Winning:
    1. Go drone
    2. Go onto solars
    3. Plant 420 weeds
    4. Go queen
    5. Plant eggs everywhere
    6. Facehug monkies in xenobio/viro
    7. Protect those fuckers with your life
    8. Aquire hunters
    9. *deathgasp endlessly

Tips for Fighting Against Xenos[edit | edit source]

  • Guide to Making Xenomorphs Lose:
    • Xenos are immune to most conventional poisons, but there's three chemicals right now of value that work well them, Beepsky Smash, Neurotoxin, and Chloral. Beepsky smash and Chloral require the chem dispenser, but Neurotoxin does not. Neurotoxin is also an INSTANT stun. All it takes is sleep toxin and a pan galactic gargle blaster, which can both be gotten from vending machines. Of the many types of cyborg, only one borg has access to vending machines. This borg also has access to a reagent container (shaker) and an eye dropper. The Service borg is the ONLY CYBORG CAPABLE OF STUNNING ALIUMS AND BEATING THEM TO DEATH, aside from Engiborgs cheating with welderbombs.
    • Disclaimer: Xenos are way better in melee than you ever will be. Unless you're in a combat mech with the right equipment, in which case it's your destiny to waltz into the middle of their nest and take on the queen in a one-on-one showdown.
    • Facehugger protection
    • Helmets that grant protection from facehuggers
      • Welding Helmet (mass produced by autolathes, but only protect while down and obscure vision) - They're everywhere around the ship
      • Any space helmet (Engineer Rig helmet, Standard EVA helmet, Security Hardsuit helmet, etc) - Nobody will give a shit if you steal these during a xeno breakout
      • Bio Suit Helmets (don't block vision, but are limited in number.) - Take em from medical and science.
    • Stunning xenomorphs
      • There's two ways to stun xenos. Chems and Knockouts.
    • Chemicals that stun xenomorphs
      • Beepsky Smash
      • Neurotoxin
      • Chloral (shit tier, do not use unless you can't get bar access)
    • Delivery methods:
      • Syringe Gun
      • Hypospray
      • Smoke Grenades (neurotoxin smoke thrown into a hive can be quite effective.)
    • Explosives:
      • Welderbombs (best if done by an Engiborg)
      • Shit-tier Potas+Water grenades (dont even bother, use Neuro smoke instead)
      • Cuban Pete tier transfer valves (honk)
    • Killing xenomorphs
      • Xenos take double burn damage. This means lasers, welders, and flamethrowers are stupid effective on them. On the other hand, many of them travel at SANIC speeds and will seriously slap your shit, so don't pull out the welder unless you absolutely have to. If you don't kill a xeno, and she gets away, she won the fight, because she's just going to heal up back to full, while you have to dick around getting your laser recharged, or getting more chems. DON'T STOP KILLING 'EM TILL YOU HEAR THAT SCREAM.
    • Your weapons:
    • Disclaimer: Bolded numbers are doubled because of xeno fire vulnerability.
      • Welders (30)
      • Lasers (40)
      • Revolvers (60) (Steal them from traitors or the detective, or hope they band together with you against the xenos)
      • Combat Shotguns (60-75) (Slugs are a much safer option to use, but require three shots to down a drone or hunter, while close range buckshot can two-shot them.)
      • Flamethrowers (MAYHEM) (These things are stupidly effective against a hive. One spray and you'll flush them out in a cacophony of chaos. Super effective at killing hidden facehuggers, eggs, and larvas.)
      • Abuse your range. Don't stand still. And for fucks sake don't go in alone, unless you're damn sure you know the amount of xenos and know you can win.
    • HALK
      • If you're one of those dickwads in genetics that loves to ruin rounds, now's your time to actually be the hero the ship deserves without ruining everything for everbody!
      • Grab a welder, grab a facehugger proof helmet, and COVER YOUR SKIN SO THEY DON'T KNOW YOU'RE A HULK. Otherwise those hunters are going to swap to harm intent and MURDER YOUR ASS. Your punches cannot stun xenos, but your punches do cause them to move incredibly slowly. Your call if it's worth it or not.
      • If you're a true "master" of genetics, you can simply abuse the DNA modifiers to mass produce hulks to get rid of the xeno-menace instead of relying on SE injectors.
    • Riot Shields
      • Guaranteed to block hunters from pouncing on you, and even knocks them down for trying. Even a simple buckler made from some planks of wood you scrounge in the library will serve you well.
    • Silicons
      • There's two borgs of any value in an xeno outbreak. If you're not one of these and you're not an Emagged Secborg, prepare to get shit on, and HARD.
      • Engineering Borg - Can welderbomb enemies, finish the probably stunned xeno off with the same welder they used for the detonation, and a team of two can repair eacother ad infinitum.
      • Service Borg - With his eyedropper and shaker, he can mix Neurotoxin and beat xenos to death with his tray, slowly, after stunning them.
    • Plasma fires
      • Plasma fires are for clearing out hives, not killing xenos. You will never kill a xeno with plasma fire unless they are mindbogglingly retarded. They will ALWAYS have an exit out into space somewhere. This is great for cutting off some of their facehugger supply, however. These can also kill larvas before they can escape because they're so pathetically frail.
    • Mechs
      • But actually a "fuck you I win" situation if you get one of these. Xenos can hardly damage your mech, and a solaris cannon is unbeatable.

Footnotes[edit | edit source]

  • Sleep toxin works in a pinch, but make sure to back off and give it time to work.
  • Aliens gain additional plasma generation when standing in plasma gas, more of it making it faster. They're rarely stupid enough to actually allow plasma gas in their hives, though.
  • Xenomorphs have no set interval limit on how many times they can use emotes, so they can *deathgasp and *roar spam all day long. ADDED: Okay, official new admin policy. Any xeno that emotes more than five times in the space of a minute or two can be gibbed at will. ADDED: If the admins present can reach the ban button through either laughing, or bleeding to death through their ears.
  • You can catch (have throw active with empty hand and be thrown at) alien facehuggers thrown at you by aliems, but it will die and you MUST be wearing protective gear to not be facehugged.
  • If you are infected with a Xeno babby, and are welded into a locker, when the babby bursts it will magically appear outside the locker and free to roam.
  • You can cuff larvas if you can find a way to stun them, this way you can bring one to xenobio for study.

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