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Bare Minimum Requirements: Keep Security Officers and Prisoners alive, help security in making arrests if needed

Brig Physician
Brigphys generic64.png
Get back on your feet! Crime doesn't sleep, neither will you!
AccessSecurity,Maintenance,Morgue and Medbay
Additional AccessN/A
SupervisorsHead of Security and Chief Medical Officer
RankMidshipman (MID)
Dutiesmake sure the Security Officers and Prisoners are healthy
GuidesGuide to medicine, Guide to Surgery, Guide to security, Standard Operating Procedure, Space Law

The police medic[edit | edit source]

As a Brig physician, your primary task is to heal people, especially to provide Security Officers in and outside combat with healing, as well as keeping the Prisoners alive. You could say a Brig Physician is a security officer specialized in providing others with medical care. For this purpose, you come equipped with access to the brig, including your office as well as medbay.

SMed.png Medical duty[edit | edit source]

Since you primarily take care of Security's health (including the health of prisoners) you'll mostly work inside the brig. Make use of the tools in your office, as it contains a stasis bed, a surgical duffel bag with surgery tools, a defibrillator, medkits of every sort, and a Morgue tray. Typical tasks of a Brig physician include patching up, reviving, and doing surgery on Security officers and Prisoners. Be sure you know how to do that: Guides about surgery, medicine, chemistry and traumas could come in handy here. Always be aware of what is being said on the radio, be it the security, medical or common frequency, so you can react quickly.

Helmet.png Policing duty[edit | edit source]

Even though you have a lower military rank than a security officer and no real authority, you must also behave normally like one: Being a Brig Physician is a good introduction to other security jobs. In case there are no people to heal, you may help with making arrests too. However, to avoid becoming Shitcurity yourself you may want to read up on how to prevent it. Stick to your other officers and make sure to stand in the second line, because you are in charge of getting those that fall into crit or killed in combat back up. The Head of Security can order you to help out in security.

General tips[edit | edit source]

- Your office's morgue tray can be used as a makeshift stasis bed, as it conserves bodies put inside it

- If you have to clone Clone.gif an officer in medbay, you may stash the equipment in a locker so it doesn't get stolen

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