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Generic librarian.png
AccessLibrary Private Study, Construction, Mining Station
Additional AccessN/A
SupervisorsExecutive Officer
RankCivilian (CIV)
DutiesRead and write books and hand them to people, stock bookshelves, report on ship news and find TREASURE!
GuidesPaper Markdown, Guide to construction, Auxiliary Base Construction Area, Lavaland, Megafauna, Shaft Miner, Space

The Curator spends most of their time in the library printing out a lot of copies of The Lusty Xenomorph Maid or running around in their red suit and welding through walls of everywhere they have no access (i.e. everywhere). The library itself has a permanence to its contents from game to game on the servers -- all properly uploaded books can be downloaded in any other round.

This is more bane than blessing, since several titles that never should have seen the light of day are forever mingled in with literary classics shamelessly plagiarized from the internet, and also a lot of H.P. Lovecraft. Ba-zing!

Bare minimum requirements: Learn how to write and publish books. Know how to navigate the library computer GUI.


Welcome to the exhibit![edit | edit source]

Sadly, you will not go on cool adventures to obtain magical artifacts. You will be giving out books, on the rare occasion that someone requests a book.(See Below) You will also occasionally have to replace the Chaplain's bible, after he beats one too many people with and is disarmed and the book spaced. The final area of your job is to upload new books to the archive (See Below). So, take your pen and paper, and write down some screenplays! Printing a few books is cool, but don't be a dick and print 100 copies of one. All it does is crash people that right-click that pile.

The Curator and his Library[edit | edit source]

First things first, stock your library with books that matter. At the start of the ship, your bookshelves will be EMPTY! Your fellow crew members will not want to stay in a library that has no books. To fix this use the Library's Check In/Out Computer's and use its function, "4. Connect to External Archive". Here is the main dish of your sum total of existence, to sort out in the mess of books, and find only the BEST. The books are not sorted, or sortable, and look to have no order what so ever. You will even find many books' copies in the archive. To retrieve the selected book, simply click ORDER, the Check-In/Out Computer's printer will hum as it produces a completely bound book. How did it do that?

The barcode scanner will be needed for checking books into the local library's computer. It has 4 settings, as follows:

Mode 0 : Scan book to local buffer.
Mode 1 : Scan book to local buffer and set associated computer buffer to match.
Mode 2 : Scan book to local buffer, attempt to check in scanned book.
Mode 3 : Scan book to local buffer, attempt to add book to general inventory.

(*Note:Use the scanner on the computer, otherwise it won't work)

The Library is not your workspace, but a home, to you and your books. Your books are like people in a 1960s bus, so keep your books segregated. Sort them on their labeled book-shelves: Religious, Fiction, Adult (read: erotic fanfics), Reference, and the back room's Forbidden Knowledge. You can use your bookbag, which works like a mining satchel or plant bag, to carry multiple books at once.

How To Add A Book To The Database[edit | edit source]

  1. Get Paper and a Pen.
  2. Write your love story about those Lusty Xenos on the paper.
  3. Take your story to the East Back of the Library to the Book Binder.png Book Binder, and slap that epic story onto the binder. This will spit out your new award winning story.
  4. Still have that pen? Good, you can sign your name, add more content, and even title it.
  5. This book is ready to be send though the Nanotrasen command! Ask the Curator to scan this book into the computer, using the Scanner.PNG Scanner.
  6. Once scanned, use the Library Computer.gif Check In/Out Computer's 5th function, tittled, "5. Upload New Title to Archive".
  7. Here you can change the category, change the author once more, and view the title.
  8. After reviewing the book, and being ready to publish, use the "UPLOAD" command.

Adventuring[edit | edit source]

Do you think giving out books is boring? Does literaly noone go to the library exept for if they are seeking safety, commiting a crime or the ship is being attacked by a Devil? Here you will learn about how to do fun shit and because noone cares about the library. (For more non-librarian librarian work check out the tips section)

The Heroic Beacon[edit | edit source]

Your loadout. This will decide your adventuring destiny:

  • "First Man on the Moon - 1960's": Contains a spacesuit for aestethic space exploration
  • "Braveheart, the Scottish rebel - 1300's": Contains an awesome claymore, a kilt and wooden sandals "FREEDOOM"
  • "Courageus Tomb Raider - 1930's": Contains the classic Indianna Jones trasure hunter outfit and a high quality whip, for intense maintanence exploration!

Breaking News![edit | edit source]

Behind the library desk is a handy newscaster to work with. Since the Curator is given a tape recorder and a camera with spare film, this allows you to keep the crew informed of ship events, such as memorable performances by the clown, interviews with prominent people, murders or even writing smutty tabloid articles. Photos from your camera can be attached to the news articles you post. Alternatively, you could use your photocopier to copy your ass and attach the results to your news articles.

The newscaster can also print out up to 15 newspapers, and can be refilled by adding more paper. After that, you'll want to deliver the newspaper to frequently visited areas like the Medbay, Brig, and more.

Sanctuary[edit | edit source]

You have a little study with a bookshelf waiting to be filled with forbidden knowledge (read: pornography). In here, you should won't be safe from the Head of Security (read: shitcurity) who didn't like your poetry readings. He can just ask the AI to open the door. When the lynch mob inevitably forms after you read aloud Woody's Got Wood, you can weld the door shut to buy yourself a precious few seconds before someone unwelds it, as the Head of Personnel will often storm the room, shoot you with an energy gun and hand you over to security officers. If he doesn't just laser you to death on the spot.

The Soapstone[edit | edit source]

Amazing Chest Ahead

You can use the soapstone that you start with in order to leave messages for others to read later. Your soapstone starts out with 3 charges that can be used to write on a floor or wall on the ship. The messages will be saved and appear in future rounds until removed by a soapstone. No charges are required to erase messages, and erasing your own message will grant you an additional charge. The janitor starts out with an empty soapstone to erase your useful tips.

Languages[edit | edit source]

As an academic, you studied even the most obscure languages known in the universe. You can innately understand secret cultspeak, robotic beeping, drone chatter, and can even interpret xenomorph hissing. What is seriously puzzling is that you can also speak those languages, which supports the theory that Curators are just failed wizards.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Curator system is much more robust than most people think:
    • You can activate barcode scanner to switch modes.
    • You can use it to add printed books to your library's "inventory", then use the check in/check out computer to actually give people books for specified amount of time, like a real library would.
  • You can cut inventory slots in books with wirecutters.
  • Your whip will instantly disarm anyone you hit with it.
  • Many people don't visit the library because the literature is trash poorly curated. Try setting aside a special shelf with hand-picked books. Decorate, advertise and hold events to attract the attention of passerby!
  • You have Construction access so you can make a base and go to lavaland or renovate the Vacant Office. Try it out!
  • Pry up wood tiles with a screwdriver or deconstruct tables with a wrench and fix all the rotting wood tiles in your library. Get those cobwebs cleared out, too!
  • Your access to the Auxiliary Base Construction Area can provide you with meson scanners and a full toolbelt, along with a cargo headset.

Book'em Dano[edit | edit source]

This used to be one of the hardest jobs to be a Traitor as. It used to be a job where you had nothing but some books and your wits, but with some recent changes he now has robust armor and a unique weapon: THE WHIP. Security trying to taze you? Whip the gun out of their hands! Target is too loud? Whip them! You're too slow? Whip yourself! It's amazing.

However, don't downplay your weakness: piss all access. And don't forget, you're about as suspicious as an assistant. Make sure to get your stealing (or killing) done, then hole up in your private study until the heat dies down. However, unlike assistants, your outfit is quite special, so people will easily recognize you everywhere unless you ditch it. Emagging the library computer causes it to spit out a tome, though you need to be a real cultist to read it. This can be used to confuse security, but you should be ready to get searched and brigged for some time.

I can offer you Knowledge (Defeating the Devil)[edit | edit source]

You have a very important role when the ship is visited by devils. Your private study contains a book called the Codex Gigas, using this will allow you to find out crucial information about the devil including his weaknesses, ban, bane, obligation, and how to keep the devil dead. To use the Gygax to find the devils weaknesses, you must first know his name through their contracts and enter it correctly.

You must protect the Codex Gigas as the devils themselves and their followers would love to stop the devil from dying, as well as stopping security members from taking the Codex and trying to use it themselves. Only you can read the Codex Gigas properly, but you may get brain damage from reading it too much. Others will get the wrong information.

Or you could work with the devils for free powers.

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