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"What happened to Ian?"
AccessWherever the vents (or your tendrils) take you.
Additional AccessAny place your servants have access to.
SupervisorsYour survival instincts
RankERROR - Unidentified life sign detected
DutiesSurvive, consume, grow, thrive.
GuidesThis is the guide

Bloodlings are extremely dangerous creatures that can only be described as horrors. They occasionaly find their way onto Nanotrasen space ships and will attempt absorb every living thing in order to acquire more biomass after they do so. It has been theorized that they also possess the ability to brainwash highly intelligent beings and even take control of entire ships.

Backstory/Lore[edit | edit source]

Some secret and cool stuff that you don't get to know yet.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Bloodlings are unique antags, found on NSV13. And so you may find yourself overwhelmed by all of the new numbers and abilities. But do not be afraid, for a Bloodling's life revolves around one thing, and one thing only:

Biomass[edit | edit source]

Biomass is what you are made of, which is why you lose it when damaged, and get healed by acquiring more. Thus the more biomass you have, the more resiliant you are. The tricky thing here is that all of your abilities cost biomass. And, to add to that, your level of biomass determines what tier of evolution you are on. So if you use a too powerful, or too costly ability, you may find yourself going back to square one, becoming a small bloodling once again.

To acquire biomass, you must first Absorb a creature, then Call forth a Remnant. This process is messy, and gibs the creatures it is used on, but you can increase your biomass with it. Of cousre, different creatures give different amounts of biomass, with humans for example giving 100.

Bloodling warren.pngRat Warrens[edit | edit source]

A constant and reliable source of biomass is hard to acquire. At least it is until Tier 2, when you get the ability to Build. With that ability, you can construct Rat Warrens, which will spawn rats for you, approximately every two minutes. Quite handy, right? Yes, except the fact that they leave an awful mess. Green mess. So be carfeul where you place them, as an observant by-stander can quickly blow your cover.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

The bloodling, much like other antagonists, does not start with all its abilities unlocked, and must evolve in order to unlock more. To evolve, you must collect biomass. However, evolution is flexible, meaning that if you use up your biomass, and fall below the threshold for a tier, you will devolve, back to your old form.

Down below is a list of all the bloodling and infested thrall abilities and what size or level you need to be to use them.

Tier 1 (1 biomass) Biomass Cost Can be used by:
Ling chameleon skin hud.png Hide This is probably one of the most useful abilities you will have as a bloodling, it allows you to become near invisible and hide under tables (Much like Xeno Larvae). Unfortunately this ability is lost when you become bigger, as it becomes harder to hide yourself. 0 Bloodling
Ling augmented eyesight hud.png Enhanced Vision As promised, this ability allows you to enhance your vision, granting you the ability to see living creatures through walls. 0 Bloodling Harvester Wall of Flesh
Bloodling absorb.png Absorb Creature The absorb ability is the thing that will make you more powerful, allowing you to absorb the biomass of any creature within a short range. 0 Bloodling Harvester Wall of Flesh
Ling shield.png Call Forth Remnant Summoning remnant allows you to absorb nearby remnant (which is created when you absorb a mob) to increase your biomass and grow in size, this ability's range increases the stronger you are. 5 Bloodling Harvester Wall of Flesh
Ling hivemind link hud.png Alien Hivemind Chat Allows you to speak on the bloodling's hivemind. All minions, servants and bloodlings can hear it, but there is no outside way to detect it. 0 Bloodling Harvester Wall of Flesh
Bloodling2.pngTier 2 (75 biomass) Biomass Cost Can be used by:
Bloodling infest.png Infest Creature Infesting creatures basically brainwashes them to do your bidding, this can be done to any living creature and turns them into an infested thrall, if used on a human it will turn them into a special bloodling changeling which has a unique set of abilities. It can be used on a mindshielded person, but that takes longer. 75 Bloodling
Bloodling build.png Build Bloodlings can split off some of their biomass to construct minions and traps to help them. These are:
Rat warrens, traps that lure in rats every few minutes.
Harvesters, weak but agile minions which can ventcrawl.
Walls of flesh, strong but slow juggernauts.
Warren: 40
Harvester: 20

Wall of Flesh: 30

Bloodling3.pngTier 3 (125 biomass) Biomass Cost Can be used by:
Bloodling transfer.png Transfer Biomass Transfers biomass to a thrall or the bloodling, this heals the bloodling and lesser infected creatures. Transfer amount Bloodling Harvester Wall of Flesh
Bloodling slam.png Ground Slam This ability allows you to jump high up in the air and SLAM down with great force, causing all nearby mobs to get stunned. (50 second cooldown) 0 Bloodling Harvester Wall of Flesh
Ling dissonant shriek hud.png Dissonant Shriek Disables nearby electronics such as headsets, doors, computers and APC's. 30 Bloodling
Bloodling.pngTier 4 (175 biomass) Biomass Cost Can be used by:
Bloodling life.png Give Life This ability makes any creature it is used on sentient by making it an infected bloodling thrall. These have a selection of lesser abilities, the strength of which depends on the size and intelligence of the creature. 75 Bloodling
Bloodling tail.png Whiplash The whiplash ability extends the bloodling's tentacles around itself to stun any and all mobs in its view. (40 second cooldown) 25 Bloodling Harvester Wall of Flesh
Bloodling heal.png Heal Heal allows you to heal or revive thralls, but not lesser infected creatures which can only be healed with biomass. 50 Bloodling
Bloodling.pngTier 5 (225 biomass) Biomass Cost Can be used by:
Bloodling ascend.png Ascend The bloodling leaves its mortal form behind and transforms into a true monstrosity. (This transformation will immobilize you for 5 minutes!!) 500 Bloodling

Minions[edit | edit source]

No trans-dimensional god is without followers. While other heretical groups may have weak meatbag humans, you on the other hand have powerful alien creatures that follow your every order.

Do note that minions by themselves are not sentient when built. Instead, you need to use Give Life to grant them sentience - giving control of them to a Ghost.

Bloodling harverster.pngHarvesters[edit | edit source]

Harversters, or more accurately Necrotic Harvesters are one of the minions you can create with Build, costing 20 biomass. They have 100 health, and are considerably fast. On top of their speed, they can ventcrawl. This makes them excellent assasins. Think of them like the Wraiths of your hivemind. Except that they can't turn invisible. And that they can't create runes. Given that their movement relies on vents, they can't easily snipe the AI. However, they can snipe important people on the ship, like the Bridge Staff or the Warden stuck in the brig.

Bloodling wall.pngWall of Flesh[edit | edit source]

Walls of Flesh are the other minions you can build, costing 30 biomass. They have 200 health, and are very slow. If Harvesters are the Wraiths, then these guys are the Juggernauts of your hive. They are big bulky meatbags, who can eat up a lot of bullets. They act as perfect bodyguards for you or your Rat Warrens. Their stun abilities - Whiplash and Ground slam - can singlehandadly turn entire battles around, especially if used on top of the Bloodling's abilities.

The crew[edit | edit source]

Whenever you Infect a crewmember, they become a changeling. A normal, powerful changeling. Well, one difference. Their objectives dictate that they follow you, the Bloodling. These guys can act in the roles that Harvesters, or Walls of Flesh would take up, and can do it even better.

So, your mind just got invaded by a glorified chicken nugget, and now you see the truth? Well, congrats. You are now a changeling. But, before you run off with an arm blade and a deathwish, remeber that your loyalties lie with the bloodling. You follow their orders above anyone else. Whatever your objectives may be, serving the bloodling and protecting him until he ascends is your first priority. Especially be mindful if you have an objective to kill another changeling. They may be part of the hivemind, meaning that killing them will not benefit the bloodling, so you don't do it.

You should also consider that capturing people, and bringing them to the Bloodling for conversion may be more beneficial, then killing them.

For more information regarding your powers, look here.

Do note that, unlike normal changelings, you do not get reviving stasis, meaning that you cannot revive on your own after death. However, your Master, the Bloodling can use their Heal ability to heal and even revive you.

Oh God, im a meatball, what now?[edit | edit source]

So, all that info you have read is good and all, but you still don't know where to begin? Well, look no further, becaue I'm here to help.

Of mice and bloodmonsters[edit | edit source]

  • First off, dont panic. You are a dinky little Tier 1 bloodling, small and almost invisible. But just to be sure, press the Hide button, and climb into a vent.
  • Now you are safe and sound, so send a message to your hivemind, and ask if there is anyone else out there. Do not worry, this communication cannot be detected by anyone outside your hive.
  • Your first servant should quickly reply. Ask them what job they are, and how that can help you. Maybe they can get you into a secluded space to evolve peacefully, maybe they can bring in new people to you. Maybe even tell them what abilities they should unlock. Remember, converting people is much better than outright murdering them.

Okay, now you have a helpful servant, and you have read this wiki page (if you didn't, then do so (please)). Here is where you get into business. You will need biomass, and for biomass, you will need some creatures to absorb. This is where your servant comes in.

  • Climb out of the vents somewhere near them, and get into Maintenance.
  • There, in the darkness, while hiding, you are practically invisible, so feel free to roam around and absorb some mice, with the process described above.

You will slowly gain biomass, but be careful about reaching 75 biomass. If you reach that level, you will become a Tier 2 bloodling, and you will be easier to spot. So, before you reach Tier 2, find a secluded place on the ship, where not many people go, and perferrably the AI doesn't look. Then you should be safe to reach the...

The Midgame[edit | edit source]

Once you reach Tier 2, the real game will begin. You have just unlocked two abilites, two abilities that will set you on your track to success: Build allows you to construct minions and rat warrens, while Infest will allow you to gain new human servants.

  • Your first order of business should be building a Rat Warren. This useful little mass of flesh attracts rats, spawning one for you to eat ever two minutes.
    • However, this process is quite messy, and will immediately out you if Security notices it. That is why it is very important to build it in a secret hideout, with cameras cut.

At this time, your first servant should get to work as well. Their job will be to catch people in and around their department, and bring them to you. They have a multitude of abilites which will prove useful in this.
Once they brought you new meat, you can use your Infest ability to plunge a tentacle deep into their veins (lewd?) and convert them. They will become a Changeling, giving them access to powerful abilites. And the best is, they will unquestionably serve you. From now on, just repeat this process.

Reaching Tier 3 and 4 is where you get very not stealthy. You will become a hulking mass of meat and gibs, so you can't exactly hide, or run away from threats.
That is why you get your defensive abilites on these tiers.

  • Whiplash, Dissonant Shriek and 'SLAM JAM' Ground Slam can all be used to defend yourself. Just be careful about stunning your own servants as well.
  • On Tier 4, you gain an ability called Give Life. With this, you can give sentience (ask a Ghost to control them) to any non-sentient creature. Combining this with Build lets you... well... build sturdy minions, like the Wall of Flesh, who can act as a Juggernauts, while the Harvesters can sneak around and assasinate people, like a Wraith.

While mice are a good source of food, you will need a healthier breakfast if you want to grow up into a big boy extra-dimensional horror. So you should find yourself a place to live, and start looking for alternate food sources.

  • Multiple Rat Warrens can give you some biomass, but ...
  • If you get your hands on some monkeys or even some humans, you can skyrocket.
    • For this reason, converting the Geneticist or the Virologist for monkey cubes may not be a bad idea.

Ascending[edit | edit source]

By gaining 225 biomass, you will evolve into Tier 5. This tier unlocks your final ability, Ascension. Ascension allows you to shread your mortal form, and become something terrible, securing you Greentext. However, it is not as easy as pressing one button...

First off, the ability itself costs a lot of biomass. So much infact that, when you use it, you may even downgrade into Tier 1 or 2. On top of this, you will be immobilized, being placed on top of a great tendril.

To prevent you from dying in this weakened state, a few resin walls will grow to protect you. However, that may not be enough. But you can increase your chances of survival by:

  • Choosing a good spot. You can only ascend in one of three designated areas. These places may be big and open, like the Briefing room, or Medbay. They may be hidden and dark, like the Janitor's closet, or the Library. To make a good and informed choice is why you get three places.
    • A good spot is one with a few doors, preferrably with some absurd access requirement, like Botany or Lawyer's office. Most importantly, one that security can't open easily.
    • Both you and your minions have Night Vision, so breaking the lights of a room is very useful.
    • This should be pretty obvious, but if the AI can see you, he can mess you up. So cut cameras.
    • If you feel that you have no right choice, ask your servants! They can wall of a small area of a big room, to make you the perfect hidey hole, while you ascend.
  • Killing off Security. By this time, the crew will most likely know of you, and they most likely have attacked you by now. It is vital that you take out as many Security Officers during these assaults, as possible.
  • Organising your servants. When people get transformed into changelings, they tend to get excited and run off with an arm blade. But when it comes to defending you, asking them to get EMPs or other stuns instead may not be a bad idea.

If you have a good spot and the biomass, just press the button, and start your Ascension. This will alert the crew of your presence and immoblize you for 5 minutes. If that timer is down, you will burst from your mortal form, and rule the world!

Fighting Bloodlings[edit | edit source]

Something just ate all the mice in maintenance, and there aren't any lizards on board? Well, then you have a problem. A quite big problem, indeed.

So, how do you know that there are bloodlings on board?

  • The mess. Bloodlings who consume their victims leave quite a mess. If random blobs of bloody gibs start showing up in maintenance, and the janitor has commited suicide, you can place a good bet on Bloodlings being on board.
    • Add to this that Rat Warrens leave behind special, greenish gibs, and you can safely assume what found their way on board.
  • Changelings. Normally, changelings are quite stealthy beings, preferring to hide amongst the crew. If you see them running around, arm-blade out on the hallways, you can take a guess at why they are so brave.

If you know that Bloodlings are on board, you will need all hands ready. Trust noone who isn't mindshielded, and move in pairs. Your best bet at killing the thing comes when it starts ascending. At that time, it will be immobilized, and unable to use it's abilities. You will have to get in, and kill it as fast as you can. A bloodling has as much health as much biomass it has, so you may have to keep damaging for quite a while it until it dies.

  • Combining these two factors, point-blank shotgun shots may prove the most effective.
  • If you have problems with the minions, you may want to use mechs, as they can outmanouver the Walls of Flesh, and outdamage the Harvesters.

As a general word of advice, when you know that there are Bloodlings on board, I would seriously suggest calling the shuttle, as they can snowball faster than you would except.

Tips[edit | edit source]

(Please note that new tips will be added as time goes by. If you have any, don't be afraid to add them.)

  • Bloodlings and their minions are completely immune to pressure, lack of air. They cannot be set on fire, however, they do suffer damage from laser weaponry, or high heat.
  • As a Bloodling, you cannot kill yourself by using up all of your biomass.
  • Infected crew, who became changelings, do not have the Reviving stasis ability, meaning that they will not revive by themselves, instead the Bloodling needs to revive them.
  • You can Give life to any simple, mindless mob. And I mean any. Even holodeck creatures!
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Command Captain, Executive Officer, Bridge Staff
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective, Brig Physician
Engineering Chief Engineer, Ship Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist, Paramedic
Service Janitor, Staff Judge Advocate, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Curator
Munitions Master At Arms, Munitions Technician, Flight Leader, Fighter Pilot, Air Traffic Controller
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Special CentCom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Chrono Legionnaire, Highlander, Ian
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In Rotation Traitor, Incursion, Galactic Conquest, Blood Cult, Wizard, Monkey, Nuclear Emergency, Bloodling, Extended
Overmap Patrol, Shakedown, Armada, Courier, Galactic Conquest
Special Modes Planetary Assault
Removed Gang War, Devil, Overthrow, Legacy Modes, Revolution, Changeling