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"Good luck, I'm behind 7000 webs."
Additional AccessVents, or breaking down doors
DifficultyEasy to Medium
SupervisorsThe xenobiologist that made your mother sentient
RankMissing (???)
DutiesHunt down those carbons and make massive nests of webbing.
GuidesThis is the guide

Spiders are the worst thing a xenobiologist can release, not only because of their lethality but, how incredibly hard it is to truly kill them off as even letting one egg sack grow up into a new wave of spiders is a hell the ship should not know of.

Spiders[edit | edit source]

Common Spiders[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Health Notes
Nurse Spider
5-10 Brute Damage, 3u of Toxin 40 This spider can lay eggs, very important. It's the only one that can reproduce, using the bodies of their victims. The spider is very weak, but may still hold it's own considering it has venom, even if it isn't as much as the hunter has. Build webs in your nest, and nag hunters for dead people. You can web them up which will feed you, allowing you to make even more spiders. The first generation of nurse spiders can set a directive (with a hud icon), which becomes an objective that every future generation (including other nurse spiders) must follow. Word your directive carefully.
Hunter Spider
10-20 Brute Damage, 5u of Toxin 120 This spider has decent health and great speed, but it's true boon is it's attacks. They're good damage and they inject so much toxin that ensures that if you don't kill them, the toxins will. People can still outrun you, so a good strategy is laying a ton of webbing in an important spot on the ship and then killing anyone who dares enter the web. They're get stuck trying to escape while you bite them, basically guaranteeing a kill. Remember to give the bodies to nurse spiders.
Guard Spider
15-20 Brute Damage 200 This spider doesn't inject any toxins, but instead has a whopping amount of health and more consistent damage than even the hunter. They're fairly slow, though, so they're better for killing people who attack you or the nest, instead of killing people who run away.

Ice Spiders[edit | edit source]

Above all that, some spiders are ice spiders. Ice spiders are exactly like the normal ones, but they have a different color and they are resistant to the cold. That's it.

Uncommon Spiders[edit | edit source]

Name Damage Health Notes
5-10 Brute Damage, 3u of Toxin 40 No stat changes from nurse, but now has the ability to communicate to all the spiders. In theory this isn't a buff but you could turn spiders from barbarians to civilized raiding party spiders.
1 Brute Damage, 15u of Venom 40 It has nurse-level health, and laughable melee damage, but a hilariously deadly venom. Four bites and they'll be dead on the spot, 3 and they'll need almost immediate medical attention or they'll die. Inject enough and it'll be turning into heparin in their system, which turns venom's great damage into something unreal.
35-40 Brute Damage 300 Very slow but fast on webs, has an extreme amount of health and damage. Stay near the webs, dammit! Otherwise, they work like guards. No poison.

Spiderlings[edit | edit source]

This is a baby spider, created by either a nurse spider or something far worse, They have a suprisingly high amount of health and they move around fast, but don't attack and are not player controlled. They will run around for awhile until they grow into a big spider. They can and most certainly will use vents, so they're very good at not getting killed.

So you're a spider[edit | edit source]

It seems science has gone too far! The spider will, depending on it's type, either go around killing, or laying eggs for the next generation of killers, or both. Some are better at the former, and others are better at the ladder.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

The most important thing for spiders is ensuring that there will be another generation for the spiders. If you already have a lot of them, a steady flow of new spiders is to be expected but if you're just starting out, getting your first kill is the most important part of ensuring the survival of your species. If you came from xenobio, follow your directives, damnit! They are your most important objective, moreso than other spiders.

Abilities[edit | edit source]

Webbing[edit | edit source]

This ability is used by all spiders, and by god is it great. Placing webbing will have a chance to prevent carbons from moving. Only decent, right? Well, it gets even better as you can stack webbing over and over making one tile you spend a lot of time reinforcing almost impossible to cross webs. Bait humans in and then go wild.

Cocoon[edit | edit source]

Also usable by all spiders, wraps up bodies and items. If you're a normal spider, it's good for basically destroying items that could kill you. If you're a nurse, bodies will feed you, allowing...

Lay eggs[edit | edit source]

Only for Nurse spider. Every cocooned body will feed you, allowing one use of lay eggs. Spawns a few spiderlings after awhile. Protect them, the eggs are easily destroyed

So you're hunting spiders[edit | edit source]

So the spiders have run out of flypeople to eat and now have a taste for human flesh! What do?

Kill the Nurses[edit | edit source]

Remember, only nurse spiders can reproduce. If you kill all of them, you've already won. And, on top of that, they're easy to kill if you're careful. With only 40 health, a couple swings with any decent blunt weapon will take them out. They still are venomous so even if you kill them they can really injure you with toxins, so carry some medicines. Avoid other spiders if you can, as they're the ones who can wreck you.

Flood with space[edit | edit source]

Spiders still breathe, which makes getting a spacesuit and removing the ship's air pretty viable. Now, obviously, this will incur the ire of your fellow spacemens, so it's more of a last resort. It does do a stellar job of killing spiders, though, as they can't put on a spacesuit. If you want to kill a lot of spiders without also turning your space ship into a spaced ship, you could just...

Remove air from the vents[edit | edit source]

Spiders LOVE vents! They use them to get everywhere. They CAN attack doors to get around, but this takes forever and it's only a last resort for a smart spider. Don't fill it with plasma. Just remove the air from the vents by turning on 'Loop to Waste' and turning off anything that would feed the loop. That should create a space-like environment in the loop, which kills spiders who try to ventcrawl extremely fast. You can also add a freezer to the loop if you're experienced with atmos, and that'll kill them faster if combined with low pressure.

Avoid webbing[edit | edit source]

Spider's webbing is their bread and butter. If they can't fight you, which hopefully is the case, the smart ones will recede back into their webbing and taunt you. Don't fall for it! Once you enter the webbing, the spider can destroy you, as you cannot move in some of the bigger webs.

Relevant Code Changes[edit | edit source]

Commit that added Spiders

#2311 - Added spider meat, meals, and butchering

#5050 - Updates spiders to have full player functionality

#7984 - Reworks the pink/light pink slime line to not be nearly worthless to breed

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