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"Off I go to haul some dead shmuck to medbay!"
AccessMedbay, Morgue, Maintenance, E.V.A., Most Department Lobbies, Mineral Storage
Additional AccessLimited All Access
SupervisorsChief Medical Officer
RankSub-Lieutenant (SLT)
DutiesSave lives, track down those with/without their suit sensors online, search maintenance for dead people, revive ‘em
GuidesGuide to medicine, Guide to Surgery

You are the Paramedic, the second line of defense against the ship going nuclear due to a lack of living people.

Bare minimum requirements: Check the crew monitor occasionally and track dead or injured people down, bring bodies to Medbay.

The First ResponderStethoscope.png[edit | edit source]

As a paramedic, your job is to get the horizontal spessmen into a vertical state as fast as possible. For that, you can transport them to Medbay so the Doctors can revive or clone them, though you can usually treat your patients on the spot as long as there's no more danger around.
It's safe to assume that you're the only medical staff outside of the Medbay, and because of this you have access to most parts of the station. In the end you'll most likely end up doing one of three things: Working in medical while periodically checking the crew monitor, patrolling the halls and departments for any injured people, or doing someone else's job. And though there's nothing wrong with the last option, your first priority should always be to keep an eye on the crew monitor and radio to respond as quickly as possible when the captain has fallen down the stairs again.
When someone says: “Medical to Engineering” You're the one who has to respond!

Your EquipmentSMed.png[edit | edit source]

Every trade has it's tools, and yours are very useful for making people not die.

Starting Equipment[edit | edit source]

Your Medical Aid Kit Newmedikit.png comes with multiple medical items:

  • Bruise Packs, to heal brute damage.
  • Ointment, to treat burn damage.
  • Epinephrine Pens, to stabilize patients and prevent corpses from rotting.
  • Medical Gauze, to stop bleeding.
    Keep in mind that you can only apply it when the target area is not covered by a hardsuit.
  • A Health Analyzer, to get an accurate readout of the target's damage.

Your jacket can hold a portable crew monitor Handheldcrewmonitor.gif to see the status/ health/location of people with their sensors enabled.

You also start out with a crew pinpointer Pinpointer crew.png to track hurt people down, provided they maximized their sensors.

Additonal Equipment[edit | edit source]

Here's a list of the additional pieces of equipment you can get in medical to help you out:

  • A Medical Belt Medicalbelt.png will let you store a bunch of medical tools and chems. You can store gauze, medipens, syringes, pill bottles, surgical tools, and more!
  • Roller Beds and Body Bags let you quickly transport dead/dying crewmates, and does not drain their blood while you drag them along.
  • Latex/Nitrile gloves increase the speed at which you can fireman carry someone, and gives you a higher surgery success chance. (Note that Nitrile is better than Latex)
  • Health Scanner HUD MedGlasses.png gives you a quick overview of a person's medical state using a HUD.

Advanced Equipment[edit | edit source]

This is the equipment that won't be available anywhere at the start of the round, and requires extensive research into medical technology before being printable in the protolathe. It's also important to keep in mind that most of these items are made using special minerals, such as uranium, which might not be abundant enough for you to build them.

Advanced Surgery Tools Laser scalpel scalpel.png,Mechanical pinches retractor.png,Searing tool cautery.png will increase the speed of your surgeries and you can activate them in hand to use the second function of the tool:
The laser scalpel's second mode is a circular saw, the second function of the pinchers is a hemostat, and the searing tool can also be used as a drill.

Compact DefibrillatorCompactdefib.png is a defibrillator that fits on your belt slot and in your backpack.

Bluespace Body bagsBlue bodybag.png they work like Body bags but you can fold and pick this one up even if someone/something is in it

EVA SuitSpacesuit.png Evahelmet.png or Skin SuitSkinsuit.pngSkinsuit helmet.png for when someone’s dead in Space. You have access to the E.V.A. Storage roundstart. Be aware though that wearing a suit gives you slowdown and you may not want to wear it all the time, and that skinsuits do not protect against losing heat to space.

How do suit sensors work?Handheldcrewmonitor.gif[edit | edit source]

On the crew monitor you can see the status of all crewmembers with their Vital signs depending on the level of their suit sensors:

  • If their sensors are off the will not show up at all.
  • With your sensors on binary it'll only show if you are dead or alive.
  • The vitals only mode shows in what exact ways you are damaged (for example 33 toxin damage).
  • Tracking allows the crew pinpointer to find the person and shows the area the person is in on the crew monitor

Hopefully this gives you an understanding of how important it is to pda message everyone to turn on suit sensors.

Transporting Bodies[edit | edit source]

This is your main job: get a body from point A to point B(usually medbay):

Fireman Carry:

To Fireman Carry you need to GrabIntent Grab.png the body-> GrabIntent Grab.png again to upgrade your grab->and drag the sprite of the body onto your own sprite. This will load the body on your back and will take up one of your hands

Roller bedsRollerbedfolded.png:

Load onto Roller Bed by grabIntent Grab.png-> load onto Roller Bed

Body Bags/Bluespace Body Bags Bodybag folded.png:

unfold a bag by activating it in hand and put the body in it.Bodybag closed.png You can then close up the bag and drag it away or in case of a bluespace bag fold it again and put the folded bag in your backpack


Odys have an extra module in which they can pick up bodies

other waysWrench.png:

Don't be afraid to ask other people around to help you carry bodies to take to med too.

LockersLocker.png are also pretty good since you can throw multiple bodies in one and drag all of them at once

Tips for Defibrillation/CloningDefib.png/Clone.gif[edit | edit source]

Usually the Reviving inside Medbay is being done by the Medical Doctors, but here's quick how to:


Defibrillation is detailed on the MD page and is just as relevant outside Medbay.If you have a compact defibrillator on you you'll often enough spare people the trip to Medbay.


Toss the body in the cloning scanner close it, scan and process in the console. If they are a valid patient heal the cloning damage afterwards in a cryotube (if the cloner is upgraded there will be no cloning damage)

"Help my Toaster is Toast” IPCs cannot be cloned, rather repair them with Wires and Welders and give them their specific healing chemicals from chemistry to recover toxic, brain damage

"Why does this guy keep on catching on fire?” That Person is a plasmaman, to clone them properly there is a guide here: How to clone a Plasmaman

Leaving Roadkill for the Rats Mouse dead.png[edit | edit source]

No job is safe from being occupied by a Traitor Syndicate agent, and the same goes for the paramedic.
Here is a few tips for any agents hired as a paramedic.

- If people are already dead.... Then why would you change that?

- Bodies usually don't complain if someone steals from them, so scoop up those guns, batons, IDs etc.

- You almost have all access, so steal all the good stuff like tools, equipment, or Traitor Objectives from the departments you want. Don't have access? Just say you're there for a body.

- you can EMP a defibrillator and make it hella deadly

- It's unlikely that people will suspect you with a corpse on your back or on a roller bed, since they assume you do your job. Just be sure to be heading in the general direction of the medbay!

General Tips[edit | edit source]

- When cloning people, strip them and put their stuff in a locker so no one steals their stuff

- The epinephrine pens have formaldehyde in them, which will stop corpse decay (prevents organ rot)

- Never drag Corpses, since in the process of dragging them around they lose a ton of blood, and will start to suffocate from blood loss

- Teleportation is much faster than walking everywhere!

- Even though medbay cares for everyone, nobody cares about medbay. Unless everyone cares, in which case everyone including medbay is dead. You lose either way. Learn to live with this fact.

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