Syndicate Drop Trooper

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Syndicate Drop Trooper
You hear several tethers attaching to the ship.
AccessSyndicate, Maintenance
Additional AccessWhereever you can gain access to
SupervisorsThe Syndicate
RankMissing (???)
DutiesBoard Nanotrasen ships, force the shuttle call, steal the shuttle.
GuidesThis is the guide

This role is similar in some aspects to the Traitor role. For additional information, visit that page. For information on the Syndicate organization, see The Syndicate.

Syndicate Drop Troopers (More commonly known as Boarders) are a group of combat trained commandos tasked with the goal of taking over and hijacking ships. The border is a midround antag that can spawn when a Syndicate boarding vessel is able to fly in close to a player controlled ship. When this is accomplished, ghosts that have their Operative Antagonist preference enabled will be given a prompt to join as a Syndicate Drop Trooper. After which, the team will spawn in a multi-seat fighter in space next to the ship. That's when the real fun begins.

Mission Briefing[edit | edit source]

As agents of the syndicate, your job is to force a shuttle call and then hijack said shuttle, ensuring no Nanotrasen loyal crew are aboard by the time it docks. Other syndicate agents, silicon creatures (Not including IPC crew), and animals don’t count against this objective.

The Boarding Pod[edit | edit source]

You and your fellow commandos will all spawn within a small dropship just off of the ship drop pod near the ship. It has enough walls to survive being shot at, a GPS system, a survival storage system (like the ones in the miner's pods) and a box of pair pinpointers. These are very useful, as they point to their pair (preferrably your boarder friend) at any and all times.

Equipment[edit | edit source]

When you spawn, you’ll be given a basic gear set to work with. You may also get additional telecrystals to spend on additional gear, depending on the size of the crew. Upon spawning in, you'll get the following items;

  • Syndicate Drop Trooper Space Suit - This very easy to identify suit is space proof and reinforced with armor plates. Also included are combat gloves, boots, and a syndicate mask. A box with a spare O2 tank and mask are also provided.
  • Syndicate Headset - Contains a syndicate encryption key, allowing you to listen in on all radio channels and gives access to a secret syndicat channel, accessed with :h or :t
  • Syndicate Utility Belt - Contains a full set of hacking and deconstruction tools. Useful for getting into locked locations. The combat gloves are shock proof, so you’re safe to hack doors.
  • Agent ID - This card can be modified to give it any appearance you choose, but more importantly, it can copy the access settings of any card it’s swiped over. The access is additive, meaning every card you swipe will have its access added to this ID.
  • C-20r SMG - A two round burst/full auto ballistic gun that comes loaded with 24 rounds with additional magazines in your bag. Can have a combat knife attached as a bayonet, or a silencer to reduce the noise it makes. It should be noted that you don't exactly have much ammo for it, so breaking into the armory may not be a bad idea.
  • Stechkin APS Pistol - A fairly powerful handgun that can be set to semi-automatic or three round burst. Contains 15 rounds of ammo.
  • Combat Knife - A fairly robust melee weapon. Can be attached to your SMG as a bayonet, or slotted into your boot as a back-up weapon in case you lose your guns.
  • Station Bounce Radio/Syndicate Uplink - Your standard traitor uplink. Allows you to purchase additional gear with Telecrystals.
  • Microbomb Implant - Upon death or manual activation, this implant in your skull will cause you and all of your carried equipment to explode, violently gibbing you and damaging anyone and anything nearby. Use this to avoid capture, to destroy your gear if you’re being stripped, or as a last resort to inflict damage against someone or something.

Pirate Boarders[edit | edit source]

Captain Plasmasalt says:
"Arr! If you are looking for the skeletal antagonists stealing all yarr treasuer, look here."

The Syndicate are not the only ones trying to get onto the ship. Some brave pirates may also fly close and hop on board. They are much weaker, much stealthier, and very much not skeletons, like their usual counterparts.

(Note: Pirate boarders are currently very weak, and thus are subject to change)

Taking Control[edit | edit source]

Your fighter has landed on the enemy ship, and you’re all geared up and ready to roll. Remember, your objective is to hijack the emergency shuttle. To do this, you first need to force a shuttle call. There are a few possible ways to do this.

  • Gain access to an ID with command console access. Using this, you can call the escape shuttle yourself from any command console. However, be aware that any crew with access can recall the shuttle. You’ll either need to defend the consoles to prevent a recall, or give the crew reason to not want to recall.
  • Sabotage the ship. If the ship is unable to properly function, the crew will be inclined to call the shuttle themselves. This can be done in a variety of ways, including destroying the ship’s weapons if they’re in a firefight, sabotage the power net, or cause the ships reactor to explode (Beware of radiation or other harmful side effects).
  • Kill important crew members. A crew without a leader is easy to scare. Taking out heads of staff like the captain, executive officer, and head of security may be enough to scare the crew into calling the shuttle.

Once the shuttle call has been made, get you and your team to escape and hold the line. No Nanotrasen crew may be allowed to escape on the shuttle, so kill any non-syndicate that try to board. AIs and borgs may not count against this objective, but their laws require them to safeguard the crew, so expect them to be hostile. Once the shuttle arrives, get on and keep fighting till you depart. After the shuttle departs, double check crates and closets for stowaways. Once you’re clear, breath a sigh of relief and celebrate with your fellow syndi on a job well done.

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