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Starter Guides[edit]

Guides made to make your first steps on the station a lot easier (and to remind you older players about some things).

Service Guides[edit]

Medical Guides[edit]

Guides for keeping the crew alive.

Engineering Guides[edit]

Guides for constructing, repairing and keeping the station hospitable.

Science Guides[edit]

Guides on how to SCIENCE!

Security Guides[edit]

These guides will help you keep peace on the station.

Munitions Guides[edit]

Guides on how to make torp and fire missile.

Antagonist Guides[edit]

By now you've probably noticed that most of the job and/or location -pages have the last chapter dedicated to tips for antagonists. Here are a few guides dedicated to that.

Development and Contribution Guides[edit]

Guides to help you improve the game, wiki and such.

Other Guides[edit]

These guides didn't fit into any other category.

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