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For the Guide to Virology, click here.

Medical Area
(aka ERP fort)
Virology is located deep within Medbay, behind two airlocks to ensure that viruses do not accidentally escape. This area also operates in a closed atmospheric environment.
Obvious exits East to the Medbay
Purpose Cure and manufacture viruses
Access level Virology
Noteworthy contents PanD.E.M.I.C 2200 console, monkeys, reagent scanner, biosuit and other protective wear.
Clearance Captain, Chief Medical Officer, Virologist
Security level Medium
Style Laboratory
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Virology[edit | edit source]

Virology is the spot to test diseases, except not on humans. You, the Virologist, have a vending machine containing both rhinovirus and a common cold culture. It also contains plasma, formaldehyde, and a variety of other materials used for mutating viruses. There's also a dispenser which contains an unlimited supply of virus food. You have a monkey pen, which contains monkeys which practically never used except for as a blood source, and some isolation rooms, which are for when you inevitably fuck up and infect yourself with brain rot. There is a locked medicine locker and a biosuit locker. In the southeast, there's your own personal break room, with a supply of microwavable donk pockets.

WHAT NOT TO DO![edit | edit source]

Don't sleep toxin and abduct someone to test on them, as this can get you banned or lynched by a mob of angry civilians. Careful when you're flushing anything down the disposals here: It's one of the few chutes which leads straight out into space.

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