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The other ghosts want me to tell you that you're all horrible at this.
Additional AccessAnywhere you can smash or jaunt into
SupervisorsYour Master
DutiesFollow your master's commands and protect him.

Soul stones are commonly located with the occult or magic, such as Cultists and Wizards. They can be used to build up an army of loyal servants.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Shades and constructs are slaved to their masters will. They must follow the orders of their master at any cost. They are capable of grasping intent, unlike synthetic beings. Shades as well as any constructs are EVA capable and can maneuver in space without outside aid. Should they die, they leave behind ectoplasma which can be used to make ghost-burgers. Constructs created by cultists automatically become cultists themselves, allowing them to identify their team mates, and even count for the escape objective. Clever crewmen who steal soulstones and shells can create their own constructs to fight the cult.

Some constructs have special abilities, which can be used similarly to mime, changeling and wizard abilities via the tabs on the right side of the SS13 interface. All constructs are immune to being stunned, but similarly, their attacks have no stun chance like regular attacks.

All constructs have the ability to scribe specific runes, however with a 3-minute cooldown.

Soulstone Shards[edit | edit source]

Soulstones Shards (or simply Soulstones) are used to house souls. They can be used to release said souls, into the form of a shade. A Soulstone can be used on a dead or living human in critical condition (Providing the soul is still inside the body) to load his soul into said stone. From here, the soul can only speak in Nar-Sie tongue, but the master can momentarily release the soul and it becomes a shade or it can be inserted into a construct-shell to be made into one of the various kinds of constructs.

Soulstone shards can be purified by anyone with a Bible in hand that isn't in a Blood Cult. This will cleanse any contained shade from evil and will cause them to take on a white appearance, and will no longer be sided with the cult. These purified soulstone shards can then be put into construct shells, to create special crew-friendly purified constructs.

Shade[edit | edit source]

  • HP: 50
  • Damage: 15

Shades are fragile, but being recaptured into their Soulstone shard Soulstone.png heals them. All a shade can do is slowly drain life, remove clothes (and handcuffs) and spin chairs.

  • Fun fact, humans can pull shades (no, not like that, you sick fuck).

Artificer[edit | edit source]

  • HP: 50
  • Damage: 5

The artificer is the "drone" of the cult. It can construct cult-floors, walls and reinforced walls, as well as take apart the ship, but its main purpose is to provide the materials to construct additional constructs. It can create new soul stones or shells after a certain time. In addition to that, it can heal itself or other constructs by "attacking" them.

Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Summon Cult Floor - This spell constructs a cult floor under you.
  • Summon Cult Wall - This spell constructs a cult wall.
  • Greater Conjuration - This spell constructs a reinforced metal cult wall.
  • Summon Soulstone - This spell reaches into Nar-Sie's realm, summoning one of the legendary fragments across time and space.
  • Lesser Magic Missile - This spell fires several, slow-moving, magic projectiles at nearby targets. That includes cultists so beware

Wraith [edit | edit source]

  • HP: 65
  • Damage: 25

The wraith is a tiny bit more fragile than a human but has a strong melee attack. It can, similar to a wizards Ethereal Jaunt, become invisible and travel through closed doors and even walls by using it's phase shift ability. This construct is the bane of the AI, as the stationary AI core is defenseless against them.

The wraith can lower it's jaunt cooldown by attacking:

  • 1 Second on normal attacks
  • 5 Seconds on critting
  • Full refund on kills

Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Phase Shift - This spell allows you to pass through walls, similar to the wizard's ethereal jaunt.

Juggernaut[edit | edit source]

  • HP: 150
  • Damage: 30

Juggernauts are strong, slow and have lots of health. They can destroy any wall by simply punching it and do more damage than Wraiths. They cannot be pushed or grabbed and even have a force-wall ability similar to the wizard spell. Additionally, Juggernauts are immune to any weapon of force 10 or below, such as fire extinguishers, harm batons, and large air tanks, and even have a chance to deflect projectiles off of them.

Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Shield - This spell creates a temporary forcefield to shield yourself and allies from incoming fire.
  • Gauntlet Echo - Channels energy into your gauntlet - firing its essence forward in a slow-moving but devastating blow.

Runic Golem[edit | edit source]

  • HP: 100
  • Damage: 14

Runic golem.png
A golem created from runic metal. While not technically a Construct, it certainly passes for one in terms of appearance and powers. It has the same HP as a human and can wield weapons as well. Most importantly, as it's defined as a mutant "human," it can cast blood magic and scribe runes! Relatively rare due to golem shells being hard to obtain, the runic metal means that there has to be a blood cult onboard, and because unlike other constructs, it takes some effort to mass-produce them. (as well as control over xenobiology)

Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Phase Shift - This spell allows you to pass through walls.
  • Abyssal Gaze - This spell instills a deep terror in your target, temporarily chilling and blinding it.
  • Dominate - This spell dominates the mind of a lesser creature, causing it to see you as an ally.

Harvester[edit | edit source]

  • HP: 60
  • Damage: 20

Harvesters will only appear after Nar-Sie has risen, and they have one goal: To bring you screaming and kicking back to Nar-Nar. Their attacks do not do much damage but they will take off a limb. Once you have no limbs (or no will to crawl away), they will drag you back to Nar-Sie to become a harvester yourself.

Harvesters have two abilities, one is an area convert that turns a small area of effect around itself into cult material, and the other one is a shield to block humans from escaping their grasp. Finally, they can go through cult walls, so they will use their area convert to pass through obstacles to get to you.

Pleasing Nar-Sie will make her grant you with an evolved shell, allowing you to absolutely dumpster those meatbags. There's two ways to Please Nar-Nar:

  • Summon Nar-Sie
  • Drag enough humans to Nar-Sie as a harvester

Spells[edit | edit source]

  • Area Conversion - This spell instantly converts a small area around you.
  • Shield - This spell creates a temporary forcefield to shield yourself and allies from incoming fire.

Purified Constructs[edit | edit source]


Any non-cultist can use a bible on a cultist or wizard soulstone shard Soulstone.png to purify it, turning it blue. Putting a filled purified soulstone shard into a construct shell will create a blue version an ordinary construct. These will be loyal to the crew and have abilities similar to the non-purified versions. A purified artificer will be able to produce purified soulstone shards and ordinary construct shells. Any of purified construct can destroy runes by attacking them.

Jobs on


Command Captain, Executive Officer, Bridge Staff
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective, Brig Physician
Engineering Chief Engineer, Ship Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist, Paramedic
Service Janitor, Staff Judge Advocate, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Curator
Munitions Master At Arms, Munitions Technician, Flight Leader, Fighter Pilot, Air Traffic Controller
Cargo Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner
Civilian Assistant, Gimmick
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Ghost
Antagonists Traitor, Malfunctioning AI, Changeling, Heretic, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cultist, Bloodling, Revolutionary, Wizard, Blob, Abductor, Holoparasite, Xenomorph, Spider, Swarmers, Revenant, Morph, Nightmare, Space Ninja, Slaughter Demon, Pirate, Sentient Disease, Creep, Fugitives, Hunters, Syndicate Drop Trooper
Special CentCom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Chrono Legionnaire, Highlander, Ian