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Maps on


In Use Jeppison, Tycoon, Pegasus, Aetherwhisp, Jolly Sausage
Outdated, removed, or not in rotation Aegis,Vago, Enterprise, Galactica, Hammerhead


Map Rotation[edit]

The server currently uses a rotation feature that will swap between maps based on player map preferences and voting, the former being located in your character setup page. The game is weighed to use the Enterprise as the default ship, though the map can be changed if a majority votes for it. Certain maps can only be picked with higher or lower player numbers though, and are therefor excluded from map rotation when their player requirements aren't met.

In Rotation Maps[edit]

These maps are currently in rotation, and can be selected and played on.


Map Image Information Additional Points
Hammerhead.png Hammerhead may be confusing at first, but it is actually neatly organized, with every department being attached to a side of the Central Hallway. The Command Sector is in the front of the ship, holding the Bridge and CIC. Other departments extend out into their respective . Notes
  • This map is widely regarded as being the first "functional" NSV map.
  • The ship was originally made when Munitions was still a part of Security, hence why the arms depot exists.
  • This ship was designed in within a week due to the Aegis being the only ship at the time.
  • The Hull is wrapped all around the ship, but for the most part present around CIC and the Departures Lounge.


Map Image Information Additional Points
400px Tycoon is a fully-functioning map available on NSV as an alternative to Hammerhead. Notes
  • Tycoon is an updated version of the old Enterprise map


Map Image Information Additional Points
PubbyStation.png PubbyStation is a map inspired by Box and Meta but smaller and pure, it was created by pubby. Notes
  • The map plays best with 20-40 players.
  • The Chaplain and Curator get an entire space monastery.
  • PubbyStation is the only in-rotation map that still uses the Singularity/Tesla Engine.
  • Feedback is welcomed in this thread on the tgstation forums.


Map Image Information Additional Points
Deltastation.png DeltaStation is a map heavily influenced by Meta and Box, with a large centralized bridge area. Intended for higher populations, the map features a more fleshed out and spacious interior lushly decorated and accomodating a large number of potted plants. A large maintenance with a number of useful half-built rooms and areas give antagonists a large variety of spacious areas to make their on station bases and hiding places. It is currently maintained by Okand37, though others are welcome to suggest additions and edits. Notes
  • This map is best suited for 50+ players.
  • An expansive maintenance is included with this station, largely recognized as a 'second station' with a number of areas, tools, items and machines.
  • The Supermatter is located in Atmospherics.
  • Feedback is welcomed in this thread on the tgstation forums.


Map Image Information Additional Points
Donut7-28-19.png Donutstation is a faithful modernization of the Goon classic, brought to /tg/station13. A large, circular hallway connects every department meaning that you'll eventually find what department you're looking for if you keep going in one direction. All escape pods can be found in the maintenance sections of each major department, same with various surplus supplies for each department. Notes
  • This map is best suited for medium/high population.
  • A large circular design with a supermatter engine isolated in the middle as a separate satellite.
  • Telecomms and AI are on separate satellites on the southern half of the station.
  • Feedback is welcomed in this thread on the tgstation forums.


Map Image Information Additional Points
Kilostation is a rather new map, being brought to Beestation fairly recently. Although rather small, the maintenance sections are rather expansive and varied, with things ranging from a mad, saw-wielding cat surgeon to a full on space bear. The station itself is primarily built on an asteroid, with the AI sat and an auxiliary solar built on separate asteroids. The escape pods, for the most part, are hidden in maint, so you may need to use a map to find them. Notes
  • The central hallway provides access to most departments, with security and engineering being on their own separate halls.
  • Due to it's rather small nature, it is used predominantly for low population rounds.
  • The upload chamber is connected to both the bridge and the main hall.
  • Suggestions for improving the map are appreciated and should be sent to the beestation discord.

Not in rotation but still important[edit]

These maps either aid in maintaining the game or will be added in the future.


Map Image Information Additional Points
RuntimeStation.png Runtime Station designed to test new features without having to load a whole new station every time. Notes
  • All doors bear no access.
  • Has a simple engine room.
  • Has two large testing areas.
  • Spawns with fully equipped medical/RnD/engineering areas and a rudimentary atmos setup (no scrubbers).
  • Roundstart mice spawns and space/lavaland ruins can be disabled in config.