Air Traffic Controller

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Air Traffic Controller
"All fighters RTB, sector is clear... NOT CLEAR, NOT CLEAR!"
AccessHangar Bay, Flight Deck
Additional AccessMaintenance
SupervisorsFlight Leader, Master At Arms
RankSub-Lieutenant (SLT)
DutiesLaunch the Fighters and coordinate them, also check the radar in case one of the Fighters forgets how to start the APU.
GuidesGuide to Fighters

You are an Air Traffic Controller, you coordinate the fighters all the way from launch to the return to base, make sure none get left behind and update both them and the rest of the ship of the status of the Area of Operations.

Bare minimum requirements: Find the ATC Control room and launch the fighters, launch a empty fighter and then get ridiculed.
Basic Skills: Communicate with Command on when to launch the fighters
Advanced Skills: Repair and rearm docked fighters, coordinate between Command and the Pilots on which enemy ships to target

Is that All?[edit | edit source]

Air Traffic Controller can be as useful as the player wants it to, you really are the only guy on the ship whose job is to check the DRADIS and isn't busy with something else, the pilots are trying not to get blown up and command staff is probably chasing after that RD that added a catgirl law to the AI.

MagCats and You[edit | edit source]

MagCats or Magnetic Catapults are the totally safe 90% of the time preferred way to deploy your expendable fighters to the AO, double check with the pilot the ship on that catapult is in fact occupied (yes, it happens more than you think) and that they are ready for launch, if all is green, open the launch tube and launch them from the console next to the DRADIS. The same console can be used to directly message the fighter pilot, which is useful for pre-flight checks.

How to report information[edit | edit source]

Unless someone asks via common, you should only update via Air Control Channel, report how many contacts are there when you arrive to the AO as your DRADIS is the only one in ACC that is immediately scanning the AO Z level. Stay vigilant on contacts and inform if neccesary to the pilots of important targets such as carriers or cruisers.

You also have access to the Command comms, with :c. On this channel, you can talk with the Bridge Staff, and coordinate during combat. You can ask them when to launch the fighters, what should they target, and when should they pull back. But you can also relay information from the pilots to the bridge, telling them how many fighters are in air, how many enemy ships got shot down, etc.

Do your best to keep the pilots out of trouble. If a pilot has burst their canopy, tell them to RTB immediately and try to inform the helms officer that they should slow down so that the pilot can dock safely. If a new group of enemies just jumped in, tell the pilots their numbers, shiptypes, if they shouldretreat. At the very least, try and prevent them being left behind when the ship FTLs.

"IM COMING IN HOT!!"[edit | edit source]

So, an unlucky pilot just came back, his fighter is a burning wreck, and he is too lazy hurt to repair it. This is where you come in. With your access, you can easily and quickly repair a damaged fighter. This process is further detailed here, but let's go over it now as well.

You can check on the armour and hull damage of a fighter by hopping in the canopy, and looking through the UI that pops up. Hull damage can be repaired by simply welding the fighter. Armour damage is a bit more tricky. You need to put on a new set of plating. Where you get this plating? Well, there should be a few around the hangar bay. If you find none, go to cargo and beg them to print a new one in their lathe. That is, if RnD has researched it.

You can also help in other matters. Refuel the fighters by dragging fuel tanks next to them, and plopping the nozzle in. Supply the fighters by stealing asking for torpedos from the Weapons Bay. Give in to the BRRRT Gods by buying more ammo at Cargo.

Or you could just ask a Munitions Technician to help, but don't expect much.

The Raptor[edit | edit source]

The big, bulky Utility fighters - commonly known as Raptors - in the hangar allow you to take a more proactive approach to fighter support. These Raptors can be equipped with utility modules, such as Air-to-Air repair kits, or Air-to-Air resupply kits. With these all you need to do is liftoff, go near another fighter and listen to the pilot's amazement as he suddenly has ammo and health.

More details about the Utility craft can be found here.

Grand Theft Tug V[edit | edit source]

As a traitor ATC, your options might seem few and far between, but with a bit of creativity, you can become the fear of the Hangar bay.

It is a sad truth that tugs are not as robust as you think. They are not fast, and security is more than ready to stop you. However, not all is lost.

One of your options is getting a fighter, loading it with missles, then emagging it to toggle IFF off. From there all you need to do is liftoff and fire at the ship. Standard missles can do damage, but when a nuke hits - and I mean HITS, not damages the armour or the hull - a maxcap sized explosion happens.

Or if you feel less comfortable in air, you could always sabotage the ship's combat ability by launching the fighters out to space without a pilot or launching the fighter with pilots into walls. Just be ready to fend off the mob of angry flyboys ready to lynch you.

Worth noting is that you also have a radio with access to the command channel. And if all else fails, use your fancy light stick to BONK people to death.

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