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Xenobiology is the breeding and harvesting of slimes and their extracts for scientific purposes. This all takes place in the xenobiology lab where you spawn, and is arguably more dangerous than making bombs if you don't know what you are doing. Which is a good reason to read this!

Home on the Range[edit | edit source]

Xenobiology on Boxstation

As a Xenobiologist, you’re not going to get out that much until some late game slimes. And until you get those, you won't be bothered much either, at least in theory.

So lets get familiar with your new home. As an example, this is what the xenobio lab looks like on Boxstation.

The workplace in the center includes a couple of closets with bio-hazard suits, a monkey recycling machine, a slime processor, and an All-In-One Grinder with several sheets of plasma. Also included is a smartfridge modified to hold slime extracts within easy arm reach from the slime processor. There is also a wrench, which can unanchor all the machinery, so you can reorganize your workspace. To the western end is a disposal unit that leads to space and right of this is the bread and butter of your job: The Slime Console, which will be covered later.

To the south is the slime containment area with six pens. Two (or three on some maps) of these pens start with a baby grey slime.

To the north is a special containment pen that's larger and more secure than the rest. This is ideal for containing and experimenting on other alien lifeforms should the station manage to capture/produce one. Usually though, it's just for storing extra slimes.

Using the slime console[edit | edit source]

The Slime Console is a semi-new addition to the Xenobiology scene that makes your job roughly a hundred million times easier. With it you can move slimes, kill them, feed them, and process dead monkeys with mere clicks of a button! It's strongly advised grabbing the wrench next to the shield projectors and moving the fridge and slime processor within close range of the console you're using as to cut out a lot of unnecessary movement.

Safety Advice[edit | edit source]

Before you start breeding the slimes, you may want a fire extinguisher in your backpack. You'll rarely meet a ravenous, hungry slime if you're using the console, but it still happens and having an extinguisher could very well be the difference between a dead slime and a dead you.

If you aren't, then this goes doubly so as you'll be near a lot of slimes, usually before you cull their numbers, and while they're normally docile towards you whom are effectively their God, they occasionally grow resentful for their species' exploitation and try to kill you for no particular reason. In that case, kill the blasphemers with a clear conscience, DEUS VULT!

Now that monkeys have regained some sentience, they'll attack you if you try to manhandle them. It's strongly advised to just use the console to avoid any contact, but otherwise keep an extinguisher to bash riled up monkeys, or have a buddy to help you out if you get assaulted.

Don't be the guy who tries to harmbaton a slime outbreak.

Breeding slimes[edit | edit source]

Feeding[edit | edit source]

Insert the monkey cubes from the boxes into the console. The console can now teleport monkeys directly inside the slime pens! Slimes need one monkey to become an adult and another to split.

  • You can send both monkeys at once into a baby slime's pen, so you don't have to think about it until they split.
  • Do NOT enter the pen and bash the monkey, the only thing that will happen is slime will get less food.

Once they're fed enough, after a while the adult slime will split in 4 baby slimes.

Culling[edit | edit source]

Time to kill your darlings.

Decide which baby slimes you don't want to keep and proceed to warp them up with the console. It can hold up to 5 slimes at a time. Teleport them onto the kill pen; it's the one with the blue floor, connected to a freezer. The sharp cold will kill the slimes quickly: when they stop moving, they're dead and you can pick them up for the next step.

Grinding[edit | edit source]

Collect the dead slimes from the freezer room, and drop them within one tile of the slime grinder. It will automatically suck in the slimes; when it's done, activate it to grind them. It will, after a while, drop a slime core of the respective color for each slime grinded.

  • Upgrading the grinder will make it go faster and give more cores per slime.
  • Bio bag.png A Bio Bag from any biohazard locker can mass-collect slime cores and easily drop them into the fridge for easy access.

Resource Management[edit | edit source]

Monkey Cubes[edit | edit source]

Monkey cubes are the basic material that you'll need to do xenobiology; without those all you can do is sacrifice intruders ask for another department's monkeys. How do you gain more monkey cubes?

  • You start with two monkey cube boxes containing 5 each, for a total of 10.
  • The first method you'll use to get more cubes, is the Grey Slime blood reaction. It will spawn three monkey cubes per extract.
    • Grab a dead monkey from a pen, after a slime has finished eating it.
    • Draw blood from the dead monkey with a syringe. Inject it into a beaker.
    • Use a dropper set to 1u to inject the blood into the grey extracts. More than that is a waste.
  • After the first few splits, you should aim to create and use either a reproductive grey or an industrial grey crossbreed.
  • Upgrades are important, make sure to get them early.
    • With an unupgraded slime grinder a baby grey slime will give 3 cubes.
    • Upgrading a slime grinder to T3 parts, which can be achieved after researching high-efficiency parts, will raise that amount to 9.
  • Bio bag.png Bio bags can store monkey cubes and load the console with them in two simple clicks, so don't waste time putting them in one by one.
  • Recycling a monkey with the console yields 0.2 monkey cubes without upgrades.
    • If you upgrade the Monkey Recycler, you will get up to 0.8 cubes per monkey with both the recycler and the consoles.

Plasma[edit | edit source]

Plasma is the most common chemical required to react with slime extracts. You start with 2-4 bars depending on the map, which you can grind for 20 liquid form plasma each (usually simply called "plasma").

  • You require a dropper or syringe to inject chems into extracts. A dropper can be activated in hand to toggle it to 1u.
  • Most reactions only require 1u of plasma for full effect.
  • You can produce new plasma yourself with either metal or dark purple slimes. These will create metal respectively plasteel and plasma bars.
    • Plasteel bars give 20 iron and 20 plasma each when ground.
    • Pure plasma gives 20 plasma per bar.
    • Making these reactions requires some plasma to start with, so be careful not to run out before making more bars.
  • In case you run out, you can either get more from mining, check if the extra plasma bar that is usually in the Testing Lab, or the Experimental Lab is still there, or you can ask Chemistry or Engineering to give you theirs.

Friendship and Slimes[edit | edit source]

If you've been following the guide and diligently breeding and culling the slimes, you may have noticed that while the slimes very quickly attack and eat the monkeys you offer them, they have little to no interest in eating you. This is because you've become their "friend", a status that can be earned by simply being the one sending them monkeys. To check if slimes are friendly, say "Hello slimes"; all the slimes that consider you their friend will say hello.

Commanding Slimes[edit | edit source]

There are some commands you can issue as a slime's friend. Keep in mind however, these commands are exceedingly finicky, and are rarely used for a reason. Slimes will not attack other slimes or friends.
Each command requires you to include the word "slimes" somewhere in the sentence. List of commands:

  • Hello/hi slimes: Makes the slimes greet you if you are their friend.
  • Follow slimes: Asks the slimes follow you.
  • Stay slimes: Asks the slimes to stay where they are for a while.
  • Stop slimes: Asks the slimes stop chasing if chasing a target, stop feeding if feeding, or stop following you if they're following. If they don't like you enough, asking them to stop feeding or chasing can upset them and make them like you less. If this happens they'll say "Grrr...".
  • Attack (exact target name) slimes: Asks the slimes to chase the target to feed on it. They'll be faster while chasing. Asking them to attack a friend of theirs can upset them.

Defending against slimes[edit | edit source]

So either by you not feeding the slime enough, the slime being an dick, or reasons, a slime has tried to kill you. If the slime is a baby, this is annoying. If the slime is an adult, you may die if you don't know what you're doing.

Slimes have two attacks: A glomp that does brute damage with adults dealing more and a chance to stun, and the far more dangerous 'feeding' attack which deals cellular damage and empowers the slime, a rare and very difficult to heal type of damage. If a slime starts feeding on you, wrestle it off with disarm intent and spray it down with an extinguisher (You DID get an extinguisher, right?) when you get it off until it dies. After that, hobble off to medbay for healing.

While this is generally more a tip for you when NOT playing Xenobiologist, in the event of a very rare slime outbreak, perhaps of sentient slimes, get an extinguisher and hide. A horde of angry slimes can multiply fast, and while slimes are normally unintelligent and docile, outbreaks of them are nearly always done on purpose by someone wanting to destroy the station, and are thus paired with usage of red extracts enraging slimes and/or light pink or black extracts making very deadly intelligent slimes. Pray that the AI is able to stop them, and that the xenobiologist who released the slimes doesn't follow up with something worse.

Slime Mutations[edit | edit source]

There are several a fuckload of different flavors of slime. You begin with two or three grey slimes but, you can breed them to catch all the pokèmon! slimes! Each kind of slime has its own powers from its extract.

Every time a slime splits by being fed enough, it has a chance to mutate based on it's individual mutation chance, a stat discovered by taking a slime scanner from the fridge and using it on the slime. It usually varies between 25% and 45%, but sometimes you will encounter slimes whose mutation chance is more like 15% to 20%. Choose carefully which slimes to keep! If you're breeding greys for monkeys, you'll want less chance of mutations, and if you want to get adamantines, you might want to increase it!

NOTE: You can increase a slime's chance of mutation by injecting it with slime mutation potions from red slimes and decrease it with slime stability potions from blue slimes.

This flowchart shows the results of each slime's mutations when splitting, with options labeled "2x" having twice the chance of occurring.

Slime geneology2.png

Formulas[edit | edit source]

Most reactions only require one unit of reagent for full effect. Dropper is your friend. There are exceptions though. Some reactions will create a liquid reagent inside the extract when injected once, and then deplete that extract. In those cases, using a higher volume syringe to inject will result in more units per extract. You must then draw from the core to get the resulting chem. Examples: The mutation toxins from green extracts.

You can also dilute your plasma by, for example, filling a beaker with 40u of water and 10u of plasma; a syringe will collect exactly one unit of plasma this way.

  • (c) means the ability needs to be channeled to work (aka you need to stand still for a while).

Tier 0[edit | edit source]

Grey Slime Slimegrey.png

  • Extract creates a grey slime when injected with plasma. Useful as a backup grey slime.
  • Extract creates three monkey-cubes when injected with blood. Useful if you want to do your job for more than five minutes.
  • Extract gets filled with Epinephrine when injected with water.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Spawns a monkey cube into the user's hand.
  • Major: Spawns a grey baby slime.

Tier 1[edit | edit source]

Orange Slime Slimeorange.png

  • Extract creates a small plasma fire after 5 seconds when injected with plasma.
  • Extract gets filled with Capsaicin Oil when injected with blood. 10u per 1u blood injected at once, up to 100u. Can be turned into Pepper Spray if mixed with ethanol.
  • Extract creates a cloud of smoke when injected with at least 5u water. More water injected at once means bigger smoke, up to max 15 water. It'll carry any other reagent already inside the slime extract.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Infuses you with capsaicin.
  • Major: Spawns smoke around the user. The smoke will purge chemicals in the user's body and infuse itself with them.

Purple Slime Slimepurple.png

  • Extract creates a bottle of slime steroid when injected with plasma. Slime steroid is a potent chemical mix that will cause a slime to produce one more extract when processed, for a maximum of four extra. The steroid only works on live slimes.
  • Extract gets filled with regenerative jelly when injected with blood. 5u per 1u blood injected, up to 100u. Similar to omnizine, but non toxic to jellypeople.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Restores blood volume and nutrition.
  • Major: Gives some regenerative jelly, healing the user.

Blue Slime Slimeblue.png

  • Extract gets filled with frost oil when injected with plasma. 10u per 1u plasma injected, up to 100u.
  • Extract creates a slime stabilizer potion when injected with blood. Reduces a slime's mutation chance by 15 percentage points, and carries through across generations.
  • Extract creates foam when injected with at least 5u water. It'll carry any other reagent already inside the slime extract.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Cures cellular damage, purges the dna, and reduces radiation on the user.
  • Major: Creates foam from the user, infusing itself with the chemicals in the user's body.

Metal Slime Slimemetal.png

  • Extract creates 5 sheets of plasteel and 15 sheets of metal when injected with plasma. Grinding plasteel will generate plasma and iron, making it a perfect substitute to dark purple slimes.
  • Extract creates 5 sheets of reinforced glass and 15 sheets of glass when injected with water.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Creates 5 sheets of glass in the user's hand.
  • Major: Creates 5 sheets of metal in the user's hand.

Tier 2[edit | edit source]

Yellow Slime Slimeyellow.png

  • Extracts become 10k Charge Powercells when injected with plasma. These cells are self-charging, and very useful for cyborgs or APCs, for example. Valuable for R&D.
  • Extract creates an EMP when injected with blood. It's a quite big blast as well, useful if that AI is onto your tricks.
  • Extracts emit light when injected with water. They can be squeezed to increase the light emitted.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Temporarily increases the user's light range and intensity.
  • Major: Emits a short-ranged EMP.

Dark Purple Slime Slimedarkpurple.png

  • Extract creates 3 sheets of Solid Plasma when injected with plasma. Yessir, NT can link anything to the production of plasma. Also useful for further experimenting.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Spawns a plasma bar in the user's hand.
  • Major: Spawns a cloud of plasma around the user.

Dark Blue Slime Slimedarkblue.png

  • Extract creates supercooled N2 gas 5 seconds after injected with plasma.
  • Extract creates a three-use chill potion when injected with water, which fireproofs anything it's used on. Be a firebug without looking like one! Miners can make good use of this, as it will make them storm-proof.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Infuses the user with frost oil and Cryoxadone.
  • Major: Spawns extremely cold air around the user.

Silver Slime Slimesilver.png

  • Extract creates a small amount of random food when injected with plasma, bork bork bork. Expect anything from a roburger to death berries.
  • Extract creates a small amount of random drinks when injected with water, bork bork bork.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Spawns a random food in the user's hand.
  • Major: Spawns a random drink in the user's hand.

Tier 2.5[edit | edit source]

Bluespace Slime Slimebluespace.png

  • Extract will, if injected with plasma, spawn a Bluespace Crystal. They will teleport you when crushed in your hand and teleport anyone you throw it at. Used as a material in techfabs and protolathes.
  • Extract will, if injected with blood, create 25 Bluespace Floor Tiles, which speed up movement drastically.
  • Extract will, if injected with water, spawn a Bluespace radio potion. Use it on a sentient animal to let them speak on the radio!

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Randomly teleports the user a few tiles away.
  • Major: Saves the user's position on the first use. On the second use, it will warp the user back on that position. The extract can change user in the meantime.

Sepia Slime Slimesepia.png

  • Extract stops local time for 15 seconds, 5 seconds after injected with plasma. The user is not immune.
  • Extract creates some Film and a Camera when injected with water.
  • Extract creates 25 Sepia Floor Tiles when injected with blood. They slow movement speed above them.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Spawns a camera in the user's hand.
  • Major: Stops time for a few seconds around the user. (c)

Cerulean Slime Slimecerculean.png

  • Extract creates a bottle of extract enhancer when injected with plasma. When used on an extract it adds one use to it.
  • Extract creates a one-use blueprint when injected with blood. Renaming an area with it (to any name) will turn the floor blue and allow the Slime Console to work on that area, if it has a valid path.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Infuses the user with salbutamol, making them able to survive without air for some time.
  • Major: Spawns a large amount of breathable air around the user.

Pyrite Slime Slimepyrite.png

  • Extract creates a can of paint when injected with plasma. For the love of all that is holy, don't give it to the clown!
  • Extract creates a random crayon when injected with blood.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Spawns a crayon in the user's hand.
  • Major: Spawns a spraycan in the user's hand.

Tier 3[edit | edit source]

Red Slime Slimered.png

  • Extract creates a bottle of slime mutation potion when injected with plasma. Makes slimes 12 percentage points more likely to mutate, the opposite of the slime stabilizer.
  • Extract makes nearby slimes rabid when injected with blood. Has some fun uses. If the affected slimes were docile, it removes the docility instead of making them rabid.
  • Extract creates a bottle of speed potion when injected with water. The speed potion will negate slowdown from any item of clothing or vehicle it is applied to.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Infuses the user with Ephedrine, greatly increasing their speed temporarily, while causing side effects such as making you drop held items.
  • Major: Enrages slimes around the user.

Green Slime Slimegreen.png

  • Extract gets filled with slime mutation toxin when injected with plasma. 1u per 1u plasma injected. Having at least 4u in your system will eventually turn you into a random jellyperson. They have several pros and cons, but what is important to xenobiology is that slimes will never attack you and your blood is no longer valid for blood-based reactions, as it is replaced by slime jelly. Ingesting more slime mutation toxin when you're already a jellyperson will turn you into another random subspecies.
  • Injecting the extract with radium fills it with lizard mutation toxin instead, which will turn whoever is injected with it into a lizardperson. 1u per 1u radium.
  • Injecting it with blood fills it with human mutation toxin, which turns whoever is injected with it into a human. 1u per 1u blood injected.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Turns the user back into a human.
  • Major: Turns the user into another slime subspecies.

Pink Slime Slimepink.png

  • Extract creates a bottle of docility potion when injected with plasma, which will nullify a slime's hunger, causing it to become docile and tame, and will let you name it. You too can have your own pet, just like the HoP! If the slime is rabid, the potion will remove its rabid rage but will not make it docile.
  • Extract creates a bottle of gender changing potion when injected with blood, which changes the gender of any living, gendered thing it is used on.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Switches the user's gender.
  • Major: Temporarily pacifies creatures around the user, making them nonviolent for some time.

Gold Slime Slimegold.png

  • Extract spawns five random dangerous hostile mobs when injected with plasma.
  • Extract spawns three random dangerous mobs when injected with blood. These mobs are not immediately hostile, but may be provoked by certain actions, proximity to other creatures (such as your slimes) or if they encounter a construct or mech. You can also spawn magicarps!
  • Extract spawns one random friendly critter when injected with water. Now you can fill xenobiology with mobs even if you're a giant pussy!

See here for the list of summonable mobs.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Spawns a friendly mob. (c)
  • Major: Spawns a dangerous mob. If the user is on harm intent at the moment of use, the mob will be hostile. (c)

Tier 4[edit | edit source]

Oil Slime Slimeoil.png

  • Extract creates an explosion after a moment when injected with plasma.
  • Extract gets filled with Corn Oil when injected with blood. About 10u per 1u blood injected.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: User vomits slippery oil.
  • Major: User violently explodes. (c)

Black Slime Slimeblack.png

  • Extract gets filled with advanced mutation toxin when injected with plasma. 1u per 1u plasma injected. Turns you, or others, into a sentient grey baby slime. Beware, slimes are still not harmless. This mutation can be prevented with frost oil, if you are quick enough. Acts instantly on slimepeople.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Turns the user into a slime. (c)
  • Major: Turns the user into a shadowperson. (c)

Light Pink Slime Slimelightpink.png

  • Extract creates a bottle of sentience potion when injected with plasma, a potent chemical mix that will bring human level intelligence to any animal, slime, monster or generally active thing you feed it to. Make Ian sentient! Create an army of gold slime minions! The possibilities are limited only by your own deviousness and the number of ghosts in the round.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Spawns a renaming potion, which offers anyone it's used on the option to choose(write) any new name.
  • Major: Spawns a sentience potion.

Adamantine Slime Slimeadamantine.png

  • Extract creates an adamantine bar when injected with Plasma. It can be sold at cargo for a high amount of credits, or it can be used inhand to craft a golem shell. Golem shells can then be finished with ten sheets of any material, which will affect the golem's properties. After completion, a ghost can possess the shell to spawn as a golem. It will follow the orders of who finishes the shell above anything else, and inherit conversion antagonist status, such as cult, from their owner.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Temporarily increases the user's armor, reducing overall damage taken.
  • Major: Turns the user into an adamantine golem. (c)

Special Slimes[edit | edit source]

Rainbow Slime Rainbow slime.gif To attain this rare slime you must breed a slime with a 100% mutation chance!

  • Extract will spawn a random slime when injected with less than five units of plasma.
  • Extract will explode into randomly-colored slime cores when injected with at least five units of plasma.
  • Extract will explode into randomly-colored slime cores with water, plasma, and blood in them when injected with slime jelly. This will trigger their reactions unpredictably and chaotically, and almost certainly cause mayhem wherever it happens.
  • Extract will generate a mind transference potion when injected with blood. You can use it to transfer your mind into a creature. This is not reversible and will result in your old body's instant death.
  • Extract will spawn a flight potion when injected with 5u of Holy water and 5u Uranium.

Luminescent Effects

  • Minor: Changes the user's color randomly.
  • Major: Spawns a random slime core.

Crossbreeding[edit | edit source]

Slimes can be crossbred with other slimes! In order to crossbreed a slime, feed an adult slime 10 of any color extract. If you give one extract to an adult slime, you can then use your Bio Bag Bio bag.png to feed the last 9. This will cause the slime to boil away into nothing more than a single, extremely powerful extract, with a unique effect depending on the color you fed it. For example, feeding 10 grey extracts to a yellow slime will result in a reproductive yellow extract. The color of the 10 extracts you feed is the dominant color.

Crossbreeding Chart[edit | edit source]

Other charts to be used as a reference in crossbreeding slimes can be found here, and here, albeit in different formats than the form used below. For the design document containing planned additions, see here.

Dominant Extract: GreySlimegrey.png (Reproductive Reproductive.gif)

Reproductive extracts are a sort of condensed version of normal Xenobiology.

They can be fed 3 Monkey Cubes either by hand or with a biobag, and then they produce 1-4 normal extracts of their color!

If you're making a lot of crossbreeds of one type, making these is really convenient.

Dominant Extract: OrangeSlimeorange.png (Burning Burning.gif)

Burning extracts are similar to normal extracts, but are primarily offensive in nature.

In order to activate one, you must fill it with 10u liquid plasma (gotten from grinding plasma sheets), and then activate/click it in your hand.

  • Grey - Produces a hungry, faster slime that will follow your orders.
  • Orange - Makes a burst of pepper spray smoke. Careful, or you'll also be affected.
  • Purple - Creates a clump of invigorating gel (works like an autoinjector) containing 30u regenerative jelly and 9u methamphetamine.
  • Blue - Briefly freezes the flooring in a large radius, and decreases the body temperature of everyone in that radius but the user.
  • Metal - Instantly destroys walls that are next to the user.
  • Yellow - Electrocutes nearby creatures, except the user. 25 damage, 4 range.
  • Dark Purple - Makes a burst of plasma gas.
  • Dark Blue - Creates a puff of smoke containing 30u frost oil, freezing everything touched by it. Gives the user 10u cryoxadone, as well!
  • Bluespace - Teleports anyone directly next to you as if they were hit by a bluespace crystal.
  • Silver - Spawns some foods that have 5u slime jelly in them. Only half of the foods have a tell for it ("It smells strange..."), until eaten. Highly poisonous to non-slimepeople.
  • Sepia - Creates a rewind camera. The camera can take a picture of a target, who will then rewind to the original spot and health status 10 seconds later, twice in a row. Limbs lost those 10 seconds re-attach, and new ones fall off. Can not revive someone from death. This can heal simple animals and objects.
  • Cerulean - Creates an extract duplication potion, which copies a normal extract, as well as its extra uses.
  • Pyrite - Overloads and shatters all lights in the room, as if the lighting was overridden in the APC.
  • Red - Makes nearby slimes rabid, and they'll also attack their friends.
  • Green - You grow a lower damage armblade (15 brute) from the hand you used the extract in.
  • Pink - Makes a small beaker with 5 units of synthpax in it, for manual application.
  • Gold - Creates 3 hostile creatures that will not attack the user.
  • Oil - 5 seconds after activation it causes a heavy explosion on living things adjacent to it, but deals no damage to environment.
  • Black - Temporarily transforms you into a slime, with the ability to transform back at will once. You do not lose or drop your worn items.
  • Light Pink - Gives everyone in sight 5 units of Pax, bringing combat to a sudden halt.
  • Adamantine - Creates an Adamantine Shield, a large shield that blocks most attacks, but makes you much slower, and takes both hands. Deals 15 brute.
  • Rainbow - Creates the Rainbow Knife, a transparent, rainbow-glowing kitchen knife that does 15 of a completely random type of damage per attack.

Dominant Extract: PurpleSlimepurple.png (Regenerative Regenerative.gif)

Regenerative extracts will instantly fully heal whoever they are used on. Does not restore lost limbs.

In addition, they also provide a different effect depending on the color.

  • Grey - Has no additional effect - simply fully heals the target.
  • Orange - Makes a 3x3 ring of fire around the target for only a moment, which does not harm them.
  • Purple - Also supplies 10u regenerative jelly, keeping the target healed for a bit afterward.
  • Blue - Wets the floor below the target.
  • Metal - Encases the target in a locker, though it is not welded.
  • Yellow - Recharges a random, battery-equipped device on the target person to full.
  • Dark Purple - Provides a set of purple clothing to the target if any clothing is missing. Useful for cloning!
  • Dark Blue - Fireproofs the target's exosuit and helmet, if available.
  • Silver - Feeds the target more than fully healing normally does.
  • Bluespace - Teleports the target to where the extract was created.
  • Sepia - Causes a deja vu effect before being healed. The location and health status of the target are saved, and they'll rewind to that spot and health status 10 seconds later. Limbs lost those 10 seconds re-attach, and new ones fall off. Can not revive someone from death. This can heal simple animals and objects.
  • Cerulean - Spawns a secondary regenerative core without special effects.
  • Pyrite - Randomly colors the target, as if they ate a crayon.
  • Red - Adds 3u Ephedrine to the target, speeding them up slightly.
  • Green - If used on a slimeperson or a xenobio slime, they change subspecies or color, respectively.
  • Pink - Gives 4u Krokodil afterwards, to make the person a bit happier.
  • Gold - Produces a random coin!
  • Oil - Flashes everyone in sight when used, like a flashbang without the bang.
  • Black - Spawns a duplicate of the target, who immediately drops dead. Fake your own death!
  • Light Pink - If used on another person it also heals the person holding it.
  • Adamantine - Boosts the target's armor for 30 seconds.
  • Rainbow - Temporarily makes the target immortal for 10 seconds, but also pacifistic.

Dominant Extract: BlueSlimeblue.png (Stabilized Stabilized.gif)

Stabilized extracts do not require any reagents or special activation technique.

Instead, they provide a unique, passive effect to whoever holds them, as long as it is on their person or in their backpack. They don't work if in a box in a backpack. Having multiple of any of these does not stack.

  • Grey - Automatically makes slimes friends with you if you are next to them, making it safe to interact with them.
  • Orange - Passively tries to increase or reduce your body temperature to a normal level.
  • Purple - Provides a slow regeneration effect.
  • Blue - Makes you immune to slipping on water, soap or foam. Space lube and ice such as from frost oil are still too slippery though!
  • Metal - Every 30 seconds, adds a sheet of material to a random stack in your inventory.
  • Yellow - Every 10 seconds, recharges a random device on your person by about 10%.
  • Dark Purple - Gives you burning fingertips, automatically cooking any microwavable food you hold.
  • Dark Blue - Attempts to extinguish you slowly if you are on fire, and automatically wets any items you are holding.
  • Silver - Slows the rate at which you lose nutrition.
  • Bluespace - On a two minute cooldown, teleports you somewhere safe for humans when you take enough damage. May interact with Bag of Holding.
  • Sepia - Randomly adjusts your speed.
  • Cerulean - Spawns a duplicate of yourself. If you die while holding the extract, you will automatically take control of the duplicate, if it's still alive. Does not work if the original dies from decapitation or from being gibbed.
  • Pyrite - Randomly colors you every few seconds. Become a disco ball!
  • Red - You are no longer affected by slows from equipment.
  • Green - While held, randomizes your name and appearance. When dropped, restores your original appearance and name. Mulligan!
  • Pink - As long as no creature in sight is injured in your presence, they will not attack you. If the peace is broken, takes two minutes to restore.
  • Gold - Summons a pet companion when held. If it dies, summons a new one!
  • Oil - If you die while holding this extract, you will violently explode.
  • Black - While strangling someone, your hands melt around their neck, draining their life in exchange for food and healing.
  • Light Pink - You move faster, and anyone in critical condition around you is stabilized with 5u Epinephrine. You are now an ambulance.
  • Adamantine - You gain 5% damage resistance to all types.
  • Rainbow - Accepts a regenerative extract. If you enter critical condition, it will automatically use the extract on you.

Dominant Extract: MetalSlimemetal.png (Industrial Industrial.gif)

Industrial extracts can be injected with liquid plasma with a syringe. They will slowly absorb it, and use it to produce items.

The extract is not used up in this reaction, so a clever player can make factories with them.

  • Grey - Produces 5 monkey cubes per 2 units of plasma.
  • Orange - Produces a fancy slime zippo lighter for 6 units of plasma.
  • Purple - Produces an autoinjector with 20u regenerative jelly for 4 units of plasma.
  • Blue - Produces a full fire extinguisher for 10 units of plasma.
  • Metal - Produces 10 metal sheets for 3 units of plasma.
  • Yellow - Produces a 10MJ high-capacity power cell with anywhere between 0 and 1/2 of its charge for 5 units of plasma.
  • Dark Purple - Produces a sheet of plasma for 10 units of plasma, doubling your input.
  • Dark Blue - Produces a one-use fireproofing potion for 6 units of plasma.
  • Silver - Produces a random food or drink item per 1 unit of plasma.
  • Bluespace - Produces a synthetic bluespace crystal for 7 units of plasma.
  • Sepia - Produces a camera for 2 units of plasma.
  • Cerulean - Produces a normal extract enhancer for 5 units of plasma.
  • Pyrite - Produces a can of spraypaint for 2 units of plasma.
  • Red - Produces an orb containing 50 units of blood for 5 units of plasma. Draw with a syringe. The orb disappears when emptied.
  • Green - Produces a self-use-only autoinjector with 50u slime jelly for 7 units of plasma. Really only useful for slimepeople.
  • Pink - Produces an injector of synthpax and space drugs for 6 units plasma.
  • Gold - Produces a random coin for 10 units of plasma.
  • Oil - Produces an IED for 4 units of plasma
  • Black - Produces a fancy pack of regenerative, slime-brand cigarettes for 6 units of plasma.
  • Light Pink - Produces a heart-shaped box of candies for 3 units of plasma. D'aww.
  • Adamantine - Produces one sheet of adamantium for 10 units of plasma.
  • Rainbow - Produces a random slime extract for 5 units of plasma.

Dominant Extract: YellowSlimeyellow.png (Charged Charged.gif)

These extracts tend to be similar to the non-crossbreed slime extracts, but with roughly doubled effectiveness.

In order to activate one, you must fill it with 10u liquid plasma (gotten from grinding plasma sheets), and then activate/click it in your hand.

  • Grey - Produces a slime revival potion, bringing a slime back from the dead. Useful when you accidentally killed the last of a color.
  • Orange - Instantly makes a large burst of flame for a brief moment.
  • Purple - Creates a packet with 15 units of omnizine, rather than regenerative jelly.
  • Blue - Creates a potion that instantly neuters the mutation chance for a slime, making it always produce the same color for that generation.
  • Metal - Spawns 25 sheets of metal and 10 sheets of plasteel.
  • Yellow - Creates a charged 20MJ slime cell, which auto-recharges 1.5 times faster than the non-crossbreed counterpart. Also known as a "hypercharged" yellow core.
  • Dark Purple - Spawns 10 sheets of plasma.
  • Dark Blue - Creates a two-use pressure-shielding potion, making a suit and helmet spaceworthy.
  • Silver - Spawns a slime cake and 10 random drinks. Enough for a party!
  • Bluespace - Spawns 10 sheets of bluespace polycrystal.
  • Sepia - Creates a camera obscura, which lets you take pictures of ghosts.
  • Cerulean - Creates an extract maximizer, instantly boosting the uses of a normal extract to 5.
  • Pyrite - Spawns 10 sheets of bananium. Oh god.
  • Red - Creates a three-use lavaproofing potion, rendering items immune to burning in lava, which makes suits and helmets able to protect the wearer from it.
  • Green - Lets you pick which slime subspecies you want to turn into, rather than a random selection.
  • Pink - Love potion. When fed to a creature it makes simple animals friendly to you and anyone else you fed this potion to. If fed to sentient people they will fall in love with you, making heart effects appear on them when near you.
  • Gold - Spawns 10 hostile mobs, at a slow rate.
  • Oil - Produces a smaller explosion, but it is extremely devastating, ripping a hole in the station.
  • Black - Randomizes the user's species! Careful, you can end up as a plasma person with this.
  • Light Pink - Produces a pacification potion, which will pacify simple animals, and give humans the pacifism trauma.
  • Adamantine - Spawns a completed adamantium golem shell. 11 sheets worth of adamantium!
  • Rainbow - Spawns 3 living slimes of random colors.

Dominant Extract: Dark PurpleSlimedarkpurple.png (Self-Sustaining Selfsustaining.gif)

The Self-Sustaining crossbreed actually produces four extracts, which can be activated in your hand to select which activation to use, removing the need for reagents.

Convenient for when carrying around beakers of reagents or using your own blood is inconvenient, or with extracts like Rainbow, which use rarer reagents.

Dominant Extract: Dark BlueSlimedarkblue.png (Chilling Chilling.gif)

Chilling extracts work like normal extracts, but with primarily defensive uses.

In order to activate one, you must fill it with 10u liquid plasma (gotten from grinding plasma sheets), and then activate/click it in your hand.

  • Grey - Creates a few barrier cubes. When used, they grow into somewhat weak slimy riot barriers!
  • Orange - Makes a ring of fire in a two space radius around you, for only a moment. Keep your allies close, and they won't get burned!
  • Purple - Gives 10u regenerative jelly to everyone in the area. Won't work outside!
  • Blue - Creates a breath mask which doesn't need a tank, and works no matter what air you breathe!
  • Metal - Temporarily surrounds you with unbreakable walls for 10 seconds, for when you need a quick breather.
  • Yellow - Recharges the room's APC by 50%. Useful when you can't hack the thing open!
  • Dark Purple - Removes all plasma gas in the room. Doesn't work outside!
  • Dark Blue - Seals you in a protective block of ice, which can either be destroyed, or you can resist to break out of it.
  • Silver - Creates several ration packs. While they aren't particularly tasty, they will never get you fat!
  • Bluespace - Touching someone or a creature with it adds/removes them from a list. Activating the extract will try to summon everyone on the list to you. They can resist out of it.
  • Sepia - Touching someone with it adds/removes them from a list. Activating the extract stops time for 30 seconds, and everyone on the list is immune, except the user.
  • Cerulean - Creates a duplicate of you, that you control! However, it quickly falls apart. When it enters critical condition, you go back to your original body.
  • Pyrite - Creates a pair of Prism Glasses, which let you place colored light crystals at will.
  • Red - The inverse of normal red slimes - it pacifies every slime on the screen completely!
  • Green - Melts your skin and hollows out your bone into a gun that chills your blood into a slowing gel. Finally, you can be Lovecraftian Megaman. 4 tile range with minor damage. About 4% blood per shot.
  • Pink - Creates a pink slime corgi puppy. It has no special properties.
  • Gold - Produces a golden capture device. You can use it on a simple, neutral creature to store it, and use it in hand to release it.
  • Oil - After 5 seconds makes a relatively large, but extremely light explosion.
  • Black - Transforms you into a completely random type of golem.
  • Light Pink - Creates a "Heroine Bud" - a special flower that pacifies whoever wears it on their head. Be careful; it's addictive, so it can't be taken off by the wearer!
  • Adamantine - Solidifies into a set of adamantine armor. Extremely slow, but defensive. It resists any attempt to speed it up.
  • Rainbow - Makes an unpassable wall inside every door in the area for ten seconds. Halt the tides!

Dominant Extract: SilverSlimesilver.png (Consuming Consuming.gif)

Consuming extracts eat lots of food, and produce special slime cookies, which will feed you a great amount and give you a special effect.

  • Grey - More filling than other cookies.
  • Orange - Heats you up, and grants immunity to the cold for 10 seconds.
  • Purple - Heals 5 points of every type of damage, even cellular damage.
  • Blue - Grants immunity to water-based slipping, and wets the floor around you for 10 seconds.
  • Metal - Increases resistance to brute damage for 10 seconds.
  • Yellow - Grants immunity to electricity for 30 seconds.
  • Dark Purple - Makes you treat toxin damage as toxin healing, and toxin healing as toxin damage, for one minute.
  • Dark Blue - Cools you down, immediately extinguishes you if you are on fire.
  • Silver - When eaten, no matter how much you eat, it will not get you fat!
  • Bluespace - Teleports you to a random place in the current area. Be careful when using these outdoors.
  • Sepia - Increases the speed at which you perform actions that have progress bars by 5% for a minute.
  • Cerulean - Has a 50% chance of spawning another cookie when eaten. Tasty!
  • Pyrite - Randomly colors you, as if you ate a crayon.
  • Red - Makes a splat of blood on the floor, and restores your blood by about 5%.
  • Green - Absolutely disgusting, making you vomit when eaten. However, it also completely removes any reagents from you when you do!
  • Pink - You hug people at random for 30 seconds.
  • Gold - Has a golden coin inside! You're rich!
  • Oil - Slows anyone next to you for 10 seconds.
  • Black - Makes you look like a spooky skeleton for 30 seconds.
  • Light Pink - Makes you, and anyone who stays right next to you, pacified for 10 seconds.
  • Adamantine - Increases your resistance to burn damage for 10 seconds.
  • Rainbow - Has the effects of a random cookie!

Dominant Extract: BluespaceSlimebluespace.png (Warping Warping.gif) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. Warping extracts create runes that you can retrieve at any time, which can produce various effects on the tile they're placed on.

  • Grey - Extracts on the tile are absorbed, 8 extracts produces a slime of that color.
  • Orange - Acts as an extremely fancy bonfire that can be easily relocated.
  • Purple - Sheets of cloth on the tile transform into trauma kits. Sheets of plastic become ointments.
  • Blue - Keeps a tile slippery constantly, and makes an extinguisher-like water effect every few seconds.
  • Metal - Quick to place, slow to pick up. Completely solid invisible "wall", like the old cult spell.
  • Yellow - Drains energy from all battery-enabled things in the tile rapidly, powering the room APC if available.
  • Dark Purple - Grows a crystal of plasma over time. Not usable as sheets, but can be ground for plasma dust.
  • Dark Blue - Creatures that enter the tile have their temperature lowered significantly.
  • Silver - Food on the tile is absorbed. People who cross the tile have nutrition restored.
  • Bluespace - Creates a wormhole satchel; Can take or store items on the tile it's on.
  • Sepia - Any living creature on the tile is under the effects of stasis.
  • Cerulean - Displays a hologram of the last creature to cross the tile.
  • Pyrite - Objects that cross the tile get colored randomly.
  • Red - Attacking while standing on the tile does bonus damage.
  • Green - Slowly converts sheets of plasma to sheets of resin, which can make xeno resin structures.
  • Pink - Hugging the person standing on the tile makes a heart effect, gives better mood bonus.
  • Gold - Functions as a shop that sells randomized items in exchange for coins.
  • Oil - If a bomb detonates on the tile, absorbs the explosion and slime-ifies everything in its radius.
  • Black - A random person in crit is summoned as a nameless, immobile shade until they are not in crit.
  • Light Pink - Simple animals can't cross the tile, and avoid attacking anyone standing on it.
  • Adamantine - Slowly "harvests" ore indefinitely from adjacent ore tiles.
  • Rainbow - Allows access to a small, extradimensional room. Kinda like a single-room Hilbert's Hotel portal.

Dominant Extract: SepiaSlimesepia.png (Lengthened Lengthened.gif) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. Lengthen extracts have a few various uses, giving effects based on the color.

  • Grey - Creates a 3-use potion that makes a slime an adult, but very hungry.
  • Orange - After a few seconds, makes a 3x3 fireball for 5 seconds.
  • Purple - Creates a stimpack, which heals organs and restores disabled limbs.
  • Blue - Makes something akin to metal foam, but with atmos resin. 4 tile radius.
  • Metal - Creates a Fabricator - Basically a blank autolathe that can accept any recipe.
  • Yellow - Makes 30u energized jelly, to speed up Luminescent cooldowns.
  • Dark Purple - Creates a vial of greek fire - lights items on fire forever, etc.
  • Dark Blue - Makes 3 frost tiles. Frost floors are permanently slippery until removed.
  • Silver - Makes a slime candy bowl. Slowly makes slime gummies - sugary junk food.
  • Bluespace - Creates a pair of redspace slippers, which can save a location and warp back.
  • Sepia - After 10 seconds, stops time for one minute. User not immune.
  • Cerulean - Makes an extract splitter, which splits a multi-use extract into multiple extracts.
  • Pyrite - Creates a random instrument.
  • Red - Potion that decreases your maximum health, but slightly increases your speed.
  • Green - Users' tongue becomes something like the chain hook lavaland item. No mask.
  • Pink - Creates a heart perfum. You have a heart effect coming off of you.
  • Gold - Creates the Midas Glove - On cooldown, can turn items to solid gold.
  • Oil - Creates a single brick of low-power C4.
  • Black - Creates a vial of reverse mutagen - transforms a slime into a slime person.
  • Light Pink - Creates the Lanyon serum, which gives the user the split personality trauma.
  • Adamantine - Creates a single construct shell.
  • Rainbow - Creates a single, purified soulstone.

Dominant Extract: CeruleanSlimecerculean.png (Recurring Recurring.gif)

Recurring extracts act like a normal extract, but gain an extra use every few seconds, as long as you don't use it up!

Sepia extract is special and will teleport back to the hand of the last person who touched it after activation.

Dominant Extract: PyriteSlimepyrite.png (Prismatic Prismatic.gif)

Prismatic extracts work like infinite-use paintbrushes, letting you dye tiles a new color.

Rainbow prismatic extracts are special, and let you choose what color you use!

Dominant Extract: RedSlimered.png (Destabilized Destabilized.gif) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. Destabilized extracts act like grenades with various effects.

  • Grey - Spawns an angry slime that is friends with the thrower on top of the creature
  • Orange - Ignites the tile it lands on, or the creature.
  • Purple - Doses the creature with regen jelly, or makes a small cloud of it.
  • Blue - Causes the creature to slip, wets the floor.
  • Metal - Traps the creature in a stationary cage, resist to escape. Or creates a useless cage.
  • Yellow - Electrocutes the creature, or EMPs the tile.
  • Dark Purple - Adds 5 fire stacks, doses the creature with some plasma, or just puffs plasma gas.
  • Dark Blue - Freezes the creature in a block like ice watchers.
  • Silver - Feeds the creature to an unhealthy extent.
  • Bluespace - Teleports the creature next to the thrower.
  • Sepia - Stuns the creature for 7 seconds, "timestop." Otherwise, spawns a 5 second timestop.
  • Cerulean - Spawns a weak, hostile "copy" of whatever it hits, or the thrower if nothing hit.
  • Pyrite - Randomly colors everything on the turf it impacts on.
  • Red - Causes heavy bleeding that recovers on its' own slowly, or makes a blood puddle.
  • Green - Heals the thrower up to 25 points of damage, dealing same damage to the creature.
  • Pink - The thrower hugs the hit creature from afar. Is not used up if it misses.
  • Gold - Causes goliath tentacles to dig up on the impacted turf.
  • Oil - Causes an IED-like explosion on the impacted tile.
  • Black - Blinds the creature for 10 seconds, or causes a cloud of smoke.
  • Light Pink - Gives the creature 5 units of pax, or makes a cleanable peace sign.
  • Adamantine - Spawns several glass shards in a 3x3 area. If creature has shoes, removes them.
  • Rainbow - Gives status effect that causes cloneloss until the creature holds a monkey cube.

Dominant Extract: GreenSlimegreen.png (Mutative Mutative.gif) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. Mutative extracts transform into various slime themed items.

  • Grey - Slime ball - Holds a living slime in stasis, portable.
  • Orange - Slime spear - Normal spear. Collapses when thrown, lighting target on fire.
  • Purple - Slime bandage - Works as a trauma kit, but on brute and burn, even on prosthetics.
  • Blue - Slime tank - A pocket-sized airtank that holds more than normal.
  • Metal - Slime plating - Can be put on girder or floor. Spreads to nearby girders/empty floors.
  • Yellow - Slime cable - Endless cable coil. Cables can be removed by hand, but don't drop anything.
  • Dark Purple - Slime fuel - Can be placed in any PACMAN-like generator to fully fuel it.
  • Dark Blue - Slime crystal - When used on a container of water, converts it into snow!
  • Silver - Slime pie - Tasty. Gives extra biomass to slimepeople.
  • Bluespace - Slime jaunter - A less sickening wormhole jaunter.
  • Sepia - Slime album - A photo album. What, you were expecting something cool?
  • Cerulean - Slime copier - A portable photocopier. Runs on slime jelly instead of toner.
  • Pyrite - Slime pad - An all-in-one suite for writing documents. Stylish.
  • Red - Slime IV - A larger-than-normal IV that can work even inside inventories one-layer deep.
  • Green - Slime injector - An injector that permanently changes a person...changing blood to acidic, and causes death to gib. Inversely, no soft crits, and damage won't slow you as much.
  • Pink - Slime letter - Saves last person hugged while holding it. Teleports when paper inserted.
  • Gold - Slime ducats - Becomes a small pile of coins made of crystallized slime.
  • Oil - Slime oil - Provides mild, long-lasting positive mood buffs when applied. It's essential.
  • Black - Slime veil - Two-handed. While held, standing still makes you almost invis/intangible.
  • Light Pink - Slime knife - No damage, but good at cutting food and butchering bodies!
  • Adamantine - Slime sword - Not amazingly high damage. Can be added to the adamantine shield.
  • Rainbow - Slime soul - Lets you become someone else's slime-themed Guardian.

Dominant Extract: PinkSlimepink.png (Gentle Gentle.gif) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. In most cases, gentle extracts provide an effect similar to a luminescent's effect of that color.

Dominant Extract: GoldSlimegold.png (Symbiont Symbiont.gif) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. Symbiont extracts transform into surgery implantable organs that can give you various effects.

  • Grey - Slime stomach - If overfed, rapidly reduces nutrition and provides some healing.
  • Orange - Burning lungs - Able to breathe fire, and plasma/heat no longer hazardous to breathe.
  • Purple - Regenerative arm - Gives a healing hands ability for that hand, cannot use on self.
  • Blue - Stable lungs - Can breathe any gas safely, so long as the pressure/temperature is sufficient.
  • Metal - Industrial heart - Gain an internal autolathe, which you can interact with at will.
  • Yellow - Jolt foot - Can activate an ability to teleport as far as 3 spaces forwards. Stopped by solid objects.
  • Dark Purple - Plasmatic liver - Consuming plasma no longer toxic, and fuels 3 fire-related powers.
  • Dark Blue - Frozen arm - Can freeze items in small blocks of ice, or entire people on a longer cooldown.
  • Silver - Autocannibalistic stomach - Impedes blood regeneration, but always at optimal nutrition.
  • Bluespace - Warping palm - Arm that lets you pick up items from any distance. Throwing places the item where clicked.
  • Sepia - Chronal foot - Tracks your position five seconds ago. Can instantly warp back, or kick someone else there.
  • Cerulean - Replicant eyes - Produces a fragile eye item that you can see from like a camera bug.
  • Pyrite - Prism appendix - Gives an ability to let you paint items a color of your choice.
  • Red - Bloodsense eyes - Can pulse vision to blind, but able to see all living creatures.
  • Green - Acidic Lungs - Grants a lower-damage version of xenomorph neurotoxin spit.
  • Pink - Diplomatic tongue - Can understand all languages, and can always be understood.
  • Gold - Symbiotic arm - Can detach to use/pick up an item in the distance if it can find a path.
  • Oil - Obliterative heart - If the owner is gibbed or deleted, spawns a new dead body for them.
  • Black - Shadowhand - Can consume lights like a light eater for power. Expends this power on light/dark abilities.
  • Light Pink - Spirit brain - Ghosts can inhabit it. Similar objectives to if they became a sentient mob.
  • Adamantine - Rhinestone eyes - Can summon a handmirror. People who use the handmirror can see through your eyes.
  • Rainbow - Rainbow heart - Very obviously telegraphed and easy-to-interrupt delayed revival on death.

Dominant Extract: OilSlimeoil.png (Detonating Detonating.gif) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. Detonating extracts have a large AoE based on the color, apart from a few standouts.

  • Grey - Feeds all slimes in a large area.
  • Orange - Creates a self-refilling, small "beaker" of welder fuel.
  • Purple - Can revive any dead creature at the cost of the user's "soul" (unclonable)*
  • Blue - In a 7x7 area, if atmos pressure is less than 100, adds oxy until it is.
  • Metal - Fills in all space tiles in a 7x7 area with floors, or walls if at edge.
  • Yellow - Creates the lightning crown, shocks don't do damage, charge abilities.
  • Dark Purple - Converts nearby walls/floor into plasma walls / tiles. Avoid smoking.
  • Dark Blue - Fires a radial burst of non-damaging, but extremely chilling, ice shards.
  • Silver - Creates a golden cookie that permanently increases max HP by 5. Max of +50.
  • Bluespace - Asks for a set of coordinates. Makes a two-way portal there, 30 seconds.
  • Sepia - Clockwork Jumpsuit; incoming projectiles are briefly slowed, a-la bullet time.
  • Cerulean - Creates a contra-contraceptive pill. Makes a simple animal reproduce.
  • Pyrite - Colors all walls, floors, and windows in the area to a selected color.
  • Red - Everyone on screen attacks anyone nearby for 10 seconds. Symbol of Insanity.
  • Green - Users' spine becomes massive jaws, can eat corpses to heal. No backpacks.
  • Pink - Creates heartphones; headphones that color your radio chat a nice pink.
  • Gold - In a somewhat large radius, fills many nearby stone walls with ore.
  • Oil - Creates what amounts to a high-level piece of gibtonite, on a longer timer.
  • Black - Transmutative syringe - Draws/injects people's species, turning human if drawn.
  • Light Pink - Spirit Cloak - While worn, ghosts orbiting are visible, provide limited advice.
  • Adamantine - Creates a completely random golem corpse.
  • Rainbow - Creates a sample of miracle matter - duplicates almost any item once.

Dominant Extract: BlackSlimeblack.png (Transformative) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. Transformative extracts modify living slimes with passive effects, which are retained in children. One effect per slime

  • Grey - Slimes get hungry faster, split into one additional slime.
  • Orange - Slime electrocution also lights on fire.
  • Purple - Slimes regenerate slowly.
  • Blue - Slime guaranteed to retain one original color when splitting.
  • Metal - Slimes have additional overall health.
  • Yellow - Slimes gain electric charge faster.
  • Dark Purple - Permanently under the effects of slime steroid.
  • Dark Blue - Slimes do not take damage from water, only cold.
  • Silver - Slime no longer loses nutrition over time.
  • Bluespace - When at full electric charge, slimes teleport to targets.
  • Sepia - Slimes eat things faster.
  • Cerulean - Slime no longer splits. Instead, makes another adult, halves food.
  • Pyrite - Slime color changes at random, rarely.
  • Red - Slimes move faster. Stacks with rabid.
  • Green - Slimes eat corpses for additional food. Clean environment!
  • Pink - Slimes speak common rather than slime, now.
  • Gold - Extracts are sparkly; Sell for cargo points.
  • Oil - Slime splits into 1-3 extracts on death automatically.
  • Black - When a slime kills a monkey, creates another baby slime.
  • Light Pink - Slimes no longer consider humans valid targets.
  • Adamantine - Slimes no longer take damage from cold/pressure, only water.
  • Rainbow - Ghosts may possess slime at will. Oh no.

Dominant Extract: Light PinkSlimelightpink.png (Loyal) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. Loyal extracts modify items they're used on to provide additioanl effects. only one effect per item.

  • Grey - Sticky - Item cannot be removed by others, only yourself.
  • Orange - Nettling - Item can't be picked up without some form of gloves, burns hand if tried.
  • Purple - Medicinal - Item heals whatever body part it's on, if at all.
  • Blue - Soapy - Item can't get soaked in blood or oil.
  • Metal - Metallic - Item has slightly more brute armor.
  • Yellow - Glowing - Item gives off a gentle glow.
  • Dark Purple - Combustive - Can only be applied to items with cells. Feeding item plasma recharges cell.
  • Dark Blue - Cryonic - Hitting someone with the item reduces their body temperature.
  • Silver - Delicious - Item can be eaten for instantly increased satiation. Bonus if on a food item.
  • Bluespace - Telescopic - Can take a moment to collapse item into unusable, smaller form, or open it up again.
  • Sepia - Waybound - Item can be 'bonded' to by holder. Grants action to recall item to holder.
  • Cerulean - Phoenix - Item ashes upon destruction. Respawns if ashes not cleared.
  • Pyrite - Flashy - Item can always be seen on examine if held by a person.
  • Red - Blooded - Item has +5 force and throwforce.
  • Green - Mutalist - Clicking a simple animal with the item "gives" it to the simple animal, replacing onclick.
  • Pink - Comforting - Item provides a very slight mood buff while worn/carried.
  • Gold - Living - Item becomes alive, as if it were hit with a staff of animation. Shares user's faction.
  • Oil - Volatile - When destroyed, item makes a small explosion.
  • Black - Splitting - On cooldown, fires projectile that clicks whatever it hits with the item instead of throwing.
  • Light Pink - Loyalist - Hard to pick up for anyone except the last person to pick it up.
  • Adamantine - Crystal - Item has slightly more burn armor.
  • Rainbow - Pure - Item has the antimagic component.

Dominant Extract: AdamantineSlimeadamantine.png (Crystalline) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. Crystalline extracts produce a crystal which modifies and applies effects to the entire area. They're fragile, however.

  • Grey - Slowly feeds all slimes in the area. Secondary Effect: Dead slimes in the area are teleported to the crystal once.
  • Orange - Starts shortlived fires at random places in the area. Secondary Effect: Small clouds of capsacian also appear.
  • Purple - Slowly heals everyone in the area. Secondary Effect: Heals brain and clone damage as well, though even slower than normal damage types.
  • Blue - Attempts to convert the room's gas content to human-safe slowly. Secondary Effect: Speeds up the air purification process.
  • Metal - When first created, saves the area's turfs. If metal placed near it, attempts to fix the area. Secondary Effect: Repairs damage to structures in the area, as well.
  • Yellow - Lights up the area fully. Secondary Effect: Outputs a charge like an infinite, though low-power, SMES.
  • Dark Purple - Turns gaseous plasma in the area into plasma sheets slowly. Secondary Effect: Replaces drained plasma with nitrogen.
  • Dark Blue - Tries to dry slippery tiles in the area. Secondary Effect: Cleans messes in the area, as well.
  • Silver - Makes plants in the area grow faster. Secondary Effect: Ripens fruit and seasons food, giving it slightly more nutritional value.
  • Bluespace - When clicked with an empty hand, lists other bluespace crystals. Can teleport to them. Secondary Effect: Also allows warping to teleport beacons.
  • Sepia - When created, saves locations of things in area. When destroyed, tries to recall all of them. Secondary Effect: You can click the crystal with an empty hand to make it also recall you.
  • Cerulean - Grows small crystal shards in the area, which can be added to any material stack to increase it. Secondary Effect: When a shard is fully grown (5 sheets), it is harvested and teleported to the crystal.
  • Pyrite - Randomly colors the lights in the room. Secondary Effect: Plays soft music, as well.
  • Red - Absorbs blood in the area. Help-intent click with an empty hand to expend blood to make stuff. Secondary Effect: Additional recipies with absorbed blood are now available.
  • Green - When clicked with empty hand, become a pet-type simple animal. If you leave or die, revert. Secondary Effect: You now get to choose what simple animal you become.
  • Pink - When clicked by a ghost, turns them into a lovegeist - a lightgeist that cannot leave the area. Secondary Effect: Lovegeists can now walk through walls, and heal slightly more.
  • Gold - If a dead simple animal is left unmoving in the area for 30 seconds, it is butchered. Secondary Effect: The butchering results are teleported to the crystal.
  • Oil - Makes the floor of the area oil-slick; movement works like Legend of Zelda Ice puzzles. Secondary Effect: Movement is significantly faster while sliding.
  • Black - Much like the anomalous crystal's areawarp effect, makes the room slowly styled more slimelike. Secondary Effect: Occasionally grows slime trees, which infrequently produce random extracts.
  • Light Pink - Revives anyone in a small radius, and makes them a pacifist. If they leave the room, they die. Secondary Effect: The revived no longer instantly die when they leave; it takes a little bit.
  • Adamantine - Slows all projectiles in the area. Secondary Effect: Increases projectile damage in exchange for the slow.
  • Rainbow - Grants all crystals in the room a secondary effect. Secondary Effect: Cannot be created in an area with a rainbow crystal already present.

Dominant Extract: RainbowRainbow slime.gif (Hyperchromatic) - Not yet implemented

This extract type is not in the game yet, with potential to change. Hyperchromatic extracts provide a permanant, innate ability, but it also comes with a permanant downside.

  • Grey - Gives the slime language to the user, changes speech verbs to slimelike.
  • Orange - Burning touch on cooldown, igniting items or people. Always flammable.
  • Purple - On a cooldown, entering crit starts a heal effect, but you are stunned until it finishes.
  • Blue - Removes your need to breathe, but stops natural blood regeneration completely.
  • Metal - Vanguard-like spell, but stuns are both doubled and converted to brute damage afterward.
  • Yellow - Somewhat long cooldown full-recharge-with-a-touch. Doubles damage from shocks.
  • Dark Purple - An ability that channels to drink all plasma from the air nearby, adding it as a reagent to you.
  • Dark Blue - Toggle-able, small AoE, air is completely safe and fire is extinguished. While active, cannot breathe.
  • Silver - Can eat items to store them, and cough them up later. Getting hit makes you drop one.
  • Bluespace - On cooldown, teleport somewhere you can see. Leaves a portal behind to follow you.
  • Sepia - Timestop spell, slowed on use and for a bit after.
  • Cerulean - You can split your body like a slimeperson, and re-merge. Health is shared between all of them.
  • Pyrite - Choose a color. You color everything you touch that color, including the floor.
  • Red - Grants bloodcrawling abilities, but doing so causes you to lose an extreme amount of blood.
  • Green - Change appearance/name(?) at will, but take 1.25x burn.
  • Pink - Link with others for power. Linked people can break the link at will, which hurts and stuns you.
  • Gold - You can release your organs as creatures, and recapture them, but if they die you lose the organ.
  • Oil - Absorb explosions, and take clone damage depending on the explosion.
  • Black - You can become invisible for up to a minute. After ending it, you are blind for an equal duration.
  • Light Pink - Can track the direction to, and wellbeing of, someone you name. Heartbroken if they die.
  • Adamantine - Innate spacewalking, but unable to use guns not modified for nonhumans.
  • Rainbow - You can scry to remotely view the station, but it leaves you vulnerable and has risks.

So You're a Traitor[edit | edit source]

What you can get here that can't be gotten easier elsewhere is an EMP and random hostile animals which include a few very deadly ones CARPS SPACE BEARS ALIUMS SPIDERS HIVEBOTS PINE TREES OH GOD IT'S HORRIFYING. Releasing the slimes is somewhat viable, but you will likely get caught doing so, and baby slimes are rather tame (Unless you have Red Slime Essence. Then it's a party.)

On the plus side, you do have a disposal chute that goes directly to space. Pretty handy for disposing of evidence, or people.

Also remember the havoc with grenades and bombs you can cause! If you can get access to chemistry as well you can make some interesting grenades. Advanced mutation toxin with sugar in one beaker, phosphorus and potassium in the other. Set a timer in the Medbay and drop it and listen to all the people turning into Slimes. This is when you laugh to yourself and realize it backfires when all the slimes attack you.

A full guide to ruining someone's day with slimes:

  • Red - Makes all slimes within sight range hyper aggressive. Also makes speed potions which can make it easier to evade guns while firing off other slime cores while still keeping high armor values or being able to go in space freely.
  • Green - Produces 1 unit of a chemical that turns people into different races including slime persons. Use it on someone and convince the AI that they're a danger to humanity. Needs at least 5 units for it to work in a smoke grenade.
  • Black - Turns people into actual slimes, no fort save. Again, 5 units in a smoke grenade will make for a very interesting shuttle flight.
  • Orange - Ignites a large fire.
  • Yellow - Huge EMP.
  • Silver - Only way to get real roburgers (with nanomachines) and motherfucking GATFRUIT.
  • Gold - We all know what this does.
  • Sepia - Stops time in a small radius, allowing you to wreak many kinds of havoc.
  • Oil - Explosion.
  • Adamantine - Makes golems that can be converted to the cult/soul shard/revved. They have to follow orders given to them by their creator so feel free to make them suicide bomb with gold slime cores.
  • Light pink - Enables you to make sentient beings, including anything a gold slime extract can produce. Magicarps included.

Don't forget about some of the wonderful slime crossbreeds for beating the piss out of fellow crewmen!

  • Burning rainbow makes a rainbow knife that does random types of damage, making it a lot harder to heal from!
  • The regenerative extracts can provide an important health boost in the middle of a fight, and Stabilized rainbow can auto-apply them in danger!
  • Looking to go out with a bang, literally? Take a stabilized oil with you, hug your target, and kill yourself!
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