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Deck Technician
Access: Hangar Bay, Flight Deck, Munitions Deck
Additional Access: Maintenance
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Master At Arms
Rank: Specialist (SPC)
Duties: Repair, rearm, and refuel the fighters. Steal the tug at the start of the round. Murder the Fighter Pilots.
Guides: Guide to Munitions, Guide to Fighters
Quote: "If I have to deal with another Pilot begging for nukes I'm going to blow up the Stormdrive."

You are a Deck Technician. Your job serves very little purpose and only exists as a slave to prevent the Munitions Technicians from being overworked. You get the fighters combat ready, stop the pilots from stealing all the nukes, and have an existential crisis when the tug drops the fighters every single pixel it moves.

Bare minimum requirements: Know how to drive. Know how to load a fighter onto a tug. Know how to shout at Pilots for being assholes.

C'mere, flyboy![edit | edit source]

The most essential thing to do at the start of every round is grab the keys for the tugs and guard them jealously - this is your only source of power over competent Pilots (and you don't want to have power over incompetent Pilots. The paperwork...)

Use the aircraft tugs in the Hangar Bay to carry the fighters to the magnetic constrictors; if you're not sure where those are, ask the ATCs. Make sure the Pilots actually acknowledge your existence. They will try their hardest to fuck everything up, and you and the MaA are the only things that can (maybe) stop them.

Fire Load Missile[edit | edit source]

If your pilots are still alive after first contact (and haven't been blown up and cloned), then eventually they're gonna need more ammo. The primary cannons for each fighter don't run out of ammo (luckily), however the pilots will need more missiles and torps after they use their starting supply. Light Fighters will need missiles, and heavy fighters will need torpedos. The Hangar starts with a good supply of missiles, however torpedos will most likely need to be acquired from Munitions after you run out.

To load munitions into a fighter, first open the maintenance hatch (By using a wrench then a crowbar), then clickdrag the desired ordnance onto the fighter to load it (like how you load a torpedo tube).

Additionally, if you upgrade the Missile/Torp racks on the fighters, you can load more nukes torps/missiles onto a single fighter, increasing their ability to lose missiles when they get blown up shoot those weapons.

Bullet holes and burnt plastic[edit | edit source]

On the rare occasion that a Pilot survived multiple shots, or the much less rare occasion where they didn't use a tug (and dragged their fighter across the floor), you'll have to repair their ship for them. Repairing ships is done in one of two ways: lighter external damage can be repaired simply by welding the holes on the fighter; heavier internal damage requires you to open the maintenance panel, then welding the internal damage.

Sometimes, however, internal components will also be damaged when a fighter is shot at/crashes into a wall/drags its tail across the ship. These can be identified by the pilot complaining of an annoying loud beeping a master caution light. They can also be identified by various ship systems not responding to the pilot. They show up in the maintenance panel with a prefix (such as 'charred' or 'singed), and when examined they will look less than functional. These must be removed and replaced with functioning parts, or the fighter will be less than combat capable. In some cases, such as with APU damage, the fighter might not even be able to start.

To refuel a fighter simply drag a tyrossene tank next to a fighter, take the hose out and pump the fuel into the fighter's tank. Ensure the fighter's engines are off so you don't accidentally blow yourself up.

Make torp fighter[edit | edit source]

Science has the ability to research upgrades for your fighters, which won't may increase survivability. To add these upgrades, open the maintenance panel on the fighter and click it - you'll be able to see the inner workings/components/useless fluff and remove various components, from the gun to the fuel tanks. To replace the components, just make sure the slot is empty and use a new component on the fighter with panel open.

You can also build more fighters! To do this, you'll need Science to stop being useless research fighter tech. Then, you need to print off a bunch of components from various protolathes around the ship. Specifically, you need:

1. From the Cargo Protolathe:

  • A Fighter Chassis, either Light, Heavy, or Utility.
  • Armor plating
  • An Engine
  • A Countermeasure Dispenser
  • An APU
  • A Passenger Compartment (Utility Fighter)
  • An Auxiliary Fuel Tank (Utility Fighter)
  • A Breach Sealing Tank (Utility Fighter)

2. From the Engineering Protolathe:

  • A primary light (Light Fighter)/heavy (Heavy Fighter) cannon
  • A secondary missile (Light Fighter)/torpedo (Heavy Fighter) rack
  • A Refuelling System (Utility Fighter)
  • A SAR Module (Utility Fighter)
  • A Breach Sealing Module (Utility Fighter)

3. From the Science Imprinter:

  • A Targeting Sensor
  • An Avionics Package

4. From Munitions/the Hangar:

  • Your Toolbelt
  • An Airlock Painter

From there, you can then set up the chassis, and follow the instructions from examining the fighter.

If you want, you can also paint fighters. That requires a spraycan and a knocked-out cooperating pilot, though.

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