Shaft Miner

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Shaft Miner
Generic shaft.png
"-And tell science, if they want their diamonds. To give us the damn tech for it!"
AccessMining Station, Mining Station EVA, Cargo Office, Mineral Storage
Additional AccessMaintenance, Cargo Bay, MULEbot access, Quartermaster's Office
SupervisorsQuartermaster and Executive Officer
RankSpecialist (SPC)
DutiesMine ores and process them into useful materials. Go on an adventure in mysterious ruins.
GuidesThis is the guide, Guide to Fighters

Welcome to the Frontier, Miner. Grab your Hardsuit, prepare the accelerators, we've got a busy day ahead.

Bare minimum requirements: Break rocks, collect ore and bring it back to the main ship for refining.

Workin' In The Plasma Mine[edit | edit source]

Your very own Sabre, distinct from other normal Sabres by it's brown and purple paintjob!

Being a miner can be somewhat tedious, but without your valiant efforts, the ship and it's crew will use up every scrap of materials they start with and descend into anarchy. You best know what you're doing before stepping out into the great unknown. Which is a great segway into the next point, where do you, the humble blue collar worker that you are, work? Well my friend you work on a big damn rock, and it's up to you to strip that hunk of stone for valuable materials! Unfortunately, the rocks aren't particularly welcoming because of the following:

  • Space - Cold, Empty and really doesn't like you. Without a hardsuit and Oxygen supply, you wont make it very long out there.
  • Gibtonie - Nature's homegrown bombs! While not a threat to those that are prepared, a close proximity blast can easily put you into crit or remove a limb.
  • Lifeforms - Not all asteroids are barren of life and anything that can survive in the great void has got to be pretty strange. From glowing fairies to packs of ravenous space carp and in rare cases you may even find the elusive space clowns...

The risk of these hazards can be reduced by keeping a close eye on your surroundings and always having your accelerator on hand to help you out. As good as your accelerator is, having another miner to back you up is even better.

You can click on an adjacent rock or run directly into it to begin picking or drilling the rock, but the Kinetic Accelerator is much faster and more efficient. Keep in mind that if you do decide to pick or drill your way through rock, you can have multiple dig jobs running at the same time to mine faster.

Working With Your Boss[edit | edit source]

Who is your boss? You answer to the Executive Officer, much like the rest of Supply -- but usually, you'll just be talking to the Quartermaster or other Miners. It's best to make some friends, as you'll be seeing your fellow miners a lot.

The Objective[edit | edit source]

You're here to mine, so get digging! Once you're full to bursting with ores, drag your ore box back to the main ship and head to cargo where the Ore Redemption Machine Ore Redemption Machine sits. Drag the box next to the machine to automatically offload your ores and have them instantly processed into sheets. Then click "claim" to retrieve mining points as a reward for your hard work, these points will be placed on whatever ID is currently in the machine. Once you've deposited your ores. Check the Cargo Protolathe for those all important upgrades and then get back to work.

How to do the do[edit | edit source]

Gearing up[edit | edit source]

  1. Gear up! From the mining equipment locker, you will need Meson Scanner goggles, a mining scanner, your pickaxe (optional), a bluespace shelter capsule and your standard issue proto-kinetic accelerator. If you want, there is also an additional mining satchel, and a shovel for digging up ash (for glass).
  2. Attach your seclite and knife to your proto-kinetic accelerator to save space, and to let you bash things harder without having to take out your knife.
  3. Use your voucher on a mining vending machine to select your choice of advanced mining tools, listed below.
  4. Head to the ship mining prep room (if it has one!) to grab a hardsuit and breath mask, as well as a bottle of oxygen, always carry a spare as they can fit in your backpack.
  5. Before you go, you'll want an Ore Box, which can hold an infinite amount of minerals. Ore boxes are available on the mining Sabres, the mining shuttle and rarely on the field. More can be built with wood planks.
  6. For extra safety, grab a GPS device, set it to your name and tell the QM and other miners about it. If you're lucky, they will drag your lifeless body back to cloning.

Piloting 101:[edit | edit source]

To learn how to pilot a Sabre, refer to the Guide to Fighters as the controls for piloting a fighter and Sabre are one and the same

FTL: Going REALLY fast[edit | edit source]

So you've mined, crashed into or blown up all the asteroids in your sector of space? Good news! Once the main vessel jumps, you can go mine fresh fruits of the next system without a worry.

However you've probably looked at the piloting menu on your Sabre and wondered "What is this 'Return' button?" Well, your Sabres have the unique ability to get abandoned by the main ship whenever it jumps away! Fortunately, as long as you have the battery power to charge your FTL drive, you're never too much at risk of being permanently abandoned.

The interior of your average, unmodified and un-blown-up Sabre! It comes with a Starmap console, spare oxygen canister and an ore box!
Upon opening the Starmap console, you should be greeted with this.

Life beyond breaking rocks[edit | edit source]

  1. Print some better mining tools or upgrades for your existing ones and Mining Satchels of Holding at the cargo protolathe for even more efficient mining.
  2. Get your grubby hands on some upgrades for your Sabre such as improvements to it's DRADIS console, allowing it to see higher tiers of asteroids from afar, or just shove a bigger engine into the Sabre to watch it go faster.

Voucher equipment[edit | edit source]

You start the shift with a complimentary mining voucher, worth one free item out of a selection of four. These items, and their strengths, are:

  • Survival Capsule and Explorer's Webbing: The webbing (you put on your belt slot) allows you to carry even more mining equipment - having a second shelter capsule is nice too. 900 pts value.
  • Resonator Kit: Comes with a resonator, explorer's webbing, mini extinguisher and advanced scanner. While the resonator is underwhelming, the advanced scanner has almost twice the scanning range and updates much faster. 2100 pts.
  • Mining Drone: A little companion that helps in storing ore and hunting wildlife. Only useful once you install the sentience upgrade module. Comes with an industrial welding tool, a welding mask and a KA modkit that allows shots to pass through the drone. ~800 pts.
  • Extraction and Rescue Kit: Contains a fulton extraction pack and a beacon, which allows you to send back home minerals, items and dead miners without having to use the ferry. As a bonus, you get 30 marker beacons too. 1700 pts.
  • Crusher Kit: Contains a proto-kinetic crusher, a chest webbing like the capsule kit, an advanced scanner and a mini fire extinguisher. The crusher is two-handed and hard to use without getting hit, but has a chance to make fauna drop powerful trophies. 2450 pts.
  • Mining Conscription Kit: A duffle bag full of basic items for one conscript - Proto-kinetic accelerator, survival knife, seclite, explorer's suit, mesons, mining scanner and satchel, gas mask, a supply radio key and a special card that adds mining access to IDs. Good for when you want to recruit metafriends fresh conscripts. 1500 pts.

Default Gear[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of default mining equipment:

Essential Equipment[edit | edit source]

Item Description
Mining Hardsuit
The Standard issue hardsuit provided to all miners, providing full EVA protection, light armour and an inbuilt helmet. Which has the ability to activate lights on the helmet for some EXTRA light. Wearing the suit does provide some slowdown in regular areas. The suit allows an oxygen tank to be placed on your back.
Explorer Gas Mask and Oxygen Tank
So you can have oxygen when mining. Oxygen tanks are available from the tank storage unit, and can be worn on your suits storage slot. You can also use your emergency oxygen tank which can be placed on your suit. Running out of oxygen is unlikely with the full sized tank.
MGlasses.png Miningscanner1.gif
Meson Scanners and Automatic Mining Scanner
Activating the scanner will briefly flash any ore on screen - it works even inside a box. Can be used to stop gibtonite from exploding.
Global Positioning System, GPS
Having one of these on you will help others track down your body if you happen to develop a case of the dead. In addition it can be used to locate other miners (who bothered to take it). Be sure to set your name on the GPS.
Proto-kinetic Accelerator
A standard issue gun. The good part is that it packs a punch in a low pressure environment, is very good at digging and has infinite shots. The bad part is that it tickles in pressurized environments, has a cooldown after each shot, and has a range of three steps. Can be dual wielded at the price of lower accuracy and speed.

KAs deal brute damage (40 standard/10 in pressurized rooms), but count as explosive versus armor. That way, suits like bomb suits and the RD hardsuit can negate 90% of the damage dealt.

Survival Knife
Use it for butchering the wildlife (hit while on harm intent). It's as strong against mobs as a pickaxe, but you can't mine with it. You can store it in your boots to save space, but remember to alt-click the boots to draw the knife back out. Alternatively, stick it on your KA.
Survival Medipen
A cocktail of powerful healing chemicals. Contains Salbutamol, Leporazine, Epinephrine, Mining Nanites and Omnizine. Heals all types of damage and stabilizes body temperature.
Bluespace shelter capsule
Activate this in your hand, and it'll near instantly produce a beautiful shelter. The shelter contains a cupboard which contains a guitar (or dice) and some donk pockets. It also has a stasis bed which requires another person to use. Never leave home without one. You're issued one for free in your the mining lockers on ship.
Ore Satchel
For carrying ore without using a mining cart, holds 50 ore nuggets. Empty it into boxes by using the satchel on them.
Newbie tip: Put it in one of your pocket slots, then start dragging an ore box. Any ore you walk over will be transferred to the box.
Ore box
Used for carrying huge amounts of ore. While a satchel can only hold 50 nuggets, this can hold an unlimited sum. You cannot carry it, but you can drag it with you.

Use your satchel on the box to empty it into the box. Even better: Drag it behind you with an ore satchel in your pocket.

Mining Voucher
Found in your backpack, exchange this at the mining equipment locker for one of several selections which include various mining items.
A beefed up flashlight. Put this on your KA to free up inventory space.

Miscellaneous Equipment[edit | edit source]

Items that, while not critical to take, can be situationally useful.

Item Description
Somewhat antiquated thanks to the prevalence of the proto-kinetic accelerator and resonator. Nevertheless it can be used to dig wide tunnels, robust things in melee combat and as a backup if you lose your resonator. It can also fit inside a belt chest webbing.
Gathering sand. You can stick this in your backpack. A crappier version of a compact pickaxe
For removing KA mods, or just in case when there is a blackout. Spawns in your box.

Advanced Gear[edit | edit source]

The following are more advanced items that need to be purchased from a mining equipment vendor, with credits:

Voucher/Reward Equipment[edit | edit source]

These items can either be acquired from a voucher, or can be bought with money/credits, usually earned from delivering ore to the Ore Redemption Machine Ore Redemption Machine on the ship. Prices are included.

Mining Equipment Vendor
Mining Equipment Vendor
Mining Equipment Vendor List
Item Description cPrice
30 Marker Beacons
A pack of 30 Marker Beacons, used to light your way on asteroids. a150 Points
Bluespace Shelter Capsule
The Shelter Capsule is indispensable for long expeditions: it creates an ash-storm proof 3x3 room complete with breathable air, a nanomed, a stasis bed and some warm donk-pockets. Of course, the donk pockets are better at healing you than the nanomed. The only useful thing the nanomed holds are its bandages. a400 Points
Survival Medipen
Contains several healing and heat-stabilizing chemicals. Using more than one in a short period will cause several overdoses. 500 Points
Brute Healing Kit
A first aid kit for when you get blown up or shot at by a fellow miner wielding a Proto-kinetic Accelerator. a600 Points
Burn Healing Kit
A first aid kit for when you keep getting shot at by your fellow miners using Plasma Cutters. a600 Points
Advanced Healing Kit
A first aid kit for when you got caught in the crossfire of a PKA and a Plasma Cutter! a1200 Points
Fulton beacon.png
Fulton Beacon
Creates an anchored beacon when used in hand that fulton extraction packs can target as a drop-off point. a500 Points
Fulton pack.png
Fulton Extraction Pack
A balloon that can be used to extract anything outside that's not bolted down to a Fulton Recovery Beacon. Swap which beacon the pack is aiming at by using (Z or click) the pack in hand. It has a limited number of uses (usually 3 in a fresh pack); examine the pack to check how many are left. a1000 Points
Wormhole Jaunter
A one-use item that creates a wormhole to a random beacon on ship. The portal is unstable and will make you dizzy after using it. Can be worn on the belt slot to teleport you if you happen to encounter a chasm. a750 Points
Advanced Mining Scanner
A upgrade over the default Mining Scanner. This tool has a much larger detection radius of seven tiles (the entire screen), and updates more frequently. a800 Points
Miner webbing.png
Explorer's Webbing
Can be worn on the belt slot. Stores mining equipment. a500 Points
Kinetic crusher.png
Proto-kinetic Crusher
A powerful melee weapon. Unless you have a Bag of Holding, you can only store this in the slot normally occupied by a backpack. If wielded in both hands (left-click it while it's in the selected hand), shoots kinetic bolts that don't deal damage, but can mark creatures making the hammer deal increased damage (20->50 Brute) when used on them. It will deal even greater damage (80) on backstab. a800 Points
Proto-kinetic Accelerator
The classic mining weapon. Buy it from here if you did not get one at roundstart. a500 Points
Another deadly tool. This will, when used on rock or an empty space, create a field on that spot that lasts for about five seconds before rupturing, causing serious damage (60 Brute) to anything standing on it. Just like the kinetic accelerator, it does reduced damage (20) in pressurized environments. You can activate it in your hand to switch the field to last between 3 and 5 seconds. Using it on an already-marked spot will instantly rupture the field. a750 Credits
Adv resonator.png
Upgraded Resonator
Like the regular resonator, but able to have 6 fields active at a time - with no damage penalty for fields that are detonated early. a1500 Credits
Silver Pickaxe
Slightly better than the default pickaxe, but still a lot worse than your starting KA. a500 Credits
Diamond Pickaxe
For when you want something shinier and better than your default pickaxe and the scientists are either too lazy or too dead to make drills or jackhammers. STILL worse than a basic KA. a1000 Credits
Mining Bot Companion
This helpful little guy goes around collecting loose ore so you don't have to. Will drop its haul when you hit it with the mining scanner. Clicking on it with an empty hand will toggle it between ore collection and wildlife fighting mode, where it will attack xenos with its built-in kinetic accelerator and drill. Will not pick up sand with no nearby ore around, for some reason. Comes with an upgraded welding tool if redeemed via voucher. It cannot be repaired while it is fighting. It can be further upgraded with special modules bought from the vending machine. a800 Points
Door electronics.png
Minebot Upgrade: Ore Scoop
Allows a minebot to automatically pick up ores while moving. a400 Points
Door electronics.png
Minebot Upgrade: Cooldown
Decreases the Minebot's ranged weapon's cooldown. a600 Points
Door electronics.png
Minebot Upgrade: Medical
Allows a sentient Minebot to carry and administer a medipen. a800 Points
Door electronics.png
Minebot Upgrade: AI
Installs a high tech AI into the Minebot (grants a ghost control over the Minebot). a1000 Points
P-KA Upgrade: Bot-Friendly
A modkit that allows your PKA to ignore minebots. Does not occupy any mod capacity. a100 Points
P-KA Upgrade: Tracer Shots
A modkit that makes your KA's projectile flight path visible, in a white color. a200 Credits
P-KA Upgrade: Adj. T. Shots
A modkit that makes your KA's projectile flight path visible. Use in hand to cycle between colors. Does not occupy any mod capacity. a300 Points
P-KA Upgrade: Range
A modkit that increases your KA's range by 1. Occupies 25% of mod capacity. Can usually be fabricated at the cargo techfab/protolathe - don't buy it here. a1000 Points
P-KA Upgrade: Cooldown
A modkit that reduces your KA's cooldown by 0.25 seconds. Occupies 30% of mod capacity. Can usually be fabricated at the cargo techfab/protolathe - don't buy it here. a1000 Points
P-KA Cosmetic Super Chassis
A modkit that makes your KA look yellow, like one of the no longer existing Super-Kinetic Accelerators. Does not occupy any mod capacity. a200 Points
P-KA Cosmetic Hyper Chassis
A modkit that makes your KA look orange, like one of the no longer existing Hyper-Kinetic Accelerators. Does not occupy any mod capacity.. a200 Points
Mining Hardsuit.png
Mining Hardsuit
An extra hardsuit if you need to buy a new one for somebody, or you lost your old one. Like the standard explorer’s suit, can be upgraded up to 3 times with goliath hide for up to 60 melee resistance. a2000 Points
Extended Emergency Oxygen Tank.png
Expanded E. Oxygen Tank
An expanded emergency oxygen tank. Lasts for twice as long as the one in your internals box. a1000 Points
Mining jetpack.png
Jetpack Upgrade
A jetpack upgrade for your hardsuit! a2000 Points
Mining Conscription Kit
Contains a mini-pickaxe, mesons, an ore scanner and satchel, an explorer suit and gas mask, a supply encryption key which gives your headset access to the supply channel, and a card which adds mining access to your ID. a1000 Points
Survival Knife
A robust knife. Used to butcher fauna and hit harder with your PKA. Don't lose it! a1000 Points
Tracking Implant Kit
Contains three tracking implants and a locator; useful if you want others to find your corpse for up to 10 minutes after death. a1000 Points
Points Card.png
Point Transfer Card
A small card preloaded with mining points. Swipe your ID card over it to transfer the points, then discard. a500 Points
Gar mesons.png
GAR Mesons
A pair of very sharp meson scanners. Can be thrown as a weapon, with a chance to embed. a500 Credits
Luxury Bar Capsule
A luxury bar in a capsule. Bartender required and not included. a10000 Points
Lazarus Hypo.png
Lazarus Injector
A miracle injection capable of reviving simple living beings from death, making them friendly to you and the crew. Useless on humans, monkeys, and other complex living beings. Resurrect Ian for all access from a thankful Executive Officer! Or make yourself a space carp. The Lazarus injector can be EMP'd to make revived mobs hostile to everyone but you. Also useful for bartering with the XO or any staff with a pet. a1000 Points
Cash 1000.png
1000 Space Cash
Conversion of Mining Psoints into Space Cash a2000 Points
Margherita Pizza
Just a box of pizza. It's not very good, but it's better than nothing. a200 Points
Whiskey bottle.png
A bottle of alcohol, helps you forget you literally work in hell. a100 Credits
Absinthe bottle.png
A bottle of alcohol, helps you forget you literally work in hell. a100 Credits
A high-quality havana cigar. a150 Points
A bar of slippery soap. a200 Points
Laser Pointer.png
Laser Pointer
Just a laser pointer, don't shine it into people's eyes. Useful against rogue Cyborgs. a300 Points
Toy Facehugger
An extremely realistic-looking facehugger toy, to prank the crew with. Latches onto faces and tears off masks. a300 Points
Cryo fuel tank.png
Cryogenic Fuel Tank
A newly filled Cryogenic Fuel Tank, perfect to refuel your Mining Sabre that's running low on fuel, don't ask me how the hell they managed to fit this thing through the vending tray. You don't want to know a10000 Points

RnD Gear[edit | edit source]

The following is a list of advance items that can be acquired only from RnD, using a combination of minerals and high tech research.

RnD Gear
Item Description
Mining Drill
Can be acquired early on from RnD. It's twice as fast as the standard Pickaxe but is quickly superseded by better variants and is expensive for what it gives.
Diamond Tipped Mining Drill
Very powerful drill, able to almost instantly mine mineral walls. Very expensive in terms of Diamonds needed to produce however.
Sonic Jackhammer.png
Sonic Jackhammer
The epitome of mining. Can practically instantly mine through rock and walls. But it requires three times the Diamonds of a Diamond Tipped Drill.
KA Triggerguard Mod
A modkit that will allow species that cannot normally fire guns to use the KA, such as golems and hulks.
KA Range Mod
A modkit that increases your KA's range by 1.
KA Damage Mod
A modkit that increases your KA's damage by 10.
KA Cooldown Mod
A modkit that reduces your KA's cooldown by 0.25 seconds.
KA AoE Mining Mod
A modkit that makes your KA mine rocks in a 3x3 AoE. It does not, however, deal AoE damage. You're usually better off carrying a plasma cutter to deal with rocks and keep the KA for combat.
Plasma Cutter.png
Plasma Cutter
A fast mining (and welding) tool. Shoots rock-breaking bolts that pierce up to 5 rocks per shot. Rechargeable by inserting plasma ore or sheets into it. Less efficient in combat than a KA, however, and even less when in high pressure.
Adv plasma cutter.gif
Advanced Plasma Cutter
A very fast mining (and welding) tool. Shoots rock-breaking bolts that pierce up to 10 rocks per shot, basically allowing you to pierce rock as fast as you can walk. Rechargeable by inserting plasma ore or sheets into it.
Bluespace satchel.gif
Mining Satchel of Holding
Very cheap mining satchel that can hold an unlimited amount of minerals and ore.
NV meson glasses.gif
Night Vision Mesons
These glasses work like normal mesons, but they can see perfectly in the darkness negating the need for flashlights.

All of this gear is printed out at the supply department protolathe.

The Ores[edit | edit source]

These are what you should be looking out for, generally try and get a good mix of the more exotic ore types. Iron ore is ok but it sells for little and is highly abundant on the ship already. Do note that ores are not exclusive to one type of asteroid. For example, you can find iron on most asteroids, but you'll find the most on Ferrous ones.

Name Wall Raw Ore Money Reward Value Processed Ore Asteroid type Uses
Iron Ironwall.png Ironore.png 1 Metal.png Ferrous For just about everything.
Sand Minefloor.png Sandore.png 1
Any For making glass, which has a plethora of applications. Activate sand in your hand to make sandstone bricks. These can be used to make dirt which can be used to grow plants.
Copper Copperrock.png Copper ore.png 5 Copperdone.png Non-Ferrous For making various machine parts.
Plasma Plasmawall.png Plasmaore.png 15 Plasmadone.png Non-Ferrous Ship sheets back to Centcom for bonus money to the cargo budget.
Silver Silverwall.png Silverore.png 16 Silverdone.png Non-Ferrous Making dosh, mechs, and researching Bluespace.
Gold Goldwall.png Goldore.png 18 Golddone.png Non-Ferrous For making various electronics or pimping out Beepsky.
Titanium Titaniumrock.png Titaniumore.png 30 Titaniumdone.png Ferrous For repairing the ship's armour, this is the most important after iron. Also used for high-tech mechs, R&D components or for building shuttle walls and floors.
Uranium Uraniumwall.png Uraniumore.png 30 Uraniumdone.png Exotic For making you radioactive (notice: no joke, this shit is deadly as a wall or a door). Delicious cocktails.
Diamond Diamondwall.png Diamondore.png 50 Diamonddone.png Exotic For making mech parts, among other industrial uses.
Bluespace Crystal BluespaceCrystalWall.png Bluespace Crystal.png 50 BS polycrystal.png Exotic These crystals can be used in various ways. Give them to science to increase bluespace science, hold onto them to use as a risk free jaunter, or throw them at people to make them teleport randomly (often into space.)
Bananium Bananimumwall.png Bananimumore.png 60 Bananiumdone.png HONK! A rare and unusual mineral found exclusively in clown-controlled space. Used only for the H.O.N.K. mech and other clownlike items. Absolutely Cursed
Gibtonite Gibtonitewall.gif Gibtoniteore.png N/A Any For trolling miners blowing shit up, whether they be solid asteroid or other things. Hitting it with your mining tools will start a chain reaction. If you don't stop the reaction with your mining scanner in time, the gibtonite will explode. If you do, you can mine the ore, pick it up (you need both hands free) and use it as an explosive. The closer the gibtonite was to exploding before defused, the more potent its power. Cannot be forged or turned in to the Ore Redemption Machine Ore Redemption Machine, so don't bring any of this to the ship or else you'll be arrested ignored by security because they don't know what the hell it is. Gibtonite can be used to craft a Chemical Payload ChemPayload.gif.

How to obtain Gibtonite: Hit ore, count to 8 flashes of the ore then hit it with your scanner. Gibtonite varies in the number of reactions it has, so you may get lower quality ore. Use 2 of the 0 reaction ores (the most potent) to blow open the AI core and make it cry at it's malf failure!

Who Needs What[edit | edit source]

Miners don't have to deliver ores directly to departments -- they can if they want, or if those bastards are too lazy to leave their fortress of autism science -- but it never hurts to know what to aim for.

  • Engineers always need iron, titanium, silver and plasma for the APNW to repair the ship's armour and hull.
  • Scientists at least a bit of every ore. In exchange, they may give you upgrades for your Kinetic Accelerator, a Plasma Cutter, a Mining Satchel of Holding, and, if you're lucky, Night Vision Meson Scanners or a Bag of Holding!
  • Roboticists need diamond, uranium, silver and gold for building mech parts. Give them enough and you've indirectly helped out most of the departments on the ship if the Roboticists are competent enough to build helpful stompy mechs for everybody! Too bad the lavaproof Firefighter is the only good mech for mining.
  • The Quartermaster may want mineral sheets to trade them in for bonus supply credits. Plasma in particular is both common and valuable.
  • Everybody could always use more iron, glass and plasteel, but especially Roboticists and Station Engineers.
  • The Chemist and Xenobiologist will all appreciate having extra plasma.
  • A competent Virologist can use several sheets of uranium to create incredibly powerful healing viruses that let you heal out of crit in two seconds.
  • A Clown with Bananium is a grateful and dangerous ally.
  • The Bartender can use a few sheets of uranium or iron to craft some of his rarest cocktails.

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • Always go with at least two other people when mining. Not only can you mine faster together, the chance that they could both be 'lings/traitors is rather low. Pickaxe to the skull tends to put down most people.
  • You can view the contents of a mining satchel as if it were a backpack.
  • Middle mouse click swaps your hand, allowing you to shoot minerals and grat them with the satchel quickly.
  • Minebots are great at distracting monsters. Just walk near and bash the distracted target with your drill. They can take quite a beating. Plus they collect all the crap gibtonite leaves when it detonates.
  • The Proto-kinetic Accelerator can destroy electrified grilles without needing a pair of insulated gloves.
  • The Proto-kinetic Accelerator will obliterate a space carp in one hit while in space.
  • You can dual wield PKAs. Use harm intent to fire both at once.
  • The Executive Officer may reward you with all access if you resurrect Ian. Also, sometimes the Research Director will reward you for a pet gold grub.
  • If you're expecting trouble on the ship, consider taking out a window on the mining shuttle before you return to make a quick getaway so you're not trapped like a rat in a cage.
  • The mining drone can be repaired with a welding tool, but not in the middle of a fight.
  • You could alternatively buy the drone, fully upgrade it, give it an AI Module, and tell it to go valid-hunt. A mining drone dragging a bar of soap is surprisingly robust against even changelings.
  • Life improving things:
    • Mining suit upgrade : The Mining jetpack upgrade can make your already fast work even faster by reducing the time you are moving between the ship and asteroid. Plus it's great to have when you need to make a speedy getaway.
    • Augmentations : Augs are VERY useful for miners, as healing with a welder is ultimately easier. Plus they work differently than armor when it comes to protection, instead reducing all brute damage taken by an augmented body part by 5 (4 for burn). Downside : EMP vulnerability.
  • Kinetic accelerators can be used as infinite tools to navigate space, since every time you fire, it'll throw you in the opposite direction.
  • Sentient minebots can very easily be commanded to go help security if there is an imminent threat to the ship. Their melee saw is very robust, and works just as well as on all ships. The proto-kinetic accelerator that they are equipped with is very robust when in space.
  • If you dont have a mining satchel of holding, and no ore box, you can deconstruct tables in the library (the curator is probably too busy organizing a game of D&D to really care much) to obtain wooden planks. You can then use these wooden planks to fabricate an ore box.
  • If science hasn't researched Advanced Mining Technology within 10 minutes of the start of the shift, please remind them. There is normally at least 1 single person in science competent enough to do so.

Dead Space[edit | edit source]

A traitorous miner has a lot of advantages. You have a space suit for free right away and a robust pickaxe. Certain minerals you'll find have more "specialized" uses -- uranium structures will irradiate people, plasma can start fires, gibtonite goes boom. You can also buy dangerous "mining" tools and possibly even revive those monsters you've been fighting. As long as you have some mineral wealth or an ore box with you, no one will suspect your presence around the ship, even in highly restricted areas like robotics or toxins, and if you are smart enough, you could get a big stompy mech to drill people to death!

Tips for Traitoring[edit | edit source]

  • If you're a miner and you have to kill another miner; there's a really easy way to block communications one way so he can't call for help.
    • Grab a multitool, go to the mining communications room.
    • Use the multi tool on the relay and make sure the relay isn't sending, meaning your headset won't go to people on the ship.
    • Kill your target with their shouts for help unheard.
  • More than one uranium wall is hilariously deadly, as they give off a pulse of radiation every couple of seconds. This pulse makes other uranium walls in range pulse as well, and they all run on their own timer.
  • Tiers 0-1-2-3 can gib bodies, remember mining suits take 50% of damage away from bombs, so strip miners you want to make disappear forever first.
  • Ripley is a fairly robust murdering tool, if you can, convince robotics to put a gravity catapult on it. SLAM PEOPLE INTO WALLS. THE SUFFERING NEVER ENDS.
  • Space is your best ally. Your weapons are more lethal in space, and anyone who wants to chase you will need access to a jetpack and EVA gear. Make people fight on your terms by blowing up the ship with various Gibtonite charges, or bust in, stun and drag targets into space.
  • You can make a chemical payload container using any shitty bit of gibtonite. This can be useful for making chemical bombs, but it relies on knowing how to obtain specific chemicals that can be robust and accessible to a Miner.
Jobs on


Command Captain, Executive Officer, Bridge Staff
Security Head of Security, Security Officer, Warden, Detective, Brig Physician
Engineering Chief Engineer, Ship Engineer, Atmospheric Technician
Science Research Director, Scientist, Roboticist
Medical Chief Medical Officer, Medical Doctor, Chemist, Geneticist, Virologist, Paramedic
Service Janitor, Staff Judge Advocate, Bartender, Cook, Botanist, Clown, Mime, Chaplain, Curator
Munitions Master At Arms, Munitions Technician, Flight Leader, Fighter Pilot, Air Traffic Controller
Cargo Quartermaster, Cargo Technician, Shaft Miner
Civilian Assistant, Gimmick
Non-human AI, Cyborg, Positronic Brain, Drone, Personal AI, Construct, Ghost
Antagonists Traitor, Malfunctioning AI, Changeling, Heretic, Nuclear Operative, Blood Cultist, Bloodling, Revolutionary, Wizard, Blob, Abductor, Holoparasite, Xenomorph, Spider, Swarmers, Revenant, Morph, Nightmare, Space Ninja, Slaughter Demon, Pirate, Sentient Disease, Creep, Fugitives, Hunters, Syndicate Drop Trooper
Special CentCom Official, Death Squad Officer, Emergency Response Officer, Chrono Legionnaire, Highlander, Ian