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Deck Technician Access: Hangar Bay, Flight Deck, Munitions Deck
Additional Access: Maintenance
Difficulty: Medium
Supervisors: Master At Arms
Rank: Not defined
Duties: Repair and Refuel the ships, also fight with the tug over control.
Guides: Guide to Munitions
Quote: "The fucking tug broke again REEEEEEEEE"

You are a Deck Technician, you get the fighters combat ready and have existential crisis when the tug drops the fighters every single pixel it moves.

Bare minimum requirements: Get into Hangar Bay and tug the fighters into the magcats, if they haven't done it themselves

Help what do I do

First you need to assert your dominance, steal all the tug keys from anyone that isn't another Deck technician and keep them, let the Pilots and the ATC know that this is your territory, and god forgive them from using your plains without your permission.

Ok How do I do stuff though

Use the aircraft tugs in the Hangar Bay to carry the fighters to their tubes/magcats, depending on which ship you are they may be in another place, check the webmaps. Also, it is widely believed that tugs have a mind of their own, and will, always, try to fuck with the fighter position, keep an eye on them.

To repair ships you must open the maintenance hatch and then crowbar the panel, welding only wrenching will repair the external damage (this is for light damage when nothing else is damaged), welding after wrenching and crowbaring the panel open will repair internal damage, this is likely to ocurr in fighters that forgot how to turn the APU on and flew straight into the ship several times.

To refill the fuel on the ships simply drag a tyrossene tank next to a fighter, take the hose out and pump the fuel into the fighter's tank, this won't work if the fighter forgot to shutdown the engine before jumping out, ask them nicely to shutdown it.

What if I'm a beta Deck

The Pilots will always try to do everything themselves, they are used to it, Deck Technician is a fairly new job, I wasn't joking on the tug key stealing part, do it, but be sure to do your job if you do so, Im not responsible of the wrath you will receive both IC and OOC if you don't.

I'm obviously exaggerating, people aren't monsters, but be sure everyone knows you are there.

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