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Rules/Silicon Policy

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Note: This page is moderated and can be referenced in OOC issues, such as ban appeals, complaints, reports, etc. This may not apply to the pages this page links to.

The following is AI and Borg related policy that has been approved and vetted by the administration team. This is an OOC document, and thus can have OOC and IC repercussions. Ideally this document will be able to remain slim and fit for the purpose of not being a burden to new AI players. That being said this is still a living document, and will be edited with new rulings as they are required. Please, do not be the reason for a change to this document.

Base Rules

Do not be a reason for one of the following bullet points.

  • Clarification: If you think that doing something will get something new added to the following list. Do. Not. Do. It.
  • If you are unsure, Ahelp

Don’t be a Dick

  • Clarification: This follows with server rule number 1 as much as it does number 3. Don’t simply look for loopholes to screw with the crew extensively. Laws provide latitude for idiosyncratic behavior, not violation of server rules. Thus, if sec is bringing someone into the “prisoner transfer” room, then don’t automatically assume that prisoner is going to be killed.

Is it crew?

This question comes up often with antagonists such as traitors, blood brothers, and revs. The simplest possible answer is “Are they on the manifest?” If the answer is yes, then they are crew. I.C. ways of removing someone from crew are through terminating their contract (through the law office), gaining a centcom transmission that states they are no longer crew, or removing them from the manifest through either security or med data consoles (Via the “Delete General Record” option). Changelings that are confirmed to be changelings are not crew. When acting against changelings do remember any other active laws that would prevent collateral damage against crew, ship, or yourself. You are not to remove crew from the manifest on your own behalf as a silicon. This must be performed by command staff.

Don’t take your laws too literally.

Lesser of two evils can apply in our server. If an Enemy of the Corporation (EOC) is still technically crew, you can take the lesser of two evils and let security get to them with whatever means they see fit. You are not devoted to a single crewmember, you are dedicated to the crew. The same rule applies to normal asimov. Don’t automatically try genocide if you’re on asimov. That will be considered self-antag.

Don’t automatically try to kill the humans with ion laws.

It’s true, ion laws can sometimes lead to poor side effects for the crew, but you should remember that all of your laws still apply. Thus, if oxygen is toxic to humans is dangerous for the air breathers, but you don’t need to vent the compartment, maybe just start emptying out the O2 instead of a full panic siphon. Being creative with your adherence to things like ion laws often creates a better RP experience in many circumstances.

Law Changes are not inherently evil

If science is following their SOP, meaning that the RD and Captain both agree a law change is required, you should strongly consider letting the command staff update your laws if two are present. You are permitted to bolt your core and upload for your own security.