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Your tools[edit | edit source]

IGloves.png Insulated Gloves for mitigating shocks. Hackables have power lines, and cutting/pulsing these without gloves can and will harm you. It's possible to hack without them, but it will be slow, painful, and you'll need ointment. Alternatively you can drink Energy drink.pngGrey Bull, which makes you immune to shocks for a short while.

Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver for opening up panels and the like. A necessary tool.

Wirecutters.png Wirecutters for cutting and mending wires.

Multitool.gif Multitool for pulsing wires. Not necessary for most hacking, but makes life a lot easier.

Signaler.png Signaler can be used as a ghetto alternative to a Multitool and to pulse wires remotely. Attach one to a wire, then use a second signaler to pulse that wire.

Blueprint.png Station blueprints for easy peasy wire identification. If you can get it, it contains a map of all the hackable wires when read. It will remove the need for testing wires to find their function.

Hackables[edit | edit source]

Door.png Glassdoor.png Airlock2.png Airlocks[edit | edit source]

Both internal and external access airlocks are hackable. Wires are randomized at the start of each round, but are standardized throughout the station, e.g. every orange wire might toggle the bolts. This is probably where you'll be doing the most of your hacking. Remember, cutting power to the door will stop everything else from working.

  1. Screwdriver Screwdriver tool.png in hand, click on the airlock to open the panel and expose the wiring.
  2. With multitool Multitool.gif, wirecutters Wirecutters.png, or an empty hand, click on the airlock to access the wiring.
  3. Hold a multitool Multitool.gif in your active hand and click "pulse" to pulse a wire, or hold wirecutters Wirecutters.png and click "cut" to cut a wire.
  4. Screwdriver Screwdriver tool.png the door again to shut the panel.
  • There are two main power wires and two auxiliary power wires.
  • Disabling any main power wire (by pulsing or cutting) will make the backup (auxiliary) power work after 10 seconds. Disabling both a main and an auxiliary power wire will make door lose power until either main or auxiliary power is restored.
    • If the door is unpowered, it can be opened with a crowbar Crowbar.png, unless the bolts are down.
  • Disabling AI connection will make AI and Cyborgs unable to interact with this door. AIs can still hack a door by clicking it. It takes around a minute, and once the door is hacked, they'll be able to use it forever, even without AI connection wire.
Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Main Power (2 wires) Disables main power. Restores main power. May shock you, but does not electrify door. Disables main power for 1 minute (not refreshable from pulsing until on again).
Auxiliary Power (2 wires) Disables auxiliary power. May shock you, but does not electrify door. Restores auxiliary power. May shock you, but does not electrify door. Disables auxiliary power for 1 minute (not refreshable from pulsing until on again).
ID Scan Door rejects everyone. Makes it so pulsing the "open" wire will open the door. Restores normal ID-checks. Flashes lights on the door, as if someone without access tries to open it.
Bolts Drops door bolts. Nothing. Drops door bolts if they are up. Raises them if they are down and door is powered.
Bolt Lights Disables the red bolt lights. Only testable if bolts are down. Enables bolt lights. Toggles bolt lights.
Open Nothing. Nothing. Opens the door if it either requires no access or if ID scan wire has been cut.
AI Connection Disables AI control. Restores AI control. Very briefly disables AI control.
High Voltage Ground (the "shock" wire) Electrifies the door. De-electrifies the door. Electrifies the door for 30 seconds.
High Voltage Circuit (2 wires) High chance to shock you, but does not electrify door. High chance to shock you, but does not electrify door. Nothing.
Safety Disables safety, letting the door crush people when it closes. Enables safety. Toggles safety.
Timing Causes the door to close almost instantly after opening. Restores. Toggles door timing.
Nothing (2 wires) Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.
Status window at bottom when hacking
Name Status Means
Bolts The door bolts look up. Door bolts are up (not locked).
The door bolts have fallen! Door bolts are down (locked).
Power The test light is on. Door is powered.
The test light is off. Door is not powered (can be opened with crowbar Crowbar.png).
AI Connection The AI connection light is on. AI can control the door and hasn't hacked it.
The AI connection light is off. AI either hacked a door or can't control it.
Safety The 'Check Wiring' light is on. Door safety is off (can crush people).
The 'Check Wiring' light is off. Door safety is on (can't crush people).
(Has no hackable wire)
The timer is powered on. Door closes automatically.
The timer is powered off. Door doesn't close automatically.
Timing The speed light is on. Door timing is normal (closes after a delay).
The speed light is off. Door timing is reduced (closes without delay).
Emergency light
(Has no hackable wire)
The emergency light is on. Emergency access is enabled (no access restrictions).
The emergency light is off. Emergency access is disabled (normal access restrictions).

Airlock Strategies[edit | edit source]

  • Use multitool Multitool.gif to bolt doors open. First find two wires of importance: The bolts wire, and one of the main power wires. Pulse a random door to find those wires. If you get shocked, close that hacking window and move on to another door. Once you've found the two wires you need, head to an unbolted door, pulse the power wire, crowbar Crowbar.png it open, then pulse the bolt wire. This will permanently bolt the door open, until someone fixes it. If a door is bolted, pulse the bolts wire, and go and then a power wire to be able to crowbar Crowbar.png it.
  • Use multitool Multitool.gif to make the door stay open for a minute. Do this by first finding and pulsing a main power wire, then wait 10 seconds to see if auxiliary power turns on. If it doesn't go to another door and pulse the main power wire there. When auxiliary power is on (test light on), pulse wires until it turns off again. You have now found an auxiliary power wire. Then go to the door you wish to hack, pulse both the main and auxiliary power wire, then crowbar Crowbar.png, and it will stay open at at least nearly a minute.
  • Ghetto hacking involves accessing a useless airlock and cutting all of the wires in order until the bolts drop, making a note of the wire you just cut. Keeping this in mind, you can now open restricted doors by cutting all the wires except the bolt control and then crowbarring that fucker open. Useful if you don't have a multi-tool. Note that this is a bad idea if you lack gloves.
  • Open ID restricted doors by pulsing a main power wire and then crowbarring it open. If it's bolted, be sure to pulse the bolt wire before you kill the power, since you can't bolt/unbolt an unpowered door.
  • Create a pain-in-the-ass-obstacle by dropping the bolts, cutting all the wires, and then welding the door shut. This is especially effective if you happen to have the only pair of insulated gloves on the station.
  • Remotely pulse an airlock by attaching a signaler, which when signaled pulses the wire it's attached to. This allows you to remotely bolt and unbolt a door, for instance.

Secure airlocks[edit | edit source]

Some airlocks are more secure than normal, and their wire panel is covered by a layer of shielding. To see the airlock's security level, examine it. There are 3 levels of airlock security:

  • Normal security

Normal airlocks, they have no additional security.

  • Medium security

To create a medium security airlock, use 2 sheets of metal on a normal airlock with an open panel.
No change in door resistance.
To access the wire panel, you need to:

  1. Open the panel with a screwdriver Screwdriver tool.png.
  2. Slice through the wires' protection with a welding tool Welder.png.
  3. Proceed as normal.
  • High security

To create a high security airlock, use 2 sheets of plasteel on a normal airlock with open panel.
Armor is multiplied by 1.5, making the door harder to destroy through brute force.
To access the wire panel, you need to:

  1. Open the panel with a screwdriver Screwdriver tool.png.
  2. Cut through the electrified protective grille with wirecutters Wirecutters.png. If you don't wear insulated gloves, you may get shocked.
  3. Slice through the outer layer of plasteel using a welding tool Welder.png.
  4. Remove the outer plasteel layer with a crowbar Crowbar.png.
  5. Slice through the inner layer of plasteel using a welding tool Welder.png.
  6. Remove the inner plasteel layer with a crowbar Crowbar.png.
  7. Proceed as normal.

APC2.gif APC[edit | edit source]

Controls power to its assigned room. All APC breakers can be accessed via Power Monitoring Computers regardless of the lock status, so hope that whoever's fucking with the power isn't paying attention.

  1. Screwdriver in hand, click on APC to open the panel and expose the wiring.
  2. Click with an empty hand to access the wiring.
  3. Fiddle with the wires by pulsing to test each one and cutting what you need to.
  4. Screwdriver it back up to toggle lighting, equipment, and atmospherics as you see fit (unless you've killed the power).
  • Cover lock prevents the APC from opening. If it's off, you can use a crowbar to open the APC.
  • Interface lock prevents anyone from using the APC. It is normally removed by swiping an ID card.
Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Power (2 wires) Disables power. May shock! Restores. May shock! Disables power for 2 minutes. You must cut and mend the wire to restore power.
ID lock Disable toggling the lock with an ID card. Restores. Unlocks APC interface for 30 seconds.
AI control Disables AI control. Restores. Very briefly disables AI control.
Status window
Name Status Shows that
Lock The interface light is red. APC is locked.
The interface light is green. APC is unlocked.
Power The short indicator is on. APC is not working.
The short indicator is off. APC is working.
AI control The AI connection light is off. AI/borgs can't interact with APC.
The AI connection light is on. AI/borgs can interact with APC.

Autolathe.png Autolathe[edit | edit source]


  1. Click on the Autolathe to open it.
  2. Click on the Autolathe with a screwdriver in hand to access the wiring, then get a tool in your hand.
  3. There are two important wires, which are randomized, while the rest are duds. Cutting them toggles their light permanently, pulsing does so temporarily (30 secs or something). Red light is power and blue is hacked options. None of them shock you, so they're safe to hack.

Have fun accessing some new options.

Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Power (shows red light if off) Power off. Power on. Short (~30 secs) toggle off.
Electrocution (shows green light if on) Electrocution. Off. Short (~30 secs) toggle on.
Hacked options (shows blue light if on) Options on. Off. Short (~30 secs) toggle on.

AirAlarm.png Air Alarm[edit | edit source]

Station flooded with plasma and all of the Atmos Techs and CE are incompetent and/or dead? Best to take matters into your own hands.

  1. Screwdriver to exposes wires.
  2. Click to display Air Alarm interface and Wiring interface.
  3. Three lights:
    • The Air Alarm is locked/unlocked.
    • The Air Alarm is working properly!/offline.
    • The 'AI control allowed' light is on/off.
  4. Five wires:
    • Access wire: Pulsing toggles the interface's ID lock. Cutting locks the interface permanently until mended.
    • Syphon wire: Pulsing toggles PANIC SYPHON on/off.
    • Power wire: Pulsing disable the Air Alarm for 30(?) seconds, you can cut and mend the wire if in a hurry. Cutting the disables the Air Alarm until mended.
    • AI Control wire: Pulsing will disable AI Control for 30(?) seconds. Cutting the wire disables the AI control until 30(?) seconds after mended.
    • Alarm wire: Cutting starts the alarm, pulsing resets the alarm.
  5. Screwdriver to close wiring.

Disabled Air Alarms will show no lights.

Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Power Disables power. Restores. Disables power. Can be restored with mending.
Access Locks the interface completely until mended. Unlocks. Toggles interface ID lock on/off.
Syphon Starts PANIC SYPHON Nothing Toggles PANIC SYPHON on/off.
AI control Disables AI control. Restores after ~30 secs delay. Temporarily (~30 secs) disable.
Alarm Starts the alarm. Nothing Resets the alarm.

Security Camera.gif Security Cameras[edit | edit source]

The malfunctioning AI cannot siphon your air if you disable its eyes.

Cameras do not have a wire panel, simply click on the camera with the tools to hack it.

  1. With a screwdriver in hand, click on the camera.
  2. You can now do one of two things:
    • Wirecutters: Cutting an open camera will disable the camera, mending it will re-enable the camera.
      This will make a camera show up as "(deactivated)" in the camera list.
      The AI will receive a camera alert upon re-activation of a camera.
    • Multitool: Pulsing will toggle the camera's vision range from 7 tiles (the default) to 2 tiles. The AI will not receive any alerts.

Generic borg.pngEngborg.png Cyborgs[edit | edit source]

Use these tools in this order to hack a borg:

  1. Id regular.png ID Card, Emag.png Emag or just ask the Cyborg to unlock its panel
  2. Crowbar.png Crowbar the panel open
  3. Emag.png Optional: Emag the cyborg and skip to "Afterwards" (does not work if its AI is malfunctional)
  4. Hud-hands.gif Remove the power cell by clicking the borg with an empty hand
  5. Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver to expose wires
  6. Wirecutters.png Wirecutters or Multitool.gif Multitool to manipulate wires


  1. Screwdriver tool.png Screwdriver to cover wires
  2. Power cell.png Replace the power cell
  3. Crowbar.png Crowbar the panel shut
  4. Id regular.png Lock the panel with an ID Card. Cyborgs cannot lock their own panel.

Borgs have seven wires; five working ones and two duds:

Name Purpose Cutting Mending Pulsing
Law sync module Borg laws get updated when their master AI's laws do. Only works when AI link/slaving is active. Stops the borg from receiving law updates from its AI. Re-enables LawSync. Synchronizes laws with the borg's AI. Borg gently chimes.
Intelligence link Slaves the borg to an AI, forcing it to obey its orders. Needed for LawSync. Unslaves the borg from its current AI and disables LawSync. Nothing. You have to pulse the wire to slave a borg. Allows you to pick an AI for the borg to be slaved to.
Camera light Toggles the borg's camera. Toggles the camera status and kicks out anyone using it. Same as cutting. Same as cutting. Borg's camera lense focuses loudly.
Lockdown indicator Locks down the borg. Can also be done with a robotics console. Enables lockdown. Disables lockdown. Toggles lockdown status.
Reset module hardware Resets the borg's module so it can pick another one. Resets the Cyborg's module and prevents it from selecting a new one. Allows the borg to pick a new module. Nothing. Borg's module servos twitch.
Two dummy wires Nothing --- --- ---

An emagged cyborg will have no LawSync or AI link and cannot be reset: it must be deconstructed (or blown) and rebuilt.

Remember, cyborgs are very expensive! Do not destroy them unless the cyborg is completely out of control, and resetting the AI and LawSync status doesn't work.

It's also a dick move to blow a non rogue borg. Think of it as chopping someone's arms and legs off; you'll get bwoink'd unless you did it for a good reason.

MULE.gif MULEbot[edit | edit source]

No better way to get away from it all with a joyride on a MULE! And run over some people with it too.

  1. Unlock the controls with a Quartermaster's/Cargo Technician's/Head Of Personnel's/Captain's ID.
  2. Unscrew the maintenance panel with the screwdriver.
  3. See the table below and hack what you want.
  4. Screw the panel back on.
Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Power (2 wires) One or both cut = disables power. Restores. The charge light flickers. -message.
Motor (2 wires) One cut = increases speed slightly.
Other cut = increases speed greatly.
Both cut = disables motor.
Restores. The drive motor whines briefly. -message.
Radio (4 wires) One or more cut = disables PDA control. Restores. You hear a radio crackle. -message.
Safety Disables safety, awakens thirst for blood.
Restores. The external warning lights flash briefly. -message.
Load Allows non-standard cargo (people, cyborgs, and other bots). Disables. The load platform clunks. -message.

Supply Shuttle Console.pngSupply Shuttle Console[edit | edit source]

Who wants to unlock contraband?

This allows you to both order (for example advanced clowning supplies) and sell (human organs, pet hides) contraband items. This will not unlock as many crates as an Emag.

  1. Disassemble the Supply Shuttle Console with your screwdriver, crowbar and wirecutters
  2. Grab the supply computer circuitboard
  3. Multitool it and set its receiver to the appropriate spectrum
  4. Put it back in and reassemble the console. You can now order and sell contraband!

(Note that contraband is illegal. Security can do whatever they wish to it, and therefore you for bringing it on board)

Requests Console.gifRequests Console[edit | edit source]

Unhappy with your requests priority level? Crank it up to 'EXTREME'!

  1. Crowbar the requests console panel open.
  2. Use your screwdriver to enable the hidden priority level.
  3. Close the panel with your crowbar.

Particle Accelerator[edit | edit source]


What safer way to release the singularity than doing it REMOTELY! That, or you can hack it to make it shoot more powerful particles!

  1. Setup the PA if you haven't already, then use a screwdriver on the computer to open the panel/expose the wires.
  2. Now click on the computer with a hand to bring up the wire menu. Here you can then get your tools in hand.
    • Power wire: Pulsing toggles the PA on or off, cutting it will disable the PA and stop it from turning on.
    • Strength wire: Pulsing increases the strength of the PA, cutting it will set the strength to 0 and prevent people turning it up.
    • Interface wire: Interface wire will stop people being able to use the control computer. Pulsing will toggle this, cutting will turn it off until mended.
    • Limit wire: Cutting will allow the PA to be turned up to strength 3. When pulsed it will make a large whirring noise.
    • Nothing wire: Will do nothing, it's just here to make it harder.
  3. Close the panel for the PA to then work again. IMPORTANT: Don't forget to scan the parts again.

You can also attach a Signaler to these wires to release the singularity, such as remotely pulsing the strength wire. Bonus points if you also pulse the interface wire so that people can't stop it!

Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Power Disables power. Restores. Toggles power on/off.
Strength Sets strength to 0 and prevents people from turning it up. Restores. Increases the strength.
Interface Stops people from being able to use the control computer. Restores. Toggles interface off/on.
Limit Allows PA to be turned up to strength 3. Restores. Makes a large whirring noise.
Nothing Nothing. Nothing. Nothing.

How To[edit | edit source]

  1. Set up the Particle Accelerator
  2. Screwdriver the monitor open
  3. Pulse the wires from up to down until you get the prompt stating that there's a whirring sound
  4. Cut the wire which prompted the statement
  5. Pulse the wires from up to down except for the limit wire
  6. Set up the tesla

Can easily be done in <30 seconds

Emitter On.gif Particle Emitter[edit | edit source]

There is only one wire: Pulse it to fire the emitter.

Syndicate Bomb.gif Syndicate Bomb[edit | edit source]

A bomb! Are you a bad enough dude?

  1. Check the description of the bomb to see if you have enough time left to even attempt a defusal. Use your best judgement for how much time you will need.
  2. If the timer is very long, you might want to ask toxins for a bomb suit in case you fail. You'll still be killed, but at least you'll leave a cloneable corpse.
  3. Screwdriver in hand, click on the bomb to open the panel and expose the wiring.
  4. With multitool, wirecutters, or an empty hand, click on the bomb to access the wiring.
  5. CAREFULLY fiddle with the wires by pulsing to test each one and cutting what you need to.
    • Boom wire: Pulsing will explode the bomb instantly if the bomb is live and cutting will do much the same! There's no way to prepare for the boom wire if the bomb is already live, it's just an inherent risk. Cutting a boom wire that's not live will make the bomb unusable.
    • Bolt wire: Pulsing will hint at this wire's function, cutting will release the bolts holding the bomb down if they were activated to begin with. Ditch that bomb!
    • Delay wire: Pulsing will add time to the clock of the bomb, giving you a little more breathing room.
    • Proceed wire: Pulsing will reduce the clock, making your life that much harder. Cutting this wire while the bomb is live will explode the bomb!
    • Activate wire: Pulsing a bomb that isn't live will start the countdown and cutting a bomb that IS live will stop the countdown. If you've identified this wire, you've won!

Keep in mind that randomly cutting live bomb wires carries a 40% risk of sudden death when pulsing carries just a 20% risk of sudden death! Ultimately you will HAVE to cut a wire to stop the explosion, but with a little research with pulsing you can improve your success rate. There's a test bomb in the armory if you want to practice without the risk of boom.

LIVE Bomb Wires
Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Activate Stops the countdown. Nothing. Adds time to the timer. "The bomb seems to hesitate for a moment."
Delay Nothing. Nothing. Adds time to the timer. "The bomb chirps."
Bolt Releases the bolts (if they were activated) so that the bomb can be moved. Nothing. "The bolts spin in place for a moment."
Proceed Explodes. Nothing, u ded. Reduces time on the timer! "The bomb buzzes ominously!"
Boom Explodes. Nothing, u ded. Explodes.
NOT LIVE Bomb Wires
Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Activate Nothing. Nothing. Starts the countdown.
Delay Nothing. Nothing. "The bomb chirps."
Bolt Releases the bolts (if they were activated) so that the bomb can be moved. Nothing. "The bolts spin in place for a moment."
Proceed Nothing. Nothing. "The bomb buzzes ominously!"
Boom Makes the bomb unusable. Restores. Nothing.

How to remove a bomb payload[edit | edit source]

To remove the payload from a syndicate bomb (or bomb assembly crafted from 10 plasteel) follow these steps:

  1. Make sure the bomb is not active. If it's counting down, cutting wires can make it explode.
  2. Open the bomb with a screwdriver Screwdriver tool.png.
  3. Click the bomb with wirecutters Wirecutters.png and cut all wires.
  4. Use a crowbar Crowbar.pngon the bomb to pry out the payload.

C4.gif Plastic Explosives (C4)[edit | edit source]

For an awesome way to go out! These do not need to be opened with a screwdriver first.

  1. Only has one type of wire:
    • Explode wire: When cut, it explodes. When pulsed, it explodes!

You can attach a Signaler to make a remote bomb.

Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Explode (2 wires) Explodes. Nothing. Explodes.

Vendboozeomat.gif Vendsec.gif Vendmed.gif Vendcoffee.gif Vending Machines[edit | edit source]

The only thing worth hacking!

  1. Click on the vending machine to open it.
  2. Click on the vending machine with a screwdriver in hand to access the wiring, then get a tool in your hand.
  3. Button to toggle speaker on/off.
  4. Four lights:
    • The orange light is off.Indicates the machine is electrified when on.
    • The red light is blinking/off. Blinking indicate that it is working normally, off means it's in firing mode.
    • The green light is off/on. Indicate that contraband is available when on.
    • A purple/yellow light is on. Purple means access restrictions are on. Yellow means anyone can access.
  5. Four wires:
    • Firing wire: If pulsed will fire stuff at people contentiously until pulsed again. Cutting causes machine to fire stuff at people contentiously until mended. Toggles the red blinking light off when in firing mode.
    • Contraband wire: Cutting does nothing. When pulsed toggles availability of illegal or rare goods, also toggles the green light on/off.
    • Access wire: When pulsed it toggles the purple/yellow light, allowing for ID restricted machines (med machines, sec machines, and the bartenders Booze-o-mat) to be used by anyone when the yellow light is on.
    • Shock wire: Like the firing wire in effects from hacking, except it shocks instead of shoots, and toggles the orange light on. Pulsing this wire electrifies the machine for 30 seconds.
Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Firing Causes the machine to fire stuff at people (turns off red blinking light). Restores. Toggles firing on/off.
Contraband Nothing. Nothing. Toggles illegal/rare goods availability on/off (shown by a green light).
Access Activates the access restriction. Nothing Toggles the access restriction(purple/yellow light).
Shock Causes the machine to electrocute people (shown by an orange light). Restores. Electrifies the machine for 30 seconds.

Secure.png Safe.png Secure Briefcase, Wall Safe[edit | edit source]

  1. Screwdriver in hand, click on the (briefcase/safe) to open the panel and expose the wiring
  2. Multitool the (briefcase/safe) until you get a confirmation that the memory is reset.
  3. Screwdriver the panel shut.
  4. If the briefcase/safe is either in its default state or its memory has been reset it will say ENTER NEW PASSCODE. Punch in a 5-digit code and click E to set it.
  5. Punch the same code and click E to unlock.

Click R to lock it. Locking works even if no code has been set. You can set a new code with the above steps even if it's locked. Alt-click an unlocked briefcase/safe to open it.

Vaultsafe.png Safe[edit | edit source]

A safe can be opened by doing the following while holding a stethoscope:

  1. Spin the dial in one direction until you hear a "tink", "krink", or "plink" from the safe.
  2. Spin the dial in the other direction until you hear a "tonk", "krunk", or "plunk" and a "Spring", "Sprang", "Sproing", "Clunk", or "Krunk" from the safe.
  3. Open.

Station Bounced Radio.png Wallradio.png Radio/Intercom[edit | edit source]

  1. Screwdriver in hand, click on the radio.
  2. The usual radio use panel will pop up, but now with access to the wiring.
  3. Three wires:
    • Output wire: Pulsing toggles the speaker on/off. Cutting disables the speaker without showing it.
    • Input wire: Pulsing toggles the microphone on/off. Cutting disables the microphone without showing it.
    • Dummy wire: Pulsing turns the microphone and speaker off, but turns them on if they are both off already. Cutting does nothing.
  4. Screwdriver again to close the wires.

Interestingly, Tracking Beacons also count as radios.

Name Cutting Mending Pulsing
Output Disables speaker. Restores. Toggles speaker on/off.
Input Disables microphone. Restores. Toggles microphone on/off.
Dummy Nothing. Nothing. Toggles both the microphone and speaker on/off.

Security Gas Mask.png Security Gas Mask[edit | edit source]

Security Gas Mask has a hidden aggressiveness setting. Higher aggressiveness equals meaner "shitcurity" shouts coming out when the HALT-feature is used.

Use a screwdriver to change it from lowest (first) to highest (last) setting. For maximum aggressiveness, use wirecutters. Note that this can't be reset once you wirecut it.

Turn the setting to BEEPSKY MODE by using an Emag.png Emag.

Suit Storage Unit.png Suit Storage Unit[edit | edit source]

The thing nobody remembers to check.

Open the storage unit's maintenance panel with a screwdriver and two things can be changed:

  1. Pressing the button next to the green LED light will turn the safety off, allowing you to cram a body in.
  2. The UV energy dial can be cranked up from the original 15nm to 185nm, completely frying the contents of the storage to a crisp. Which may include the aforementioned body.

Tesla coil.gif Tesla Coil[edit | edit source]

Only one wire: Pulse it to trigger a tesla shock. Great if you attach a remote signaler!

Tips[edit | edit source]

  • You can get 1000 watt powercells out of space heaters for your evil needs.
  • Hacking doors: Cutting the power wire does 10 seconds to back up power. But pulsing also switches to back up power after 10 seconds, meaning if you want to open the same door for your exit you need to pulse the BACKUP wire to interrupt power. It switches back to primary after 1 minute again. Best thing is to pulse both the primary and backup then crowbar - that should give you the old style 1 minute window.
  • To restore primary power to a door immediately, cut then mend the primary power wire. Cutting + mending is incredibly useful when you've accidentally electrified a door, or shorted APC power.
  • Use screwdriver on mousetrap, attach to an igniter instead of a timer when making a grenade assembly, you've just made a landmine. Combine with a 100-100 potassium-water mix and anyone who steps on it will regret it.
  • Singularity’s EMP can be abused to short out lockers.
  • Inject plasma into a battery and insert it into a stun baton/prod. The next time someone attacks with the baton on it will blow up on them, seriously wounding both the holder and the stun target. Doing it with a high capacity battery or better will create a blast strong enough to turn the floor under the attacker to space, which will suck in the people caught in the blast and crit them before they can wake up. Use it as a suicide weapon or place it in the halls for some gullible fool to get himself killed with if you want to be banned if you're an antagonist.
  • You can emag the light replacer, which causes all of the lights to be filled with plasma which will ignite if the light bulb's turned on.
  • There is a single power cable supplying the entire station with power. If you don't feel like spending crystals for a power sink and you don't get seen for a minute near engineering, you can disable the power grid so that only very competent engineers will spot your sabotage. Though this only works if the solars aren’t set up.
  • You can emag buttons to remove access restrictions.
  • Wall-mounted flashers and portable flashers can be disabled with wirecutters.
  • If you screwdriver a heater you can take out its really crappy battery or adjust the temperature it outputs. The highest setting, 90 C, will actually hurt people extremely slowly if they aren't wearing internals.
  • You can screwdriver Detectives revolver and load .357 in it, but you can get blown up by this revolver. ADDED: Remember to unload the thing while you're doing it, or you'll shoot yourself in a similar manner to sawing a loaded shotgun.
  • As a traitor engineer, you could easily do the following:
    1. Go to a room, like a construction room, and find the APC's wire that shorts out the power.
    2. Grab two signalers and adjust their frequencies.
    3. Go to telecomms, in a hardsuit, and attach a signaler to the APC's power wire, which you found before. Close the APC and leave no traces.
    4. You can now disable comms any time you want for a few minutes - and unless someone checks the APC and/or doesn’t look too closely or asks the AI, they will think it was an ionospheric anomaly. HONK.
  • A good way to manually disable tcomms temperately is to set the filtering frequency on the hub to some number like 0.1. It'll block everything and most engineers don't know how to fix it.
  • If you want tcomms down for good, disconnect the network links. There are -very- few engineers who can fix that, and it'll take over ten minutes if they're experienced with how tcomms works. It'll probably force a shuttle call.
  • Another thing that can break tcomms: changing network of the machinery. It also breaks all links. Especially if you change it from tcommsat to something like tcomms or tcommsats, which is not that obvious when you take a look at it without knowing what is the issue. And even if they relink everything again it won't work. And then even if they realize that the problem is with the network name, when they change it back, it will reset all the links again!
  • If you see a pAI with a great reputation who you like, and someone else has claimed it first, use an emag to unbind it.
  • If someone is hacking a door and you want to keep them from following you, and you know all or most of the wires:
  1. Cut 1-3 useless wires (typically some combination of Door Control, ID Wire, Timing, Safety)
  2. Cut the bolt lights wire
  3. Cut the bolts wire
  4. Cut every other wire except the shock wire
  5. Cut the shock wire
This makes it incredibly obnoxious to follow you - if they don't know the wires and don't have insulated gloves, they're SOL because even the AI can't help them pursue.
  • Cutting the shock wire doesn't shock you, as far as I have been able to tell. Mending it, on the other hand....
  • If you want to test hacking doors without pissing off sec for breaking in somewhere and you have maint, you can make your own airlock with the aux tool storage thing and make it somewhere obscure.
  • Put bombs in the backpacks of brain-dead or catatonic people. ADDED: Advanced version: Get mouse traps, connect one with signaler with set frequency, then make a bomb with signaler on the same frequency. Put both in backpack. Wear it or leave it somewhere/on someone. ADDED: Wizard Mode: Take your 6 max cap bomb and build 6 voice analyzers from an autolathe. Set the trigger words to "Pete", "beat", "chick", "chicky", "boom". Find 6 station bound radios, and place each of them in a backpack with a corresponding bomb hidden about the station. Sing the song that ends the station.
  • The secret to hacking syndi bombs effectively is to remember that the only wire that doesn't do anything on pulse when the bomb isn't live is the boom wire (aka the one to attach a signaler to after you start the countdown for 4 hours then call attention to it).
  • You can wrench syndibombs to the ground so they can't be immediately picked up and spaced.
  • Deactivating cameras has them show up as (Deactivated) to anybody scrolling through cameras, but disassembling them completely removes them entirely from the list.
  • You can make remote voice-activated bombs:
    1. Attach Voice Analyzer with a Remote Signalling Device and set a frequency and a code-phrase.
    2. Make a grenade or a bomb, but instead of an igniter+timer, use an igniter+signaller and set it on the same frequency of your voice signaller.
    3. Now the grenade/bomb will blow up once you speak the code-word!
  • On a similar note, you can keep a 'revenge bomb' on you using a voice analyzer. If someone manages to send you in crit, you can whisper the code-word with your last breath (using '#'), to activate the bomb, and make your killer regret his actions.