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Speaks-His-Mind the Maintenance Dweller says:
"SSSo, lassst I heard the AI wasss helping the Redssshirts in sssome operation to robussst sssome sssort of cult in Aft Maintenance. I sssuggessst you ssstay clear of there, ssstranger. I wouldn't want to be on the wrong end of a ssstunbaton, no no..."

A big bad list of common terminology and slang commonly used by resident Spacemen (players).

Abassi[edit | edit source]

The Syndicate capital system. Only accessible through Oasis Fidei and Dolos, two heavily defended star systems. No Federation fleet has made it far enough to reach it yet.

Admin[edit | edit source]

The people who run the server. Have a variety of power-abuse buttons to keep the game from being fun.

Adminhelp/Ahelp[edit | edit source]

A command which lets you send a message to the admins. Can be accessed by typing Adminhelp in game or by pressing F1.

Use this (instead of the OOC-channel) if you think someone is griefing or if you otherwise have something to ask the admins about.

These can include questions about etiquette, the rules, or in-game procedures such as the starting the engine, etc.

It should be noted that even when no admins are online, any messages sent in adminhelp are logged.

Additional Access[edit | edit source]

Under certain circumstances, such as a low server population, admin-toggled, or simply set in the server configuration by the host, jobs may be granted additional access when they join the round.

Aft[edit | edit source]

Nautical term. It means the back of a ship.(Remember all ships face to the right, so Aft would be west relative to your view)

AI[edit | edit source]

The Artificial Intelligence, the ship's computer which can access machinery on the ship.

Analyzer[edit | edit source]

Most often refers to Health Analyzers, but can also refer to Atmospheric Analyzers, Botany's Plant Analyzers, or Research & Development's Destructive Analyzer.

Anomaly[edit | edit source]

A kind of Anomaly announced over comms that can cause ship damage if not dealt with in time. Can also refer to anomalies on the overmap, which represent celestial objects such as stars, scanned by scientists in astrometrics.

Antag[edit | edit source]

Antagonist. The "opponent", "enemy". Every Game Mode (except extended and secret extended) has at least one.

APC[edit | edit source]

The Area Power Controller, a square box on the wall that provides power to the room and is the purview of Station Engineers.

APs[edit | edit source]

Short for Armor Pumps. The four massive white machines in engineering, that repair the ship's armor and hull. They are detailed here.

APNW[edit | edit source]

Armor Pump Nano Repair Well. The central piece of the Armor Pump network. You can insert materials and electricity into it.

Armada[edit | edit source]

A massive Syndicate fleet, assembled to conquer Sol. It used to spawn in late into a round if the crew has not engaged in any battles with enemy fleets. Created as a deadline for players to get going. It can be defeated, by the players or by allied ships, but usually you shouldn't take your chances. Nowadays it can only be spawned manually.

Asimov[edit | edit source]

The default laws that the AIs and therefore the Cyborgs are held to. Taken from Isaac Asimov's short stories and the Three Laws of Robotics.

Basically makes robots follow orders and unable to harm people.

Astrometrics[edit | edit source]

Astrometry is the part of Science that deals with analyzing celestial objects such as stars and wormholes. This usually refers to the astrometrics console or the act of scanning, but can also reference Astrometric Probe Torpedoes physically launched at anomalies for analysis.

Atmos[edit | edit source]

Either an Atmospheric Technician (which are also commonly known as Atmos Tech) or the Atmospherics area itself which deals with the air supply.

Ayys/Ayyliens[edit | edit source]

An Abductor, not to be confused with a Xenomorph.

Badmin[edit | edit source]

Bad Admin, refers to an admin who abuses their powers.

Ban[edit | edit source]

Blocking a person from access to the SS13 server for a period of time. This can happen if a person is not obeying the given rules.

Read the guide to evading getting banned for further guidelines.

Beepsky/Officer Beepsky[edit | edit source]

A Securitron that starts in Security. Will chase, stun, and handcuff anyone set to be arrested in the security records.

Blob[edit | edit source]

Can refer to the Blob game mode, or the Blob that spawns in Blob mode and sometimes in random events.

A big green jelly thing that spreads quickly, causes enormous damage, beats the shit out of people and is weak to fire.

BO[edit | edit source]

Short for Bridge Officer. Another name for Bridge Staff. Has sadly little to do with spooky things.

Boarders[edit | edit source]

Syndicate drop troopers, who can board the ship if they come close enough to it with their own ship. When this happens, you will hear their tethers attaching to the ship. They wear black hardsuits, use deadly firearms, and you should run away from them. Can also refer to NPC boarders, for whom most of the above information also applies.

Bolt/Bolted[edit | edit source]

A feature of Airlocks. When the bolts are dropped, the door cannot move from its current position, be it open or closed. They can be lifted by the AI or hacking the airlock.

Borg[edit | edit source]

A Cyborg.

Borging[edit | edit source]

Making a Cyborg out of someone. Done in Robotics usually.

Braindead[edit | edit source]

Refers to a player who has logged off or been disconnected. Examining a braindead character reveals the message; "They have a blank, absent-minded stare and appears completely unresponsive to anything. They may snap out of it soon."

While these players are not in-game, they should generally be left alone (or preferably dragged somewhere safe) The rules still apply to braindead characters.

NOTE: This person can still come back to the game! Who knows, maybe their computer just crashed for a minute.

Bridge[edit | edit source]

The command center of the ship where the heads start.

Brig[edit | edit source]

An area of the ship where people are held by security after being arrested.

Bwoink[edit | edit source]

Receiving an Admin PM, named after the sound effect played when an admin PMs you.

BYOND[edit | edit source]

The shitty, laggy platform SS13 was coded on. You need it to be able to play the game, unfortunately.

C. Plasma or C.P.[edit | edit source]

Short for Constricted Plasma. It is created when Plasma gets pumped through Magnetic Constrictors. A form of plasma that does not cause plasmafires when mixed with other gases. Usually present in reactor moderator and fuel loops.

Cargo[edit | edit source]

A shortened version of either the cargo bay, or the whole of the supply section, not including mining dock and the mining ship.

Catatonic[edit | edit source]

A player who has ghosted while alive, disabling them from returning to play. When such a player is examined, it gives a message stating there is no hope of recovery.

These people are as considered corpses and can be taken to the Morgue or Kitchen.

CE[edit | edit source]

The Chief Engineer.

CentCom[edit | edit source]

Short for "Central Command", the administration branch of Nanotrasen which runs SS13. Will periodically send messages to the ship which are usually of debatable usefulness.

Also refers to the area the Emergency Escape Shuttle goes to when it leaves the ship.

CIC[edit | edit source]

Stands for Combat Informations Center, meaning the Bridge.

Clone/Cloning[edit | edit source]

To revive someone back to life through cloning their dead body, usually done in Genetics.

CMO[edit | edit source]

The Chief Medical Officer.

CO2[edit | edit source]

Carbon Dioxide, an invisible gas kept in black canisters. Will knock you out and suffocate you. A small trace amount of it makes up breathable air.

Comdom[edit | edit source]

A derogatory name for an incompetent and abusive Captain.

Corporate[edit | edit source]

A lawset for the AI, which makes it a ruthless profits-maximizing, efficiency-enforcing machine.

Crew[edit | edit source]

This is everybody on the ship that is not a Syndicate, Wizard, Alien, or whatever.

Typically what they do is get the ship into shape, like setting up the singularity and ordering supplies. Oh, and beating the shit out of the other groups of players, of course!

Crit[edit | edit source]

To be in a critical state. At this point, your character has lost consciousness and will slowly die from lack of oxygen.

Cryo[edit | edit source]

The big green glass things in Medbay. Putting dying people in here can save them.

Cuban Pete[edit | edit source]

They call me Cuban Pete, I'm the king of the rhumba beat.

When I play my maracas I go

Chick chicky boom, chick chicky boom

A notorious griefer who applied the bomb-making knowledge of a mysterious first scientist mentor who had invented ludicrous sized bombs. The ship was turned into nearly dust every round he was on, antagonist or not. Because of him there was a bombcap hardcoded into the game.

Cult[edit | edit source]

Refers to either the Cult game mode, or the cultists within.

Deadchat[edit | edit source]

A chat channel dead/observing players speak on using the say command. Can only be seen by other dead/observing players. Deadchat is mostly considered to be out-of-character, and here you are allowed to talk about anything happening in the round (unlike in the OOC channel).

Note that what you learn here is forgotten by your character if you're revived.

Deadmin[edit | edit source]

Most commonly read as dead-min (as in dead admin), but actually stands for de-admin, meaning the action of removing administrative powers from an administrator.

Disk[edit | edit source]

Infrequently a science or genetics research disk, but most often refers to the Nuclear Authentication Disk, used in Nuclear Mode. If you are the captain, guard it with your life.

If you are a traitor with it as your objective, GET DAT FUKKEN DISK.

Donk/Bangin' Donk[edit | edit source]

wait wait hold on, you know what you wanna do with that right? you wanna put a bangin' donk on it

Dolos[edit | edit source]

A system close to the Syndicate homeworld. This is the closest thing NSV13 has to a "final boss". The Dolos system is in the Syndicate home sector, meaning that even getting there is not easy. It takes a good crew with good coordination and good luck to defeat the fleet here. Some people will consider it the final goal of any patrol, and will do whatever it takes to achieve victory here, albeit to some others' anger.

Drone[edit | edit source]

Either a type of alien or a player-controlled repair bot.

Electrified/Shocked[edit | edit source]

Another feature of Airlocks. If an electrified airlock is touched by someone without insulated gloves, they will receive an electric shock, taking damage and being stunned for some time.

The AI and airlock hacking can activate or disable electrification. Some grilles are also electrified -- cutting a cable without wearing insulated gloves will also electrify you.

Emag[edit | edit source]

Another name for the Cryptographic Sequencer traitor item, which permanently opens doors and has myriad other uses.

Emagged/Emaged[edit | edit source]

Used either as a verb to describe the action of using an emag on something, or as an adjective to describe an object that someone has used an emag on.

Emoji[edit | edit source]

A.K.A. smileys, except smile is not mandatory. Learn them all!

Engine[edit | edit source]

The power source of the ship. Can be a variety of things, from logical to less than logical.

ERP[edit | edit source]

Erotic Role Play (ERP) is the action of when a player or players engages in roleplaying that is erotic in nature.

An inherently controversial subject, people's reactions to ERP ranges from upset and rage to taking off one's clothes and joining to ding dong bannu.

EVA[edit | edit source]

A room where space suits, magboots, jetpacks and the RCD are kept. Stands for Extra-Vehicular Activity.

Fore[edit | edit source]

Nautical term. It means the front of a ship.(Remember all ships face to the right, so Fore would be east relative to your view)

Ghost[edit | edit source]

Refers to a command you can type when you have died to become a ghost, and to the actual ghosts themselves.

Ghosts can speak on deadchat, move around the ship freely, see everything, and can't interact with anything meaningful.

They are used to observe the game after you have died. Cannot be seen directly by living players unless something is very wrong.

Gibs[edit | edit source]

The bloody, torn apart remnants of a former living being. Created by people and monkeys exploding. A cyborg that blows up has its own version of gibs: robot debris.

To gib something is to turn it into gibs, usually by a bomb or the Chef's machine that turns people into meat, the Gibber.

Gimmick[edit | edit source]

Can refer to a player gimmick or a gimmick round. Basically a round or player which plays with a certain "theme".

Can be amusing once or twice but doing this regularly runs it into the ground very quickly.

Goofball[edit | edit source]

Refers to the Tesla Engine and specifically its energy balls, named for its coder.

Grayshirt/Grays[edit | edit source]

Assistants, named after their signature gray uniform. Not to be confused with ayyliens. AKA grayshits. AKA,

Graytide[edit | edit source]

Originated from a bug in the job selection system, causing the majority of the crew to be roundstart Assistants, dressed in gray. This resulted in swarms of Assistants storming the Brig and antagonize security. Now the word refers to any griefy behavior of that bent.

Greentext[edit | edit source]

An alternate way of describing a victory as an antagonist. Derived from the green text used for 'success'.

Grief[edit | edit source]

A.K.A. Griefing/Griefer/Griffed/Griff/Griffon/Gruffer/Grover/Shitler/Chucklefuck/(Pulling a) Cuban Pete.

Intentionally ruining the game for others without the metagame pardon of being an antagonist.

Note that this is subjective and up to the admin's interpretation, not yours. Report this using adminhelp to keep the servers tidy!

Gulag[edit | edit source]

The Russian term for the Labor Camp.

Hacking[edit | edit source]

The act of breaking the security measures on equipment such as Airlocks or APCs by illicit means.

HoG[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation for the Hand of God game mode.

Heads[edit | edit source]

The ship's Heads of Staff, each in command of a department. They are also the targets of a revolution.

Honk/Hunke[edit | edit source]

hh-ho-ooonn-nk-kkk ww-hhh-yy i-iss-s see-ccu-uur-rrttt-yy bb-eeaa-tt-iinn-gg m-mme-ee hh-hoo-oon-nnk-kk

HoP[edit | edit source]

Head of Personnel. Should assign jobs and shit, but usually ends up giving himself Captain-level access, ignoring his job, and acting like a supercop in an owl costume. Renamed to XO on NSV13.

HoS[edit | edit source]

The Head of Security.

Hulk[edit | edit source]

Used to refer to the superpower or a person in possession of it. People with the Hulk gene turn green and become super strong, being able to punch through walls, windows, and other fixtures. Hurts like hell if one hits you. Hulks are an exception to some killing rules (see the Rules for details)

Husk[edit | edit source]

A corpse which has turned into a gray, ugly... mummified thing.

This has either happened by extreme heat (fire), extreme cold (space) or liquid suckification (changeling sucked their juices/DNA out). Not a nice thing to witness at first, but you get used to it.

Hypo[edit | edit source]


IC[edit | edit source]

In Character. Stuff that is happening in the game.

IC in OOC[edit | edit source]

The act of describing anything happening in the game over the OOC channel. The rule of thumb is if a person not involved in the incident or not observing the game can still tell what's going on, it's IC in OOC. Usually comes with a chastising and a thousand mini-mods squawking out "ICKY OCKY!!!" but excessive use results in a ban. (See the OOC page for details)

Internals[edit | edit source]

Usually an oxygen tank of some sort and a gas mask. Basically any worn item that lets you breathe when you otherwise can't.

Internals Box[edit | edit source]

That box which comes in a spawned player's backpack containing a transparent breath mask, one emergency-sized tank of pure oxygen and an epinehrine medipen.

A great place to keep things you don't access a lot but want to keep on you.

Job Ban[edit | edit source]

Similar to a Ban, except in this case you'll be prevented from playing a specific role, such as a team-based antagonist or a head of staff. You may even get banned from playing an entire department if you demonstrate an inability to follow the rules.

KNPC[edit | edit source]

A type of NPC only found on NSV. They usually appear on the ship as Syndicate or Pirate boarders and are on average the most dangerous thing you can encounter shipside. If you see a KNPC your priority should be to find some cover from their unrelenting fire and run away.

Kudzu[edit | edit source]

Space vines. Can start growing randomly or be planted.

Lag/Space Lag/Spacetime Distortions[edit | edit source]

Concept common to almost all online gaming. Not worth explaining in depth here - basically it's the server (server-side lag) or your own computer (client-side lag) being slow and causing gaps between you doing stuff and it actually happening to grow. Sometimes referred as 'time warp' or something similar when players are in character.

Lathe[edit | edit source]

Short for the Autolathe, located in Cargo. Could also be a Technology Fabricator, located in every department.

Law/Laws[edit | edit source]

Rules which the AI and Cyborgs must follow. Are somewhat open to interpretation by the player, but the majority consensus and badmin rulings are what really count. May be modified or changed at an AI Upload Terminal using various modules, wiped back to the basic three using the Reset Module, or purged entirely with the Purge Module. Note that core modules cannot be removed by the standard reset module.

Ling[edit | edit source]

Most often a shortening of the word Changeling, but also of Shadowling and Bloodling.

Malf[edit | edit source]

Short for malfunction. Can refer to either the Malfunction game mode, or to describe the AI in said mode.

Mass Driver[edit | edit source]

Computer or switch operated devices found in Toxins, the Chapel and arrivals Disposals.

Any objects on them when they are activated will be thrown forward at high speed, either into the bomb testing area (Toxins) or space (Chapel).

Mini-mod[edit | edit source]

Those players without admin or mod powers or responsibilities who chastise other players and list server rule infractions incessantly. They should be ignored.

MMI[edit | edit source]

A Man-Machine-Interface. Essentially player-cyborg-interface. A cyborg has one inside it. Enables the brain to speak and see.

Put a brain into an empty MMI, insert the whole thing into an empty cyborg and you can bring it back to life!

Mod[edit | edit source]

Could be used to refer to Moderator, the rank, or any admin.

MT[edit | edit source]

Munitions Technician.

Muni[edit | edit source]

Short for Munitions. Can refer to either the place - the Weapons Bay - that houses the ship's weaponry, or the department of people who operate said weaponry.

Murderboning[edit | edit source]

Going on a killing spree.

N2[edit | edit source]

Nitrogen, an invisible gas kept in red canisters. Mostly useless but makes up a certain percentage of breathable air. Not to be confused with chemical reagent nitrogen from chemistry.

N2O[edit | edit source]

Nitrous Oxide, also known as laughing gas or anesthetic. White gas kept in red canisters with a white stripe, that will knock you out and suffocate you at high enough concentrations.

NAC[edit | edit source]

Naval Artillery Cannon.

Nanotrasen[edit | edit source]

The autonomous super-corporation that built and operates the ship, according to the backstory.

Common misspellings include NanoTrasen, Nanotressen, Nanotransen, Nanotracer, and You Know That Fucking Company We Work For. (See CentCom for the difference between Nanotrasen and CentCom)

Nar-Sie/Nar-Nar[edit | edit source]

The eldritch deity whom cultists serve and often wish to summon.

Notes[edit | edit source]

A command which displays "Notes" kept in your character's memory, which you add with the "Add-Note" command. Some notes are automatically added depending on the circumstances, such as revolutionaries having the list of rev members memorized, Syndicate leaders having the nuclear bomb code memorized, or the time of your death. Also refers to the top secret notes admins keep on players, usually if they get banned.

Nuke[edit | edit source]

Can refer to either the Nuclear game mode (also known as Syndicate), the Nuclear Fission Explosive used in said mode, the Ship's Self Destruct Device, or the AGCNR Nuclear Reactor.

Nuke ship[edit | edit source]

A Thermonuclear Destroyer. A Syndicate ship carrying nuclear warheds.

O2[edit | edit source]

Oxygen. Invisible gas usually kept in blue and white Canisters. Vital for reasons that you should already know, but deadly for reasons you may not.

Oasis Fidei[edit | edit source]

The star system connecting Dolos and Abassi. It is said to have the strongest defense force of any Syndicate territory. Only a handful of crews have made it far enough to reach the oasis, but none have returned in one piece. Currently only Admins can grant access to it.

One-Human(ed)[edit | edit source]

Referring to a custom AI law that designates only one member of the crew as a human. Usually accompanied with an order to purge "non-humans."

OOC[edit | edit source]

The blue bolded chat channel which is shown to all players. Don't use this to talk about anything going on in the game (until right at the end of the game generally).

Might get switched off occasionally if it gets too idiotic. You can toggle the visibility of the ooc channel by using the corresponding command.

OOC in IC[edit | edit source]

The inverse of the much more common IC in OOC. Whenever a game mechanic, metafeature, or player-to-player conversation is referenced in the say or emote channels.

Heavily frowned upon as it ruins MY IMMERSIONNNN!

Talking ((Like this)) is still OOC in IC.

OOM[edit | edit source]

Abbreviation of Out-Of-Memory. A computer error that occurs when a program can't continue functioning due to a lack of available memory. An issue that is relatively common in SS13 due to BYOND's 4 GB memory limit. Massive lag spikes which cause the server freezing are also often wrongly referred to as the server "OOMing".

Ops/Operatives[edit | edit source]

Short for nuke ops. Generally heard over the radio shortly before the ship goes boom.

ORM[edit | edit source]

Short for the Ore Redemption Machine, which is used to turn the materials miners bring into usable sheets and can be linked to an ore silo with a multitool. Often found in cargo or unwrenched to bypass the door's access restrictions.

Overmap[edit | edit source]

A technical term (meaning that you will not hear it IC) describing the Z-level where the ships move and battle. If you look on a Viewscreen, you will see onto this Z-level. If you take off in a fighter, and fly off the edge of a Z-level, you will appear here. To return, simply dock into a friendly ship, and you will be on that ship's Z-level. Usually, you shouldn't be able to walk here as just a normal person, without any spacecraft. However, this doesn't mean that some people won't try.

Paladin[edit | edit source]

A lawset for the AI, your stereotypical white-knight good-guy role.

Parapen[edit | edit source]

The Sleepy Pen was previously called Parapen, short for Paralysis Pen.

Patrol[edit | edit source]

The misson that Whiterapids has assigned your ship to, which involves defeating hostile fleets. It is required to finish your patrol before you are granted access to Outpost 45, which triggers the end of the round. You can open the Faction tab on the top right at any time to see the progress towards completing the patrol (1000 faction points).

PDA[edit | edit source]

Short for Personal Digital Assistant, a handheld device that acts as a pager, flashlight and other useful functions, depending on what cartridge is inserted.

Perma/Permabrig[edit | edit source]

The Prison Wing in the security, where prisoners are kept permanently.

Plasma[edit | edit source]

A.K.A. Biotoxin. Purple gas kept in orange canisters. Poisonous and flammable.

Plasmeme[edit | edit source]

A term used to describe Plasmamen.

Port[edit | edit source]

Nautical term. It means the side of a ship on the left when one is facing forward. (Remember all ships face to the right, so port would be north relative to your view)

If you're the kind of person who likes mnemonic devices, it's useful to remember that PORT has the same number of letters as LEFT.

QM[edit | edit source]

Usually refers to the Quartermaster, but can also mean the Cargo Bay or the people who work there.

RnD/R&D[edit | edit source]

Refers to Research and Development, or the Laboratory that carries it out.

Radio[edit | edit source]

Normally refers to the headset on your head which can be used with the command 'say ";help the traitor is griefing me"', for example. Can also refer to station bounced radios and intercoms. Shows up as green text with a symbol and frequency appended to it. Additional department-specific radios also exsist. To use the equipped department radio's default department frequency use 'say ".h Hello Department!"'. (See Radio for details or how to use the radio when it has multiple department frequencies available)

RBMK[edit | edit source]

A technical name used to describe some nuclear reactors in-real-life. In-game, some people use it to refer to the AGCNR due to its sprite and in some cases also the Stormdrive. This, however, is not entirely correct, due to neither reactor actually being an RBMK-type reactor.

RCD[edit | edit source]

Rapid Construction Device. A piece of equipment that can quickly make and break floors, regular walls, and airlocks.

RD[edit | edit source]

The Research Director.

Records[edit | edit source]

Comes in two flavors, Security and Medical, both accessible from terminals with red or white screens, respectively.

Medical Records are mostly useless and thus mostly unused, but Security Records contain useful fingerprint information and can be used to have Beepsky arrest people on sight.

Redshirt[edit | edit source]

Security Officers, named for their signature red uniforms and tendency to die at the hands of everything.

Redtext[edit | edit source]

An alternate way of describing a loss as an antagonist. Derived from the red text used for 'fail'.

Report/Centcom Report/Traitor Report[edit | edit source]

A document printed out from communications consoles at the start of most game modes. Lists who might be the traitor and what might be their targets.

Inaccurate to the point where it's usually false. Do not treat this report as proof of anything.

Rev[edit | edit source]

Could refer to the game mode Revolution, a member of the Revolution in said game mode, or a Revenant.

Revhead[edit | edit source]

One of the leaders of the revolution in Revolution game mode.

Robust/Robusting[edit | edit source]

The game's ROBUST COMBAT SYSTEM. To robust someone is to beat the shit out of them or at least win in a fight.

The definition of what exactly makes a crewmember robust varies from person to person, but it's almost universally agreed to mean being skilled despite the inherently clunky interface.

Rocinate or Roci[edit | edit source]

The mining ship, where the miners live and mine asteroids. On some maps it may be replaced with other vessels. Some even have carpet!

RP[edit | edit source]

(MY IMMERSION) "Role Play". Basically acting within the mental/emotional confines of your in-game character and not yourself. This is encouraged on our servers.

Rubicon[edit | edit source]

A Syndicate-controlled star system. The Rubicon system is always patrolled by a strong defense fleet, and contains the hypergate used to access the third (Syndicate) sector.

Shitcurity[edit | edit source]

A derogatory term for Security Officers who are abusive, incompetent or generally shit. Can usually be heard shouted by the guy who just got arrested.

Shuttle[edit | edit source]

Most of the time refers to the Emergency Escape Shuttle which shows up at the end of the round. Can also refer to the Arrival Shuttle (where you start if you join late), the syndicate or wizard shuttle (which you'll rarely see, if ever), the Supply Shuttle (which brings items to the Cargo Bay), or the mining shuttle (which moves people between the mining and the main ships)

.Signal[edit | edit source]

A beep sent from a Remote Signalling Device. "Default Signal" is used to refer to the default setting of the devices, which is Frequency 147.9, Code 30.

Randomly signaling the default frequency/code is a good idea, and will cause nothing bad to happen ever.

Silicon[edit | edit source]

A term for AI or cyborg players, contrast with "human."

Singulo/Singuloth/Sing[edit | edit source]

The gravitational singularity, what is essentially a black hole that emits radiation, this radiation is converted to power. It should be contained with a shield, if it isn't, don't stop to take in the view, get those legs moving.

Slings[edit | edit source]

Shadowlings, one of the ship's many antagonist types.

Space Wind[edit | edit source]

Shifts in air pressure that can cause players and items they're dragging to be knocked into space.

Spacing[edit | edit source]

The act of forcing or throwing someone out an airlock into space, usually for malicious purposes.

Spooling the FTL[edit | edit source]

An easy and manual task performed by Engineers or the AI. Find the FTL drive, click on the dial, and input a number greater than zero. It is required before every FTL jump.

SS13[edit | edit source]

Space Station 13. Generally used to refer to the game rather than the actual station.

SD[edit | edit source]

A shortening of StormDrive, one of the two main reactors in NSV13. Some call it the Souldrive.

SS Crit[edit | edit source]

A shortened version of Super Structure Critical. It is the state of the ship's hull, when all of the armor is gone, and the hull is at 1%. When this happens, an announcement is given, after which the Engineers have 10 minutes to bring the hull back to 20%. Failing that, after the 10 minute timer is over, the ship will hold together for 5 more minutes, then blow apart, ending the round.

It is explained in detail here.

SSD[edit | edit source]

Stands for Space Sleep Disorder or Sudden Sleep Disorder. An in-character explanation for someone that has disconnected or has gone AFK.

Starboard[edit | edit source]

Nautical term. It means the side of a ship on the right when one is facing forward.(Remember all ships face to the right, so starboard would be south relative to your view)

SM[edit | edit source]

The Supermatter.

Syndie/Synd[edit | edit source]

Can refer to the organization known as the Syndicate, a coalition of companies that execs their hate of Nanotrasen, according to the backstory, or to raid groups and operatives of said coalition. Traitors, traitor Cyborgs and traitor AIs are Syndicate affiliates and Nuclear mode's premise revolves around a direct Syndicate attack. Ingame, they have randomized company names that usually look something like "GeoDyne West Operative #2" or "Waffle Co. Czar" and there are usually at least two of them and up to six. They also have access to a lot of special syndicate gear.

Tabling[edit | edit source]

The act of grabbing someone then clicking a table to instantly knock them down on it, usually followed by a toolbox in the skull or being stripped.

Tele[edit | edit source]

While usually referring to the Hand Teleporter, it could also be referring to the full-fledged Teleporter in the Teleporter Room. Most people have no idea how to use it.

Tesla[edit | edit source]

The Tesla Engine. An alternative engine that Engineering can build. Also commonly referred to as the "goofball", so named for the programmer who created it.

Testmerge[edit | edit source]

Trying out new features or significant changes usually means temporarily merging that feature into the server in order to gather bug reports and feedback

Tcomms/Telecomms[edit | edit source]

Telecommunications, the room holding servers that allows headsets to work. Does not affect Intercoms or Station Bounced Radios.

Thermals[edit | edit source]

Optical Thermal Scanners. Green glasses which let you see people through walls and in the dark. The only thing they can't see through is hiding in closets. Generally not available to the crew.

Toxins[edit | edit source]

That section of the ship usually referred to as the Research Division containing Research and Development, Xenobiology, the Toxins Lab and the Research Director's office.

It is very rarely not filled with fire, hot gas, poisonous vapors, blood, acid, foam of all kinds and dangers, or the aftermath of all this destruction.

Traitor[edit | edit source]

Used to refer to the mode or an actual Traitor (assigned by the game mode or by admins).

TraitorChan[edit | edit source]

Used to refer to the game mode, a combination of Traitor and Changeling.

Valid/Validhunting[edit | edit source]

Adjective: Someone whom it is allowed under the Rules to kill, usually on grounds of being a loud traitor. Verb: The act of killing or deliberately seeking out said kill. An inherently controversial subject.

Voice in Your Head[edit | edit source]

A subtle, in-character message from an admin.

Vote[edit | edit source]

A command which lets you call a vote to restart the game or change the game mode (which will restart the game anyway), or a request by other players indicating that the command should be typed. Calling votes when an unruined game is in progress for any reason is looked down upon, but it's not like votes work when the game really is ruined either. All votes are liable to being canceled by admins.

VOX[edit | edit source]

The audio announcement system that the AI will use to curse at send messages to the crew.

WGW[edit | edit source]

The legendary tale of Woody's Got Wood. The book obtained from the library. This vile tome is highly forbidden, and someone will eventually print it to spam over the radio any chance they get. Doing so will usually result in a ship-wide manhunt, or the admin spawning a Space Carp named "Video Games" outside your hidey hole.

Wormhole[edit | edit source]

A black swirly portal that shows up during the Space-Time Anomaly random event or the verb used when thrown through a wormhole by an aggressor or your own stupidity. Anything coming into contact with a wormhole will be teleported to a random area on or off the ship. They can be fairly dangerous or cause temporary blockades. Not to be confused with portals made from the Handheld Teleporter, which are blue or (more rarely) orange.

Xeno[edit | edit source]

Can refer to Aliens, or Xenobiology.

XO[edit | edit source]

Short for Executive Officer. NSV's equivalent of a Head of Personnel with a few new duties, including managing the ship's squads.

Wizard[edit | edit source]

Usually refers to the Wizard game mode, or a Wizard player who has access to a number of spells and will probably wreck your shit on sight or die in the first 12 seconds of a Wizard game.

Whisp[edit | edit source]

The SGV Aetherwhisp, a SolGov styled map that comes with many engines, lasers and carpets.

Z-Level[edit | edit source]

Another area/map which the game consists of. Gameplay-wise, it's just a level.

Z-levels are areas you randomly spawn into when you go over the edge of an area. Part of BYOND's functionality. For example, the station, DJ station, Central Command and the Derelict are all on different Z-levels. Going off the edge of one Z-Level will take you to another. To reduce lag, most Z-levels have been cut from NSV13. What remains is the main ship (usually with two decks), an occasional mining ship, the overmap and Central Command. Additionally, going off the edge of a Z-level will just put you on the other side of the same Z-level.