Central Command

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Central Command Area
Central Command.jpg
Central Command
Glory to Nanotrasen!
Obvious exits Space
Purpose The place where the rounds (usually) end
Access level
Noteworthy contents Bar, beach, sleepers, cell
Clearance Anyone
Security level Medium
Style Centcom
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Nanotrasen's massive and tightly-defended Corporate Headquarters.

This is the place where the Escape Shuttle finally ends up after having left Space Station 13. Welcome back home.

Only the docking and Thunderdome areas are explorable.

The Escape Shuttle is docked here when it is not at (or travelling from) Space Station 13. A small ferry is also docked at Central Command.

The Wizard's Den, the Syndicate Winter Outpost, and the Abductor's Pod happen to exist on the same z-level as Centcom. Go figure.

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