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The Prototype Defense Screen Reactor or PDSR is an experimantal Nanotrasen reactor, which generates a defensive field of particles around a vessel, utilising electricity and nucleium. It requires a high amount of both of those resources, and a skilled operator. As such, it is only placed on a select few ships with especially trained engineering crews.

Can it run the PDSR?[edit | edit source]

So, you are an Engineer, who has this mighty piece of machinery on their ship. But what do you need to run it? The PDSR needs two resources, plus cooling.

Power[edit | edit source]

To noone's surprise, you need electricty to create a shield. It is highly recommended that you wire the PDSR straight to another power source - usually the AGCNR - as it can eat 22MWs of power, or even more. How much more exaclty can be seen on the Screen Manipulator console.

  • Available Power shows how much power is in the wire under the PDSR.
  • Input Power is the number you can change. How much power do you want to input? Well, that depends on
  • Minimum Safe Power shows how much power is required to contain the reaction inside the Reactor. If you give the Reactor more than this amount, it will be able to function properly, without emissons.
  • Maximum Safe Power shows how much power is too much. If you pass this number, the reaction will quickly end in an emission.

If Minimum and Maximum power are getting close to eachother, the temperature inside the Reactor is rising. If they ever reach eachother, an emisson is imminent.

Nucleium[edit | edit source]

Nucleium is used in the fisson inside the Reactor. It's particles are what surround and protect the ship. This gas is created in reactors - the Stormdrive and the AGCNR - as a byproduct gas. While being harmful to a normal reactor, it is the fuel of the PDSR.

Nucleium can be created in massive quantities in reactors utilising plasma in fisson. In the case of the SD, it's amount depends on the Reaction Rate, the power Generated and the Fuel amount. For the AGCNR, it depends on the amount of Fuel gases - Plasma, C. Plasma, Tritium. After being created, it is then expelled from the reactor. This is where we can collect it, and send it over to the PDSR.

The amount of Nucleium input can be modified on the Mainframe console. The Reactor needs at least 5 mols/s to run, but giving it more will increase the Shield's strength. However, giving it more Nucleium will increase the reaction rate, and increase the heat generated.

Cooling[edit | edit source]

While the Reactor is running, it will generate heat. The higher the temperature is, the harder it is to contain it, and thus the more power it requires. To counteract this, you will need to cool your Reactor. Cooling here is similar to cooling the AGCNR - the cold gas goes in on one end, and the hot comes out on the other. The more coolant you have, and the faster it moves, the better.

If you are experiencing sudden temperature increases, you can Cyle Coolant, from the Screen Manipulator console. This will cool your reactor fast, but will make any emisson to occur much worse.

Statistics[edit | edit source]

If you managed to get your Reactor running, you will need a lot of work put into it. It is quite volatile, with a multiple, quickly changing variables. The most important of these are

Reaction Rate[edit | edit source]

Polarity[edit | edit source]

The Shield[edit | edit source]

Shield Statistics[edit | edit source]

Hardening and Regeneration[edit | edit source]

Integrity and Strength[edit | edit source]

Stability[edit | edit source]

Shield Relays[edit | edit source]

Emisson[edit | edit source]

How to prevent them[edit | edit source]

How to prevent other from preventing them[edit | edit source]