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NSV13 Wiki administrators may issue various protections to pages to prevent disruptive edits.


Silver padlock

Semi protected pages may only be edited by logged-in, autoconfirmed users (users with more than 1 edit and older than 10 minutes.)

These pages are protected to prevent driveby vandalism.

Extended Protection

Blue padlock with E

Extended protected pages may only be edited by logged-in, extended-confirmed users (users with more than 50 edits and older than 30 days.)

These pages are protected to prevent edits by new users.

Full Protection

Gold padlock

A fully protected page cannot be edited or moved by anyone except administrators. The protection may be for a specified time or may be indefinite.

Edits to fully-protected pages may be suggested on their talk page.

Steward Protection

purple padlock with checkmark

Steward protected pages may only be edited by Stewards, who are almost always NSV13 Game Head Administrators.

These pages are protected in the interest of storing game policy documents on the wiki for visibility.

Office Protection

Black padlock with O

Office Protected pages are restricted to editing by members of the NSV13 Technical Operations Team.

This protection is rare and only used in cases of legal issues, or anything else that is handled outside the standard policy system.

At a technical level, they are protected identically to Steward protected pages.