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Command Area
Combat Information Cente
That place where all the Command staff party behind the crew's backs.
Obvious exits North to Bridge and War Room
Purpose Steering the ship and controlling its guns
Access level Bridge
Noteworthy contents Ship Helm computer, Ship Tactical Control conole
Clearance Captain, Heads of Staff, Bridge Staff, CIC Ops
Security level High
Style Bridge
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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The Combat Information Center (CIC for short) is one of the most important areas of the ship. In this room the Bridge Staff control both the ship's thrusters and guns using their respective consoles. The Captain can often also be found here, as they are in command of the ship and thus also where it needs to go.
The CIC is an important target for Boarders and Certain Other Individuals as having control of the ship often means you can fly to Risa Station into groups of enemy ships which will almost certainly cause the ship to explode, fall apart, or allow the Syndicate to send a few Friends your way.

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