Engineering Hangar

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Engineering Area
Engineering Hangar
The hangar used for storing spacecraft, in engineering.
Obvious exits East to Atmospherics, west to Stormdrive, North to Engineering, Southeast to Gravity Generator
Purpose Storing spaceships
Access level Engineering
Noteworthy contents A Sabre class spacecraft.
Clearance Captain, Chief Engineer, Engineer, Atmospheric Technician, Engineering Security Officer
Security level Low
Style Hangar
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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This relatively small hangar is the place built for storing the auxilary Sabre class spaceship. It is often also used as a secondary Construction Site by engineers due to the large amount of space that is left empty.
Other than that the area is also used as a passageway to get access to the Gravity Generator, Atmospherics and the engineering lounge.
The Stormdrive's input pipe (brown pipe on the top right) also comes through here which makes the space perfect for modifying the piping.