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Security Area
Security Posts
Get to your post and await further orders, officer!
Obvious exits Medbay, Research Division, Cargo Office, Engineering or Arrivals depending on your assigned department
Purpose Not defined
Access level Security
Noteworthy contents Security Records Computer, maybe a camera terminal and locker full for security gear
Clearance Head of Security, Warden, Security Officer
Security level High
Style Office
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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Each of the station's four major departments have a small security office near their entrances. Only Brig access is required to enter these rooms, meaning department heads have authority over the posts in their departments.

Medical Security Office
Research Security Office
Engineering Security Office
Cargo Security Office

Arrivals Checkpoint[edit | edit source]

Arrivals Checkpoint

This is the small security office in Arrivals that is supposed to be used to process new arrivals. Includes a security camera console and security records console, an equipment locker, a weapon recharger, a spare flash, and an ID computer. Often used by people with stolen ID computer ID's to give themselves all-access and by people with stolen weapons to load them.

Usually unmanned, and usually broken into by those who want quick and easy access to security gear.

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