Captain's Quarters

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Command Area
Captain's Quarters
The boss man's office and bedroom. If you're in here, you better have a good reason.
Obvious exits West to Bridge
Purpose Protecting the Captain and their valuables
Access level Captain
Noteworthy contents Nuke disk, Antique laser gun, Captain's spare ID card
Clearance Captain, Cyborg, AI
Security level High
Style Office/Quarters
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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This is the Captain's luxuriously furnished Office and panic room. It's located in the Bridge and has a window with a very nice view into space, luckily those also come with shutters in case Space Carps or Other Dangers are outside. Of course it only makes sense for the Captain himself to spawn in this room and that one can only get in with Captain's level access.

The Captain's Quarters themselves are divided into two parts, the Captain's Office and the Captain's private quarters.

The Captain's private quarters are through the door just behind his desk. This contains a comfortable bed for the Captain to sleep on, as well as a locker with some armor, an energy gun, parade outfit and an extra jumpsuit. But most importantly, they contain the Nuclear Authentication Disk (so the Syndicate can blow up the station), a storage unit with a special space suit and jetpack (so the Captain can disappear into space), the Captain's Spare ID (so certain individuals can gain all-access and spread their joy through the station) and a flask of fine alcohol to to numb the senses from the disappointment this ship truly is.

Aside from the Nuke disk there's also the Captain's stamp, a box of medals, a hand teleporter and a pinpointer on the desk, most of which have various other uses.

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