Abandoned Satellite

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Outside Area
Abandoned Satellite.png
Abandoned Satellite
Where there once orbited the station's telecommunications satellite, now orbits ruins. How many years ago did it fall into disuse? No one knows.
Obvious exits Teleporter, north, south, east, west
Purpose Scavenging
Access level None, but you'll need tools.
Noteworthy contents Tools, a telebeacon, air canisters
Clearance Everyone
Security level None
Style Derelict satellite
Balance Requirements No major balance requirements
Other Notes
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The Abandoned Satellite was formerly used for long range communication between Nanotrasen stations. Its cause of destruction is currently unknown as no investigation was launched into discovering what went wrong. Space Station 13's network is now located on-station.

OH GOD I'M IN SPACE OH GOD HALP[edit | edit source]

The Abandoned Satellite is a target of the Teleporter and thus it is possible to find yourself stranded there by accident or after a traitorous plot. DO NOT PANIC! You can still make it out alive. Here is what you do:

  • Put on your internals if you haven't already. This will buy you some time.
  • Open the two air canisters on either side of the satellite. Now you can actually breathe without dying! This air will vent eventually, but you will have ample time to escape.
  • Set up the teleporter on the northern end of the satellite. All the necessary components are scattered throughout the satellite in toolboxes, crates and on the floor. For glass, weld the glass shards conveniently left lying around into glass sheets. Don't forget to wirecut the machine in the middle, otherwise your teleporter will not work.
  • Calibrate the teleporter and GTFO, taking any corpses that may have been stranded there as well.

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