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Every worker of a Nanotrasen Space Vessel is issued an identification card. Your ID has your name and occupation on it. This is used both to identify the holder and open up airlocks the worker has access to. For example, the Quartermaster has access to the Cargo Bay and Quartermaster's Office, while Assistants, do not. ID cards can have their access modified by the Captain or Executive Officer, since they are the only ones with ID-Modification permissions.

Types of ID cards[edit | edit source]

Id regular.png Standard ID - Standard identification card issued to the general staff.

Id silver.png Command ID - Special silver identification card issued to the Heads of Staff. These IDs allow access to the Bridge, have the ability to call/recall the Escape Shuttle, edit access permissions on other ID cards respective to the heads department, as well as having access specific to each head.

Id gold.png Captain's ID - The Captain's gold-coloured all-access ID card. A spare will be present in a safe in the CIC.If there is no Captain present at the start of the shift a document with the code for said safe will be inserted in one of the Heads of Staff's Inventory.

Id centcom.png Centcom ID - Identification card issued only to Centcom officials, including Death squad officers.

Id orange.png Prisoner ID - Identification card issued to prisoners, so they can be identified on the crew monitoring console and keep track of labor points. Has no access.

Here are the different IDs for all Job assignments sorted by department:

ID Hos.png - Head of security

ID Warden.png - Warden

ID Sec.png - Security Officer

ID Detective.png - Detective

- Brig Physician

ID CE.png - Chief Engineer

ID Engi.png - Station Engineer

ID Atmos.png - Atmospheric Technician

ID Rd.png - Research Director

ID Sci.png - Scientist

- Roboticist

ID Cmo.png - Chief medical Officer

ID Med.png - Medical Doctor

- Paramedic

- Chemist

- Geneticist

- Virologist

- Executive Officer

ID Serv.png - Janitor, Botanist, Cook, Bartender

ID Lawyer.png - Lawyer

ID Chap.png - Chaplain

ID Clown.png - Clown

ID Mime.png - Mime

- Curator

ID Qm.png - Quartermaster

ID Cargo.png - Cargo Technician

ID Miner.png - Shaft Miner

- Master at Arms

- Bridge Staff - Munitions Technician - Flight Leader - Fighter Pilot - Air Traffic Controller

ID Clown op.png - Clown Op

ID Ert.png - Emergency Response Team

ID Syndicate.png - Syndicate Agent

ID Modification Guide[edit | edit source]

There are three ways of editing ID-Access: By modifying them in a Tablet, in an ID console or Command console. Here is a quick guide to the steps to take, since the steps are often not very intuitive.

ID-Console[edit | edit source]

ID Console.png

These are the Steps for the ID-Console modification


  • press log in (red)

ID Console Interface 1 Guide.png

Access Modification:

  • grant access to seperate rooms (light blue)
  • change job assignment (orange)
  • DONT FORGET TO LOG OUT, otherwise everyone can use the console

ID Console Interface 2 Guide.png

Job assignment:

  • select new job assinment for target ID
  • select Custom job name for example "Liberator of Maints"(bottom)
  • to remove your and the target ID HOLD ALT AND LEFTCLICK THE CONSOLE

ID Console Interface 3 Guide.png

Command Console[edit | edit source]

Modular console.gif

These are the steps for the command console modification

Select ID Program:

  • select ID-Program(red), the display of the console will change
  • if the program is not available you may need to install the ID-software first (see tablets)

Command Console Interface 1 Guide.png


  • do not insert your own ID in the console.

Command Console Interface 2 Guide.png

ID Modification:

  • In this Interface you can change the Name of the ID (purple),
  • grant access to seperate rooms or departments(light blue),
  • all access and No access(dark blue).
  • Use a predefined Job (orange)
  • to remove the target ID HOLD ALT AND LEFTCLICK THE CONSOLE

Command Console Interface 3 Guide.png

Tablets[edit | edit source]

Tablet brown.png

These are the steps for the Tablet modifications

Software Installation:

  • if the "ID-Card Modification" program isn't preinstalled select software download tool(red)

Tablet Interface 1 Guide.png

Download program:

  • download ID-Card Modification, this will take a few seconds
  • after it is downloaded exit the program by pressing the x on the or minimize it(top right)

Tablet Interface 2 Guide.png

Select ID Program:

  • select ID-Card Modification program

Tablet Interface 3 Guide.png


  • do not insert your own ID in the console.

Tablet Interface 4 Guide.png

ID Modification:

  • insert the target ID (purple)
  • grant access to seperate rooms or departments(light blue)
  • change job assignment (orange)
  • to remove the target ID HOLD ALT AND LEFTCLICK THE CONSOLE

Tablet Interface 5 Guide.png

Light Bulb.pngTips[edit | edit source]

  • As an Executive Officer or Captain you are the only people with permission for ID-Modification (change name, occupation, add access). To prevent All Access falling in the hands of Traitors or other Antagonists, you may take a spare ID and only add ID-modification access, hide said ID (in your locker for example) and remove the ID-Modification Access from your own ID. This way if you get killed the Antagonist cannot modify their own or other IDs. (but still all the access from your ID, welp)
  • many different things requre ID-Access, not just Airlocks. Examples for these are Borgs needing robotics access to be unlocked, the ftl drive spooling or med-bots needing medical or robotics access to unlock.
  • command consoles are usually present in every head of staff's room and on the bridge, not just the XO office.

Sword.gifFalse Identification[edit | edit source]

  • If you wear clothing covering your face wearing no ID will make you show up as an "Unknown ", with this also applying to suit sensors.Examples for these clothes are gas masks, fake mustaches, various other masks however not the regular breath masks. If you speak or use the radio your ame will still show up tough.
  • You have a few optons when it comes to traitor items, besides the obvious cryptographic sequencer (emag) that lets you hack open doors; you can also buy agent IDs, which let you set your Job assignment and name at will(they have no access on their own, you need to add more access by swiping new ones on them). Combined with a voice changer this makes for great disguises or Poly talking smack about the captain.
  • Some vital machines on the ship have ID-restrictions, so if for example you want to sabotage the SD by raising the rods completely you'll need an engineering ID.