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Posters are large printed pictures that can be used to decorate the Station. Three types exist: corporate, contraband, wanted.

  • Corporate posters: these depict imagery in line with Nanotrasen's rules. Can be found around the station or printed from the Curator's book inventory management console (random, 6 sec. cooldown).
  • Contraband posters: these depict items or ideals against Nanotrasen rules. Can be ordered from cargo with a hacked console or found around the station, usually maintenance.
  • Wanted posters: these are issued by security to alert the crew of dangerous individuals. Made from a security records console.

Corporate posters[edit | edit source]

Poster contraband legit.png

Corporate posters are Nanotrasen prints designated to provide the crew with informative, morale boosting imagery, as well as reminders for proper corporate behavion and corporate products advertisements. There are a total of 35 of these, and they are:

  1. "Here For Your Safety": A poster glorifying the station's security force.
  2. "Nanotrasen Logo": A poster depicting the Nanotrasen logo.
  3. "Cleanliness": A poster warning of the dangers of poor hygiene.
  4. "Help Others": A poster encouraging you to help fellow crewmembers.
  5. "Build": A poster glorifying the engineering team.
  6. "Bless This Spess": A poster blessing this area.
  7. "Science": A poster depicting an atom.
  8. "Ian": Arf arf. Yap.
  9. "Obey": A poster instructing the viewer to obey authority.
  10. "Walk": A poster instructing the viewer to walk instead of running.
  11. "State Laws": A poster instructing cyborgs to state their laws.
  12. "Love Ian": Ian is love, Ian is life.
  13. "Space Cops.": A poster advertising the television show Space Cops.
  14. "Ue No.": This thing is all in Japanese.
  15. "Get Your LEGS": LEGS: Leadership, Experience, Genius, Subordination.
  16. "Do Not Question": A poster instructing the viewer not to ask about things they aren't meant to know.
  17. "Work For A Future": A poster encouraging you to work for your future.
  18. "Soft Cap Pop Art": A poster reprint of some cheap pop art.
  19. "Safety: Internals": A poster instructing the viewer to wear internals in the rare environments where there is no oxygen or the air has been rendered toxic.
  20. "Safety: Eye Protection": A poster instructing the viewer to wear eye protection when dealing with chemicals, smoke, or bright lights.
  21. "Safety: Report": A poster instructing the viewer to report suspicious activity to the security force.
  22. "Report Crimes": A poster encouraging the swift reporting of crime or seditious behavior to station security.
  23. "Ion Rifle": A poster displaying an Ion Rifle.
  24. "Foam Force Ad": Foam Force, it's Foam or be Foamed!
  25. "Cohiba Robusto Ad": Cohiba Robusto, the classy cigar.
  26. "50th Anniversary Vintage Reprint": A reprint of a poster from 2505, commemorating the 50th Aniversery of Nanoposters Manufacturing, a ##subsidary of Nanotrasen.
  27. "Fruit Bowl": Simple, yet awe-inspiring.
  28. "PDA Ad": A poster advertising the latest PDA from Nanotrasen suppliers.
  29. "Enlist": Enlist in the Nanotrasen Deathsquadron reserves today!
  30. "Nanomichi Ad": A poster advertising Nanomichi brand audio cassettes.
  31. "12 Gauge": A poster boasting about the superiority of 12 gauge shotgun shells.
  32. "High-Class Martini": I told you to shake it, no stirring.
  33. "The Owl": The Owl would do his best to protect the station. Will you?
  34. "No ERP": This poster reminds the crew that Eroticism, Rape and Pornography are banned on Nanotrasen stations.
  35. "Carbon Dioxide": This informational poster teaches the viewer what carbon dioxide is.

Contraband Posters[edit | edit source]

Generic clown.png
Funny Guy says:
"Contraband is such a big word. Many of these items are in-jokes and light-hearted humor, don't arrest people for these, you square!"
Poster contraband.png

Contraband posters depict images of items, activities and ideals against Nanotrasen directives. There are a total of 36 of these, and they are:

  1. "Free Tonto": A salvaged shred of a much larger flag, colors bled together and faded from age.
  2. "Atmosia Declaration of Independence": A relic of a failed rebellion.
  3. "Fun Police": A poster condemning the station's security forces.
  4. "Lusty Xenomorph": A heretical poster depicting the titular star of an equally heretical book.
  5. "Syndicate Recruitment": See the galaxy! Shatter corrupt megacorporations! Join today!
  6. "Clown": Honk.
  7. "Smoke": A poster advertising a rival corporate brand of cigarettes.
  8. "Grey Tide": A rebellious poster symbolizing assistant solidarity.
  9. "Missing Gloves": This poster references the uproar that followed Nanotrasen's financial cuts toward insulated-glove purchases.
  10. "Hacking Guide": This poster details the internal workings of the common Nanotrasen airlock. Sadly, it appears out of date.
  11. "RIP Badger": This seditious poster references Nanotrasen's genocide of a space station full of badgers.
  12. "Ambrosia Vulgaris": This poster is lookin' pretty trippy man.
  13. "Donut Corp.": This poster is an unauthorized advertisement for Donut Corp.
  14. "EAT.": This poster promotes rank gluttony.
  15. "Tools": This poster looks like an advertisement for tools, but is in fact a subliminal jab at the tools at CentCom.
  16. "Power": A poster that positions the seat of power outside Nanotrasen.
  17. "Space Cube": Ignorant of Nature's Harmonic 6 Side Space Cube Creation, the Spacemen are Dumb, Educated Singularity Stupid and Evil.
  18. "Communist State": All hail the Communist party!
  19. "Lamarr": This poster depicts Lamarr. Probably made by a traitorous Research Director.
  20. "Borg Fancy": Being fancy can be for any borg, just need a suit.
  21. "Borg Fancy v2": Borg Fancy, Now only taking the most fancy.
  22. "Kosmicheskaya Stantsiya 13 Does Not Exist": A poster mocking CentCom's denial of the existence of the derelict station near Space Station 13.
  23. "Rebels Unite": A poster urging the viewer to rebel against Nanotrasen.
  24. "C-20r": A poster advertising the Scarborough Arms C-20r.
  25. "Have a Puff": Who cares about lung cancer when you're high as a kite?
  26. "Revolver": Because seven shots are all you need.
  27. "D-Day Promo": A promotional poster for some rapper.
  28. "Syndicate Pistol": A poster advertising syndicate pistols as being 'classy as fuck'. It is covered in faded gang tags.
  29. "Energy Swords": All the colors of the bloody murder rainbow.
  30. "Red Rum": Looking at this poster makes you want to kill.
  31. "CC 64K Ad": The latest portable computer from Comrade Computing, with a whole 64kB of ram!
  32. "Punch Shit": Fight things for no reason, like a man!
  33. "The Griffin": The Griffin commands you to be the worst you can be. Will you?
  34. "Lizard": This lewd poster depicts a lizard preparing to mate.
  35. "Free Drone": This poster commemorates the bravery of the rogue drone banned by CentCom.
  36. "Busty Backdoor Xeno Babes 6": Get a load, or give, of these all natural Xenos!

Wanted Posters[edit | edit source]

Wrench.png Important

Uploading a 3x3 photo to update a profile picture will make the wanted posters take their portrait from the lower-left corner. You will need to somehow get your target in that section of a picture when taking your shot.

These posters can be printed at any security records console directly from a personal file. The image is taken from the front portrait on a fugitive's file, meaning if no profile is present, you will have to create one and upload a photo.