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The intent selector Hud-intent.gif allows you to choose how you're going to interact with the items and the environment around you. It has four modes: Help, Disarm, Grab, and Harm, in clockwise order from the top left.

Help Intent Help.png[edit | edit source]

Used for helpful and peaceful interactions, the help intent is likely the one you'll have selected the most often. Most items with require you to have the help intent selected to use them, otherwise you'll wield them as an improvised weapon and bash things (and other people).

Nuvola apps important.svgExceptions
Clicking on another character with a syringe, food or drink in your hand will use it on them regardless of your current intent. This will always produce a message about you forcefully injecting/feeding them, and your target will see this message in big red letters on their screen, so be sure to warn them if you're actually trying to be helpful.
Items with no helpful use will still be used to bash even while in help intent. Remember that some items require you to click on them while they're in your hand - try that if you just bashed yourself by accident.

While you have the help intent active you'll allow others to push you aside when they walk into you, whilst with every other intent you'll block their movement. If two players with Help intent run into each other, they'll swap places instead of blocking each other's movement.

Clicking on someone with an empty hand and help intent is used for a few special interactions:

  • If they're in crit, you'll perform CPR in an attempt to revive them. Make sure both of you have your mouths free (remove their mask by dragging their body onto yours)!
  • If they're on the floor and not in crit, you'll help them back to their feet. Since being knocked down stops you from performing most actions, this can be a life saver.
  • Otherwise, you'll give them a hug.

Disarm Intent Disarm.png[edit | edit source]

With the disarm intent selected, you'll attempt to make your target lose their grip on whatever they're holding, and you'll have a chance to knock them to the ground with each attempt.

Both of these actions only work when using an empty hand, otherwise disarm is the same as harm.

Grab Intent Grab.png[edit | edit source]

The grab intent will make you grapple your target like the kick-ass wrestler you want to be, as long as your selected hand is free, otherwise it acts the same as harm. On the first click, you'll initiate a passive grab. Clicking a second time will upgrade your grab to an aggressive grab.

While holding someone in an aggressive grab, you can do a few things:

  • Clicking on them a third time will make you attempt to choke them. Keep in mind that to successfully choke someone you both have to be still for a few seconds and that they're free to act during this time. Therefore it's usually a bad idea to choke unless your opponent is already knocked down, but it provides a clean, bloodless way to kill someone.
  • By enabling throwing and clicking somewhere you'll throw the person, briefly knocking them down on landing. If they collide with someone else, they too will be knocked down. It's also great for spacing people, and if you throw someone into a closed airlock they'll open it with their own ID, if they have access.
  • Click on a table adjacent to you to slam your opponent on it and stun them temporarily. If the table is made of glass, they'll shatter it and take some extra damage (and create glass shards you can stab them with). If the table is made of anything else and you're quick enough, you can repeat the process to keep them stunned while something else kills them, be it a buddy, a toxin or their bleeding wounds.

Harm Intent Harm.png[edit | edit source]

This intent's purpose is to outright hurt and kill your target, dealing more damage than other intents, and is most useful when they're already on the ground.

You can pick the area of the body you want to target on your HUD Hud-target.gif. Try to avoid areas covered by armor, and remember that attacking different bodyparts has extra effects:

  • Hitting the head or the mouth (to a lesser effect) can knock your target down, especially when using blunt weapons.
  • Hits to the eyes can blind, especially when using a screwdriver.
  • Damaging the legs can cripple and slow down.

Using a lit Welding Tool with harm intent on an airlock will weld it shut. Don't forget to wear a welding mask or you may blind yourself!

Using harm intent while holding a container with liquid in it will splash all of the contents on your target. Useful if you want to quickly empty the container, make the floor wet or pour acid on something (or someone).