Armory (Gladius)

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Security Area
The Armory
The place with the guns
Obvious exits north to Security (Gladius), east to Security Equipment Room (Gladius)
Purpose Stores various valuable and dangerous pieces of equipment.
Access level Armory
Noteworthy contents Guns and armour.
Clearance Captain, Head of Security, Warden
Security level Maximum
Style Storage
Balance Requirements
Other Notes
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The armory is the place where Security keeps all it's most useful dangerous equipment. It is one of the most secure rooms on the station, third only to the AI Core and Vault in protection.
People who break into the armory are usually given harsh sentences, ranging from a long time in the brig to permabrigging or execution. If you see someone without proper authorization walking around in there it's also recommended to arrest them as soon as you can, and with any possible means.

Now you've probably already heard about the wonders that the armory contains from the other crew, but we've decided to make a neat list for anyone who wants to know exactly what to expect: