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In Use Tycoon, Hammerhead, Aetherwhisp, Eclipse, Galactica, Atlas, Snake, Gladius, Serendipity
Outdated, removed, or not in rotation Aegis, Enterprise, Vago, Jolly Sausage, Jeppison, Shrike, Pegasus

Map Rotation[edit | edit source]

The server currently uses a rotation feature that will swap between maps based on player map preferences and voting, the former being located in your character setup page. The game is weighed to use the Enterprise as the default ship, though the map can be changed if a majority votes for it. Certain maps can only be picked with higher or lower player numbers though, and are therefor excluded from map rotation when their player requirements aren't met.

In Rotation Maps[edit | edit source]

These maps are currently in rotation, and can be selected and played on.

Snake[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
Snake upper-1.png
Snake lower.png
The Snake class vessel is a gunboat whose notable feature is its submarine shape, featuring a long hallway with compartments that are well organized and aligned along the hallway, as such this leaves the ship relatively easy to navigate with maintenance being most prominently on the upper deck.
The ship is equipped with a Class IV Nuclear Stormdrive alongside one inoperable secondary Stormdrive of the same class.
Armaments include 1 Naval Artillery Cannon, 2 SN 'Sucker Punch' Broadside cannons, 3 Gauss Turrets and a small fighter compliment.
  • Easy to navigate.
  • Bad area security.
  • Not a lot of firepower.

Tycoon[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
Tycoon is a map available on NSV as an alternative to Hammerhead, that makes use of the AGCNR Nuclear Reactor Notes
  • Tycoon is an updated version of the old Enterprise map

Aetherwhisp[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
Aetherwhisp functions very differently compared to other map's with the main point being it's heavy power requirements to even function properly. Instead of ammunition it's ship weaponry requires power which is drawn from an SMES who in turn draw power from the main grid. It comes equipped with a shield which also requires power to function therefor the ship itself is equipped with multi engines, two examples being the Mk V Stormdrive and the AGCNR Nuclear Reactor. Notes
  • Max Player limit: 20
  • The ship works differently compared to other ships
  • The Aetherwhisp is an advanced ship that requires a large quantity of power to even keep it's lights on.
  • The ship's equipped with Phaser Weaponry which take power to fire instead of requiring Ammunition.

Eclipse[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
The Eclipse is a very small and compact ship which is the space faring version of a Lada which was specifically designed for very low populations (around 5-15 players). Sporting almost no access restrictions, the Eclipse allows crewmembers to to work wherever needed, so you won't have to worry about being miner-less, or engineer-less, or even captain-less, because you can go and do it yourself, you lazy bum. Notes
  • Traitors are usually disabled at the population levels the Eclipse is played at, all-access is mostly a non-issue
  • Asteroid cage is built in so as to enable mining without draining players to a separate ship

Galactica[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
If the Enterprise could be described as a carrier, then the Galactica can be summed up in one word: Dreadnought.
You will inevitably get lost onboard this ship no matter how many times you've played on it due to it's monsterous size.
The ship is powered by a Stormdrive and has a second Stormdrive in it's onboard museum.
The ship comes equipped with 8 Gauss Turrets, 1 Railgun, 1 MAC Cannon, 4 Torpedo Tubes, A total of 6 PDC/Flak Loaders, 8 Launch Tubes and 2 elevators which leads to two runways that allows fighters to land without taking up a launch tube, all in all you got a solid ship able to ram the enemy and crush them with it's weight.
  • It's main weakness is rats, if one mouse eats a wire in maintenance the entire ship will lose power in a matter of minutes.

Atlas[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
The Atlas class patrol vessel is outfitted with two Naval Artillery Cannons, eight VLS Launch Tubes, 4 Point Defence Cannons and four Gauss Cannons.
It's equipped with a hangar bay outfitted with two Magcats.
The ship has two decks and is powered by a Stormdrive and auxiliary solar arrays.
  • Ship requires at least 3 people to function

Serendipity[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
The Serendipity is a vessel built by moths, for moths, as such it has a gigantic bug zapper tesla engine that's utilized for producing power.
The vessel is currently the only one equipped with the 'Vintergatan' MPAC plasma-based weapon, other armaments include 4 Naval Artillery Cannons and 2 Gauss Turrets
  • Starts with the Gravity Generator Offline.
  • Vulnerable to Breaches.
  • Only map equipped with a Food Replicator.

Hammerhead[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
Hammerhead.png Hammerhead may be confusing at first, but it is actually neatly organized, with every department being attached to a side of the Central Hallway. The Command Sector is in the front of the ship, holding the Bridge and CIC. Other departments extend out into their respective . Notes
  • This map is widely regarded as being the first "functional" NSV map.
  • The ship was originally made when Munitions was still a part of Security, hence why the arms depot exists.
  • This ship was designed in within a week due to the Aegis being the only ship at the time.
  • The Hull is wrapped all around the ship, but for the most part present around CIC and the Departures Lounge.

Gladius[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
Top Deck is home to the service department, the engineering department, the supply department and the Gauss Bay.
The cafeteria has been converted into a fancy resturant.
An elevator connects cargo to the torpedo construction area which allows for faster delivery of torpedo parts.
Bottom Deck is home to a large medical bay, the science department, a hangar, the weapons bay which comes stocked with 3 railguns, 1 MAC and 3 Torpedo Tubes. The security department and the Bridge is located on this deck, the vessel is also equipped with the Admiral's office incase of VIP transportation.
  • The Gladius is equipped with double engines, one Stormdrive and one RBMK Reactor.
  • The Gladius comes equipped with a pre-installed Admiral's Office.

Not in rotation but still important[edit | edit source]

These maps either aid in maintaining the game or will be added in the future.

Aegis[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
400px The Aegis class vessel is outfitted with one railgun, four torpedo tubes, 2-3 Point Defence Cannons, Possibly 1 Flak Turret.
It's equipped with a hangar bay outfitted with four launch pods.
The ship has three decks and is powered by a stormdrive.
  • The Aegis has been completely removed from the game
  • The Aegis was the first ship used on the public server

Jeppison[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
400px The Jeppison can at best be designated as a frigate and at worst as a scout. Armed with Three Railguns, one MAC cannon and what is possibly four Flak Turrets(these could also be PDC) and three Gauss turrets alongside 3 vipers however with one launch tube. The ship class is powered by a stormdrive and very much like the Jolly Sausage space is a premium on this ship as well. Notes
  • Like the other vessels in the fleet the Jeppison is modular and can have more weaponry constructed during patrol.

Vago[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
400px The Vago is the ship you end up on when you annoy Nanotrasen as punishment.
Main weaponry consists of 1 Railgun, 4 Torpedo Tubes, 2 Point-Defence Cannons, 1 Flak cannon. Also comes equipped with 4 launch tubes and 4 Vipers including 1 Raptor.
Powered by a Stormdrive.
  • Not in rotation but still exists.
  • If you end up on this vessel you pissed off Nanotrasen to no end, so you better kiss your sanity goodbye and hope you make it out alive.

Enterprise[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
400px The Enterprise-class carrier is a capital class carrier which Nanotrasen was allowed to rent from SolGov.
The Enterprise's main weapon is it's large quantity of fighter crafts which require a large quantity of fighter pilots to function properly1 The ship also comes installed with three torpedo tubes and three Point-Defence Cannons and is powered by it's Stormdrive.
Most of shifts onboard this vessel is spent servicing the fighter crafts and making sure the ship works properly.
  • 1 This was probably the main reason for it's downfall being the fact that there were either too many fighter pilots and not enough crew to make the ship function, or too little fighter pilots and the ship was swarmed by enemies.
  • The ship's top deck is almost entirely dedicated to launching fighters, containing almost no other facilities with the exception being the Command department.
  • Due to it's massively empty top deck, stray meteors often create cross-z level breaches by flying over and destroying plating.

Jolly Sausage[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
400px The Jolly Sausage is neither jolly nor a sausage and can only be the definition of budget cuts.
Some of the jobs were cut out from the ship in order to make the ship be the low pop of the low pop and still be able to function.
The Vessels armaments consists of: Two Point Defence Cannons, one flak turret, one railgun, two torpedo tubes, two gauss turrets which requires manual loading, one tiny hangar with one Magcat.
  • The Jolly Sausage's wiring layout is believed to have been inspired or created by Cthulu.

Pegasus[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
400px The Pegasus-class vessels are all designated Battleships due to their large amount of DAKKA weapons installed, the vessels are all mainly powered through the usage of the Souldrive (a stormdrive but with a rune under it.) however the ships are also equiped with a TEG and a Gas Turbine for additional power generation.
Equipped with Two Hangar bay's with a launch capacity of Six Fighter crafts at the same time.
The Pegasus-class is armed with two Railguns, Two Mac Cannons, Three Torpedo Tubes with a total of Eight Nuclear Torpedoes.
  • The ship's main weaponry drains a large portion of it's ammunition and will have to be resupply frequently by Cargo.
  • The ship may be designated as a battleship, however that does not mean the vesssel is Indestructible.

Shrike[edit | edit source]

Map Image Information Additional Points
The Shrike class patrol cutter is outfitted with two Sturm class coaxial railguns capable of using either railgun shells or artillery slugs, four Point Defence Cannons and four Gauss Cannons.
The ship has two decks and is powered by a Stormdrive that's fueled by a Supermatter Shard.
  • Ship demands departmental cooperation of the highest order.
  • The ship does not come with an ore silo, nor an ore redemption machine, as everything goes through the ship's refinery located by mining, as there is no silo therefore everyone must go to cargo to receive their minerals and equipment.
  • Complain all you want, it's here to stay.