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Introduction[edit | edit source]

The super corporate conglomerate with humble beginnings and a penchant for utilizing any means to make money. Nanotrasen has been, continues to be, and always will be the largest corporation in the galaxy. They’ve taken every avenue to ensure their success and only succeeded due to holes in government regulation policy. Though the holes are now patched, it still leaves them in a great position of corporate power.

History[edit | edit source]

Nanotrasen has humble beginnings as a human company that produced boxes. They hired the brightest minds and most skilled engineers to create the most efficient designs for all kinds of boxes. Boxes to store military gear, boxes for school supplies, boxes for picnics, boxes to assemble breakfast, boxes for fake necklaces, boxes for vests. You name it and Nanotrasen manufactured the perfect box to store or deliver it.

Boxes For Boxes From Boxes To Boxes[edit | edit source]

With an industrial golden age after discovering the phoron shard hidden within the moon, mining companies needed boxes to ship their supplies to and from the phoron shard, civilian companies needed boxes to ship their newly invented home goods to the populace. It was a lucrative enterprise that sent Nanotrasen to the top with plenty of money to purchase other corporations and eventually become the massive super conglomerate it is today.

Corporate Power House[edit | edit source]

Were it not for SolGov’s intervention, Nanotrasen likely would have tried to take over or disband the world government. Even if they follow the policies in place, they hold much of the power needed to separate themselves from the Federation if their employees are willing to follow them.

Relations[edit | edit source]

Nanotrasen maintains good relations with anyone they have to, purely to preserve their public image. Several lawsuits against them regarding equality policies have forced their hand into improving their relationship with alien species and other members of the Federation. At this point, they only try to save face and prevent more lawsuits. They regard the Syndicate as a necessary evil to further their profits, though this opinion isn’t public.