Space Station 13

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The tiles bearing this nameplate are found near the Bridge.

So Nanotrasen sent you here, eh? Welcome! Space Station 13 is a top bottom of the line plasma research facility located somewhere in deep space. Since you're new to this station, you're probably wondering just what's in store for you. Well to put it simply, you're fucked.

NanoTrasen and their branch in charge of keeping things on SS13 running smoothly, Central Command or CentCom for short, are rather lax in their policies regarding employment. This is a rather appalling fact given the story of what NanoTrasen has been through. Long story short, they pissed off a good portion of inhabited Space which now cries for their flesh. As such, you should already be able to tell that you're in for some fun.

Job Assignment[edit | edit source]

This is the first thing anyone will go through, upon arrival on the station. The first wave of crew members are given the choice of occupation based on personal preference, as opposed to actual training. This generally leads to the frequent abuse of power from, for example, the culinary master, who requested to be the captain on this assignment just for shits'n'giggles. Anyone who wasn't on the first wave is even worse off. They are simply given a list of positions still available on the station and told to pick from that. Usually, the best you can hope for is an assistant's position, which is the worst you can get. So, no matter when you arrive, try to pick what you're best at, because otherwise you could easily wind up admiring the external hull of the station with no internals. Well, this is always a possibility regardless, however if you're actually doing your job properly, it's probably less likely.

What to expect working for NanoTrasen[edit | edit source]

Death. The first day on the job, working for NanoTrasen, has an approximate 90% mortality rate. It's not too big a deal though, because those crazy scientists on board have a rather convenient method of bringing almost anybody back from all but the messiest deaths. If you're an asshole (you are/will be) you'll most likely wake up in botany as a plant man and be laughed at. It's a finicky system though, prone to mental interface errors.

Death, however, doesn't tell you much, so you're probably wondering how you'll die. The answer is: Painfully. Painfully and often. The station is constantly under threat from malcontent crew members trying to steal the captain's pants before killing everyone, to syndicate employees who think your station is a lovely location for a nuclear explosion, to meteors jihading against this invader to their homeland. The point is, the station needs far more help than it gets. The station needs you to not fuck up all over the place. That's the point of this wiki.